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  1. icemorons

    [MOC] Greater Winnipeg Water District GE 44-Ton Switcher

    You'll want to check that the 1x4 plates at the bottom of each bogie aren't protruding too far downward. They may clear the outermost part of the wheel flange, but the switches are sensitive to any protrusions that would go below the level of the traction tires. My bet is that the lowermost plates of the bogie are catching on the switch as the rails diverge.
  2. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Color choices aside, I think TLG designers have done plenty here to like. Personally, I really like the lime green, if that's the actual color. I like the brick-built locomotive front. I like that the locomotive is using a 6x28 train base, rather than the usual 3x 6x24 from the prior two passenger trains. I like that both passenger cars are made using the depressed-center half pieces, similar to the auto-rack's construction on the freight train. I'm assuming the 6x34 depressed-center single base is now obsolete. Overall, this 60337 passenger train is considerably longer than its immediate predecessors by a considerable margin. TLG wisely chose to include 8 straight tracks, rather than the usual 4. Included lighting for the locomotive is a huge plus. I anticipate it will use the existing 88005 Powered Up Light, rather than a new part. If it does, that's fantastic, as I have yet to get my hands on one. If that works well, I'll get some to illuminate 60197 and 60198. 6 Minifigs when we usually get 3 or 4, that's good. Using the new double-door 1x6x5 piece is great, and we'll be getting 4 of those! I will definitely get two of these 60337 sets to combine into a single double-ended train, in time. I'm also in for at least one 60336 cargo train. Day one purchases? Nope. But I have four years to strike while they are on sale... Now, where are the pictures of the train station? (or have I not scrolled down far enough to see yet?)
  3. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Thanks! I never bought any of the short-lived Vidiyo line, so I didn't have first-hand experience with that piece.
  4. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Now that we have clearer images, I'll amend a couple of the things I theorized in my last post. Unfortunately, the container wagon is only two-axle. From the blurry images of last week, it appeared to have four axles and swiveling bogies. Too bad, two less wheelsets to MOC with. Is that drop-side wagon using a new piece? The 4x6 modified tile with studs on the 6-long sides, and ratcheted connectors. I can't recall having seen that one before. Can anyone corroborate? The mysterious cargo in that wagon electric car charging station. Well, I suppose there had to be a relatively-useless side build; it is, after all, a city train. Looks like the car-carrier wagon is using two of the half-pieces from the 60282 fire truck's trailer. That's ultimately more useful, since we can lengthen that wagon to squeeze in more electric cars, and laugh when it can't go around corners and tips over from top-heaviness. Thankfully, this 60336 locomotive appears easier to install lights into than the predecessor 60198. That's good. It would appear that the plastic-only train wheelsets are being used. I'd suspected that. Lastly, I think I noticed that the end-loading-ramp buffer appears to use a magnetic coupler. That would be a plus!! It should protect the wagon from rolling away whilst attempting to unload the automobiles. It's certainly not a day-one purchase for me, but I'll definitely be picking one of these up. Perhaps there'll be a Black Friday sale for a discount available from some retailer? One can only hope. Now, where's the images of the 60337 Passenger Train, and 60335 Train Station??? :-)
  5. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I'd say it's extremely likely the answer to your question would be yes. Both the 71044 Disney train $330 (2019), as well as the 70424 Hidden Side Ghost Train Express $80 (2019), both used the new plastic bogie wheel sets. The last to use the metal axles was 60197 and 60198, both released in 2018. Since TLG made the announcement that they were transitioning to the new wheelsets, we haven't seen any new trains using the old metal axle ones.
  6. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    After a few moments to think about this, it seems decent. Compared to the previous 60198, it has more useful train cars. The gondola is something we haven't had before (at least not in modern, post 9v era). The container car is now 4 axles, with swiveling bogies. The auto carrier is either using the 34-stud depressed center flatcar, or two of the halves that were first introduced in the 60282 fire truck set. The telehandler combines the functions from the 60198's forklift and crane, without taking up one of the train cars. This means we get three train cars for actual cargo that are useful. No unnecessary bullion truck. No control tower side-build. But the price is (supposedly) less than 60198 by a significant margin, making it more affordable. A right switch track. That balances out the left switch track from 60198, making them roughly equal again in worldwide quantity. 6 Minifigs. Enough track for a siding. Color choices aside, there's a lot to like here.
  7. icemorons

    Rotary snowplow - King of Winter

    Supporter 68.
  8. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I was just thinking along those same lines. If they do include the new road plates, hopefully it integrates with a crossing, rather than being a road parallel to the tracks. Past stations have included 4 straight track pieces. Hopefully that will continue with this release.
  9. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    The interesting part for this thread starts at 3:14
  10. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Saw a Youtube video today from a normally reliable news poster that there's a $99.99 Train Station, $179.99 High Speed Passenger Train, and $189.99 Freight Train. All likely ~ June 1.
  11. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    All this talk about DCC really is fascinating! However, I think it deserves to be in its own thread where people who would like to know more in-depth about it may be able to better find and follow that conversation, doesn't everyone agree? I highly doubt that whatever TLG releases in 2022 will have DCC control. As an AFOL, the possibility of being able to retrofit a DCC solution to make running a Lego Railroad is something I've thought about in the recesses of my meandering mind on occasion. This is exactly the topic I'd want to read through if I wanted to give it a serious look.
  12. icemorons

    Rounded Train Tunnel

    For the keystone piece, as others have said, it looks odd. Most keystones taper inwards towards the bottom. Perhaps just rotate the current keystone by 180 degrees? That way the tapered end is at the bottom. Those two exposed studs would then be at the top, perfect for attaching some sort of sign or decoration.
  13. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    In my opinion, the last two high-speed/passenger trains have been very good. Both 60051 and 60197 have great color schemes, and their simple designs and builds made them accessible for kids to get addicted to Lego Trains. It would be really easy for TLG to rehash them into a new livery and ride out another 4 years. However, what I'd prefer to see for a passenger train is an MU subway train, with one cab car, and two regular cars. Given the leaked info, I don't think this is the direction they have gone. I'm guessing we'll get something like a Shinkansen. On the freight train front, IF TLG releases one, there's much more leeway for creativity. I'd like to see a large 24 or 28 stud boxcar with sliding doors and pivoting bogies. I'd also like to see them do something creative with part 64954, and create a new depressed-center flatcar to transport something large, like a generator or other heavy object. We haven't seen a tank car since 2010. Whatever they come up with, please no helicopters! As for motive power, a North American locomotive with a comfort (wide)cab and skinny long hood body would be something that hasn't been done yet. As for coloring, TLG's normal rotation means it's time for another yellow engine. But perhaps purple, orange, or dark red would be more welcome. Only time will tell what the new offerings will be.
  14. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Is this something TLG has stated, about the non-EOL of the Cargo train? If past events are any indication, 60197 and 60198 should both be EOL this summer.
  15. icemorons

    LEGO Trains 2022

    In that list of sets, the High Speed Passenger Train is listed as 60337. But there are gaps in the numbering of the sets before and after, so there's still hope of a Cargo Train. Historically, the Cargo trains in the past have been the next consecutive number higher than the Passenger. However, one of the leaks suggested that 60338 might be something else. I didn't find anything listed for 60334-60336. Let the speculation and outright-guessing commence. :-)