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  1. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There are several Futurama related submissions on the Lego Ideas site, including one that is over a quarter of the way to 10,000 supporters ( If Lego knows from the get go that these are non-starters, I would hope they would nip things in the bud and disaprove / remove them before a bunch of people unnecessarily get there hopes up.
  2. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    If Lego can secure licensing for the ship, wouldn't it be safe to assume that they could also secure licensing for a few character minifigures? I'm not sure what printed pieces / stickers you have in mind, but I imagine Lego designers could add such things if they see fit.
  3. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Looks like someone will have the opportunity to be the 10,000th supporter by the end of the week; perhaps even before the start of the weekend.
  4. Friscorays

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Alex Nunes does a pretty comprehensive side by side comparison betweeen old and new.
  5. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Three days later, rapidly approaching 2000 votes.
  6. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    As to first question, you don't have to assume as Lego expressly said winning set would go into production. Lego seems to generally address the remainder of your questions in the "Why the special review?" portion of their announcement.
  7. Friscorays

    [REVIEW] 10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine

    I am relatively new here but I am under the impression that this site is dedicated to plastic construction toys rather than discussions centered around climate science. If you want to defend the fossil fuel industry and argue that the environmental impact of fossil fuels on all living things is superior to that of renewable energy, there are many dark corners of the web where people lurk and do just that. As for the specific impact of wind turbines on bats and birds, the large majority of scientists who are not on the payroll of the oil, natural gas and coal industries will tell you that the harm is wildly overstated. For example: "studies have estimated the number of annual avian fatalities by U.S. wind turbines from 10,000 all the way to 440,000. As a comparison, collisions with buildings may kill up to 976 million birds" and "Outdoor cats are the leading cause of death among both birds and mammals in the United States, according to a new study, killing 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion birds each year." If you are really concerned about the plight of birds and bats and feel compelled to carry on the discusssion here, perhaps this would be a more appropriate thread:
  8. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Good news on that front, it is printed.
  9. Friscorays

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Inadvertently duplicated Brick Dangerous thought above.
  10. Friscorays

    10268 Vestas Wind Turbine

    Where can you get the original set for $200 US? I'm seeing $450 and up for it....
  11. Interesting approach: restart a discussion that you know has been discouaraged and then chastise people when they respond.
  12. Friscorays

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Graves also left column third bag from back in my box.
  13. Friscorays

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Whether they realize it or not, this seems to be what several people are saying they want. Although at 400,000 pieces and 13 feet x 13 feet, I anticipate some of the same folks would be grousing over price, bulk shipping and display issues should such a set come to be.
  14. Friscorays

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The released set represents perhaps a third of the entire castle. I'm not sure how much of an appetite there would be amongst the general population for an 18000 piece $1200 USD Hogwarts set.