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  1. Wow, that's really disappointing. I shouldn't have hesitated when it first came out. I just assumed it would be available at The Lego Store in the mall as I can still by a BTTF set or the Minecraft set today. When I realized it would be online only I was waiting for it to come back in stock to order it. Now it seems I missed it completely.
  2. Chrome Stormtrooper is my favorite.
  3. sharky

    Which set should I buy?

    Great ideas. It's that kind of thinking that gets me buying more Lego than I normally would have.
  4. sharky

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I was at a Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta, GA this weeekend and notice a couple of larger zip-lock bags. At first I thought it was a new larger grab bag, but it wasn't taped closed or anything. I suppose it would have been good to ask about it, but I was in a rush. I was thinking that it was a different way to get PAB pieces. I wonder if they charge by weight?
  5. sharky

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Recently I wanted to go see a comedy and I regret choosing The Watch over Ted. The Watch was just OK, but I'd recommend anyone to simply rent it later on. I see that Ted has been getting much better reviews.
  6. In stores like Walmart you can select to decline to bag your item. This is for larger bulky items that don't fit in standard grocery bags. It essentially overrides the weight sensors. Of course if you do it too many times during a single checkout you need a store clerk to override it for you.
  7. sharky

    How to value a LEGO set?

    I agree, since he paid so little for it selling it at any kind of price most would consider a fair to good deal should net him some extra money.
  8. sharky

    CMF Monster Set & Rock Band Set

    He's retro with a late 80's/early 90's cell phone.
  9. sharky

    2012 LEGO Racers

    I clicked around and saw that the Shell Hong Kong & Macau official webpage has an official English version. It's nice to read the official translation as opposed to relying on the automatic translate function of my web browser. Some interesting and fun links on that page. Here are the promo details for Hong Kong. I suppose there will be similar details when this goes global. Here's a quick little virtual building game. Here's the offical Shell TV ad.
  10. sharky

    REVIEW 30191 Scuderia Ferrari Truck

    I was able to click through and find the official English version of the Hong Kong Shell promo webpage. if you click further in the "about the promotion" link you get this info.
  11. sharky

    REVIEW 30191 Scuderia Ferrari Truck

    Actually, it is very insightful to me. I can't really find much info about these sets and I am very interested in getting all of them. I didn't know about the minifigures or that the leaflet turns into a starting grid. I also wasn't aware that they had a pullback feature. If I'm not mistaken those look like new torso stickers for the Ferrari race crew. The torsos are typically stickers in the Ferrari sets. It would be cool if they were printed, but I can see that they are all stickers. So, I gather that if you collect all 6 cars you can take the empty packages(?)to a participating Shell station and get the set of minifigures? Do you also have to buy gas for the minifigures, or do you simply pay for them, or both? I look forward to seeing all the cars reviewed if you are able to do so. Since they are basically Disney Cars scaled I may look into getting 1 or 2 Cars sets that may serve as a backdrop to display these. Now that I think about it, I should have bought the 8486 Mack's Team Truck set when I saw it on clearance. It could easily be converted into a similar scaled Ferrari truck with some sticker applications.
  12. sharky

    Monster Fighters 2012

    Hopefully, someone can confirm this. I'd hate to think that they are only at Discovery Centers and not more widely available.
  13. Most recently I picked up 9497 Republic Striker-class Starfighter. Gotta love no stickers.
  14. sharky

    Most wanted CMF for army builder

    I guess I'm the odd one of the bunch because I army built the heck out of the Classic Grey Alien.
  15. sharky

    REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars 9496 – Desert Skiff

    I find it kind of amusing how they keep trying different techniques for Boba Fett's gun. None of them look right. They should just mold a special one and get it over with.