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  1. Friscorays

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Could be but seems more likely that the guy was just blowing smoke as the hints are all over the place to the point of being almost guaranteed to arguably cover at least part of just about anything that might eventually be released and user posted a few times over a couple of days in November 2020 and then essentially disappeared.
  2. Friscorays

    10279 - Help!

    Cardboard box in one of #4 bags. Can be seen in video if pause at 3 minute 26 second mark.
  3. Friscorays

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Possibility of an interior was discussed earlier in this thread. MOC Titanic with what I would consider a highly detailed interior comes in at well over 100,000 pieces so I don't see that happening. I would be happy with a nod to a few iconic interior features but don't expect anything remotely fitting the bill of a detailed interior.
  4. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think most would legitimately strongly disagree with this. There have been a lot of sitcoms and I bet the Nanny won't be found on any top of lists unless the list is authored by someone involved with The Nanny. Foe example, here is a top 100 list: Seinfeld in top 10: agree. Friends well outside of top 10: agree. No mention of The Nanny at all: proof of concept.
  5. Friscorays

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Cool yellow might work for the funnels.
  6. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yes: August 1, at least in USA.
  7. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    ...they allowed people to order no more than 5 of each set. Even so, 75% of folks only ordered one castle set. I ordered two castles: one for myself and one as a future gift as well as one each of the others; except for the fishing boat. I am reconsidering the fishing boat and may pick one up on August 3. Castle set sold out at 08:36 Pacific time, 36 minutes after it went on sale. I was watching because I was curious how long it would take to sell out. At 08:36 Bricklink was showing very limited inventory so I refreshed the page, still at 08:36, and saw the sold out message pop up. I placed two separate orders for individual castle sets, both after 8:10 am, and each went through successfully.
  8. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    BrickLink Designer Program Round 1 BrickLink’s response to feedback by The BrickLink Team | Jul 07, 2021 17:07 EST Thank you for the incredible interest you showed in the BrickLink Designer Program. We have been blown away by the response. As with any new endeavor, some things went well, and others don’t go to plan. What worked Based on our first round of crowdfunding, we believe the BrickLink Designer Program has strong potential. Your interest exceeds all our expectations. The portfolio of products is strong, and the designers are a joy to work with. We are looking forward to preparing for rounds 2 and 3. However, there are a few things we need to address urgently with Round 1. What needs to be improved Thank you to everyone who has shared comments and feedback with us over the past week. While we understand many of you are frustrated, we are grateful for your quick and clear input. There are four areas we want to address: Site performance Limited production of 5,000 units of each set & ordering glitch Order limits of 5 sets per customer Shipping limited to countries serviced by Site performance & server capacity When the crowdfunding went live on Thursday July 1 traffic to the site overloaded BrickLink’s servers. This meant some users couldn’t place their orders in time and for many, the site ground to a halt. We apologize for any disappointment this caused. We are currently reviewing server capacity. Limited production and ordering glitch The limit of 5,000 units per set was based on the AFOL Designer Program run in 2019. For that release, we produced 2,500 sets which didn’t all sell out. We obviously underestimated the appeal of the Bricklink Designer Program sets and because of that, we will double the limit for future releases. The high level of demand was compounded by the site performance issues. An ordering glitch meant that people were able to pre-order 5,000 additional Castle in the Forest sets, which means we’ve received orders for 10,000 sets. We have talked to many of you in the community about how to address this and have decided on the following actions: Produce 10,000 of the Castle in the Forest sets so we can deliver to everyone who ordered. Re-opening pre-ordering for round 1 on August 3rd to allow the four projects Kakapo, Great Fishing Boat, Sheriff’s Safe and Pursuit of Flight to also sell up to 10,000 sets. Increase production for Crowdfunding rounds 2 and 3 to 10,000 each to meet demand. We appreciate that this approach may not satisfy everyone, but we had to balance meeting users’ expectations with offering a fair outcome, so all designers had the chance to sell the same number of sets and the potential to dilute some of the exclusivity that comes with doubling the number of set available. We hope you understand. Increasing production will delay shipping and future rounds of crowdfunding. Since we are doubling the production run, the additional 5,000 sets for Round 1 will be shipped in June 2022, as opposed to January 2022. This will also delay the release of Rounds 2 & 3. The final plan for this will be communicated at a later stage. If, because of these changes, you wish to cancel the sets you’ve pre-ordered, please contact LEGO Customer Service. Order limits of five per customer We initially set the maximum order quantity at five per customer. Unfortunately, we saw a very small number of opportunistic customers hoarding sets and re-selling them for inflated prices. We’re disappointed by this as it wasn’t our intention to enable such behavior. We want everyone to have an opportunity to get a hold of a set, so going forward, we will set a maximum order limit of 1 set per customer. This will apply from when we re-open Round 1 to additional orders and to future crowdfunding rounds. It’s important to point out that 75% of orders for Castle in the Forest were for one set– so we’d like to thank you for being considerate of other fans. Shipping limited to LEGO Shop countries We have decided to sell BrickLink Designer Program sets through the shop to give you a smooth shipping and support process. Unfortunately, this also limits the countries to which we can ship. For now, we plan to continue to use and not offer additional shipping destinations. In summary For Round 1, we will increase the number of sets available from 5,000 to 10,000. Castle in the Forest has already reached this amount. The four other sets will re-open to additional pre-ordering on August 3rd, but it will not be possible to pre-order additional Castle in the Forest sets. The additional production run will delay in shipping and release dates for crowdfunding rounds 2 and 3. All future pre-orders will have a quantity limit of 1. Unfortunately, in the current setup we are not able to ship to additional countries. Again, we apologize for any disappointment and hope that the steps outlined above go some way to address the concerns raised. Thank you for your patience, feedback and support for the BrickLink Designer Program. We look forward to building a better experience moving forward. Sincerely, The BrickLink Team
  9. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    First four sets now sold out with only very limited availability of Kakapo remaining.
  10. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion
  11. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It seems unlikely that the site glitches disproportionately effected Bionicle fans. I think the fact that the Bionicle and particle accelerator sets lagged behind the other offerings is an accurate indicator of relative interest in each of the sets. This may or may be a good gauge of the viability of Bionicle and Physics as possible future themes as people were only asked to put their money where their mouths are for the particular fan designed examples in question. Even so, I imagine even the two excluded sets would have achieved support if they had remained available to order for the remaining 40 or so days. As to price playing a factor, the most expensive set (Castle) sold out first followed by the second most expensive set (fishing boat) so I don't think that can be pointed to as a significant factor in the fact that the Bionicle and accelerator sets did not do as all as the other offerings in this particular pre-order game. If asked to place a bet ahead of time, I would have been very confident that the accelerator set would gather the least support in this group and I am not particularly surprised Bionicle was not that far ahead of it.
  12. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Castle sold out in 36 minutes. Lego may want to rethink the number of sets each customer can order or increase the number of sets available. Fishing boat is well on its way and if pace keeps up may sell out in the next few hours as well......
  13. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Bricklink site became pretty glitchy for the designer program sets at 8 am PT, not a surprise I suppose. The castle set seems to be the most popular item so far and I ordered one for $179.99 (plus tax). 23 minutes in and it has already hit fully funded status (greater than 3000 sets ordered)! Limit is 5 and order is completed through Lego shop at home.
  14. Friscorays

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I imagine this is being discussed elsewhere on the site but for life of me I'm not sure where so I will post release link, including designer video, here. I like it.