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  1. I wonder if this is the last $70 set in the April wave? I could definitely see it with the way Lego has recently been pricing their sets
  2. Knowing our luck Finch Dallows will be the May the 4th figure (that is a joke, NOT a rumor)
  3. Interesting thing to note is we haven’t heard anything on upcoming battlepacks
  4. Yes, I believe the new helmet is a grower not a shower
  5. Is it maybe possible that the Resistance Transport and V-19 are anniversary sets, the minifigure selection is too good to be true similar to the 10th anniversary sets
  6. bottom picture looks like it used camera tricks, the pictures were on Instagram
  7. Looking at the x-wing pilot leak, i believe to some degree it is camera tricks that make the helmet look bigger, i can’t defenitely say for the top picture but in the bottom picture you can defenitely see the new pilot is closer to the camera and the old pilot is father’s away. My point is I think that picture is an exaggeration of how big the helmet actually is
  8. The picture shows 24 builds which means they just haven’t revealed the exclusive Santa figure Also, the leia has the same hair, torso, and legs from the UCS falcon but the face print from the UCS Death Star
  9. Shouldn’t of the May Lego calendar dropped by now?
  10. A buildable BB-8 for May the 4th is enough to turn me into a Ninjago fan
  11. It is frustrating to not get arm printing considering Shocker who appeared in a $40 Marvel Super Heroes set got arm printing and a $200 Star Wars set can’t
  12. Since Biggs is an iconic character, I wouldn’t be surprised if he like Porkins gets a special face print to show off his mustache
  13. It looks very similar if not the same to the figure released in the rebellion x-wing microfigter. Too hard to tell if there’s arm printing but definitely a new helmet print