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  1. Hi. It is very strange everything. I have updated MLcaD as you have indicated (Scan ...) and it has been updated correctly. If I click on "find", it finds all the pieces that were not there before (15070, 87994, etc.) However, I generate with Ldd a model that has those pieces (15070, 87994 ...), I save it as an ldraw file, and when I open it with Mlcad, those pieces still do not appear. I design with LDD, I only use MLCAD to generate instructions. If I change to LDCAD, can I still use LPUB? Are LDCAD and LPUB compatible? I've been using LPUB for a long time, and I do not want to change to another instruction designer. Thank you.
  2. That is just what I ask: Must something be done in MLCAD after updating the pieces in Ldraw? I have downloaded the update files (in the link that NathanR sent), I have copied them, and I have replaced them with the ones I had in my Ldraw. Now I have all the pieces that I did not have before (such as the 15070), but if I open the model (made with LDD) with MLCAD or LDVIEW, it does not recognize the piece 15070, it simply removes it, it is not seen. Does anyone know what to do after updating LDRAW? Thank you.
  3. Hello again. I have replaced the entire content of the update in the Ldraw folder, and there is something good and something bad: -Bad: When I open the model with MLCAD some pieces (15070, 11213 etc.) still do not appear, and when generating the instructions with LPUB they are not, but: -Good: If I replace the missing part with another known one, If I change the line known by the missing one and write "15070.dat", This did not happen before the update. In short, the parts library has been updated, but it seems that MLCAD does not recognize them. I have to do something MLCAD to recognize the new parts? Thank you.
  4. Hi. When I click on I get what you see in the picture I attached. I simply copy the folder that says "parts" and replace it with the one I now have in my LDRAW program that says "parts"? Or do we have to do something else? Thank you.
  5. Ohhh !!! That good !!! I'll do it tomorrow, and I'll tell you how it went. Many thanks !!!
  6. Hi. Thank you for the quick response. I looked at the list of parts within Ldraw, and there is no piece 15070 (nor 11213, which I have the same problem). But I have a question. I use, within the Ldraw group: LPUB, MLCAD and LDVIEW: I update only Ldraw? I'm afraid that LPUB will update, I'm used to the LPUB that I have, and I want to stay the same. That is, if I update LDRAW can I keep the others (LPUB MLCAD etc.) without touching, just as I have them now? Thank you.
  7. Hello, my name is Fran. I've been reading this forum for a long time, but now I want to participate. First, I apologize for my English. I have been a fan of the Lego world for a few years, but recently I started designing a model with LDD. To generate the instructions I use LPUB (from the LDRAW group). Sometimes there are pieces of LDD that are not recognized by LPUB, and in the instructions do not place them. When I have that problem, I use my ingenuity (alternative reference number in bricklink, etc.) and the problem is fixed. But now I have a problem that I do not know how to solve. It is on piece 15070 of LDD (attached photo). This piece does not have an alternative reference code in bricklink, and of course, LPUB does not recognize it, and it does not appear in the instructions. As in my design there are many 15070 pieces, the result in the instructions is very ugly.. What alternative reference could you use for LPUB to recognize this piece? If there is no alternative reference, what solution has this problem? Can you please help me? Thank you very much !!!