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    Captain MetalBeard

    I'm not sure where to put this... Does anyone have a booklet or plans for building captain metalbeard like the one in the duel? I'd like to get the plans and order the parts. I don't feel like shelling out $190 for the duel set when I only want half of the set. Thank you for replies!
  2. prepmaster

    Captain MetalBeard

    That's it! Thank you! eBay search I just thought his character looked awesome. I would like to build a millennial falcon!
  3. prepmaster

    Lego on a roll?!

    So... I saw this at walmart and am a little intrigued. The price was a little high for what I thought they should go for so I didn't buy it. I did like that they had pink and cyan. My daughters like to build lego disney and friends and those colors will go nicely. Regardless. I added pictures to Flickr but can't figure out how to share them here.... I tried looking at the tutorial in the help subforum. I tried sharing but this new topic window says there is no image there. I also tried to insert as a URL but it glowed red. It looks like a roll of rubber studded tape. It says on the wrapper you just cut to fit, peel and stick. I thought I could make a table all lego sheeted. Maybe I could get creative and do a wall with legos or something else. Not sure if it will fit legos or how well so I thought I would post on here and see if anyone has experience with it or can tell me what they think. Thanks! 20180115_210518 by nicholas wood, on Flickr 20180115_210515 by nicholas wood, on Flickr
  4. Hello, I am interested in building a 1/144 scale battleship. Does anyone have plans for your boats or a resource I could use to help myself make a 1/144 scale battleship? I can get blueprints and ship plans for the SS Suffren. This is the battleship I would like to build. I'd love to look at blueprints and any plans ya'll have for building boats so I can try my hand at it. I'll be honest, I haven't built MOC in years.... Like 15. I've built with plans and even eyeball like a puzzle with my daughters. Some of this is my own rekindled passion after taking the girls to legoland and getting them some sets to build. They like to build and marvel. That's fine by me. I did that some myself. Eventually, all my sets became part of the melting pot until my lot was sold. I don't know what it would cost to get a decent set of bricks to try and build an MOC. I went ahead and downloaded LDD to try and get started. I'm curious how well I can do with it. I'm also curious how I can go from a LDD model to purchasing bricks so I can display this like I would want to do. My end game is to build it and sink it in my aquarium to enjoy as a massive ornament. Is it possible to get plans for the pirate ships at the lego scale model exhibit? Those were awesome! The blueprint shows the full hull. The top is water line up from the side and the bottom is in action renamed in 1944. I don't think this ship class was ever bedazzled but if anyone has experience with dazzling or can offer to the idea for an MOC, I'm all ears.
  5. prepmaster

    MOD Trolls Amphibious BattleShip

    This is awesome!
  6. prepmaster

    Battleship HRM

    Do you have any plans available? I'd like to use this to help myself build the SS suffren/Foch.
  7. Well, I looked at some pictures on the internet and watched some videos on youtube. I think I have an idea of what I need to do. Next dilemma on my mind is how do you order parts? Is there a parts catalog? Do I need to be giving catalog numbers? catalog names? I may go ahead and do 1/35 scale if for some reason that becomes affordable. I like the idea of minifigure scaling after see the USS Missouri by Daniel. That was impressive. 25ft of impressive!
  8. prepmaster

    Lego on a roll?!

    [ Great review! financial data and people getting hired back? What happened?
  9. prepmaster

    Flickr Tutorial

    I'm stuck. I don't see a BB code option and the URL isn't working... Nevermind, I see now that I had to take the pictures from uploaded into camera roll to being part of an album. That let me start sharing using BBcode.
  10. prepmaster

    Flickr Tutorial

    ya... I'm stuck as well...
  11. prepmaster

    legoland battle sized ships

    Does anyone know if I could get the brick plans for one or more of the pirate ships at legoland in the scale model area. There was a neat pirate battle between two boats and the boats were huge. I'd love to build one. I have no idea how to do a hull for it. I'm hoping plans are available. Thank you for responses.
  12. prepmaster

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Found the Assault walker from the latest star wars movie at walmart for half price 74.00 down from 149.96! Several other sets are on sale as well. Picked up a lego friends house for $30 down from $55.
  13. prepmaster

    minifigure swap/barter

    Hi, I have Lego Ninjago LE 20 #7 and minifigure LE series 17 #2. I would like to get ninjago #12, 13, and 14. I'd like to also get the minifigure LE series 17 #7 and 13. Is there a good place to swap for these or something? I'm new to it and like the idea of having odd varieties of characters. I'd like these specific ones though. Thank you for commenting!
  14. prepmaster

    Nice Pirate SHIP MOC...horrible photo

    This is amazing!
  15. Ah!!! That would have been glorious though. Let me ask you this, Edwin, do you have any unused plans or could I see technique or part diagrams for a hull? That's honestly what is bothering me. Maybe just some close up views so I can guess?
  16. Definitely will try to go for this!
  17. prepmaster

    Complete out of my box

    Sorry for causing problems. I've been on other forums that did not want new threads started on topics that already exist. I read the rules and didn't see this stated but also did not think spamming of topics already covered would be appreciated. I will gladly start a topic and look forward to your advice. I thought you might.
  18. cool! I'll see if I can't get it. Ya, I assumed to a point that I wouldn't be able to find a battleship guide. I am trying to request of members with ships on here though. This book might help me a lot to figure out how to shape and design.
  19. I'm new to LDD and have it downloading. When you said it was almost complete, does that mean the program was analyzing the picture you had for your inspiration?
  20. prepmaster

    [MOC] IS-7 Heavy Tank

    This is awesome!
  21. prepmaster

    Complete out of my box

    You don't maybe have plans for your boats or a resource I could use to help myself make a 1/144 scale battleship?
  22. prepmaster

    [WIP] Big Truck

    How's it coming along?
  23. Are there books out there for larger models? I'm interested in doing a 1/144 battleship.
  24. prepmaster

    Hello, my name is Nick

    I'm a father of two girls 2 and 5. I took the family to Legoland in Orlando, FL last week. We all loved it. We didn't see the first half of the park... My older daughter is good with puzzles. I am aiming to keep her motivated by explaining and modeling LEGOs as a 3D puzzle. She can even read through the instruction booklet alright. I imagine she will develop if I can keep her motivated. We don't have a bin of legos like I did once upon a time. I used to have tons....I'm on right now checking out what seems to be coming out. Some of these ideas are pretty attractive. I have a little bit different flavor of purpose in mind. I thought for my own purposes, it would be fun to build lego sets and sink them in my aquarium for decor. I loved the LEGO movie sets and have not bought any but would consider. I also enjoyed the lego monuments gallery at the theme park. I especially enjoyed marveling the lego pirate ships battling. If I could build one of those... That would be awesome. Another thought I had is... how do people get these digital lego photos? What program is used? Can the lego sets in the program be converted to sets? Could a picture be converted to a set? I don't know who to ask but some of the MOC submissions on here make me think I might be talking to the right person. Please let me know. Thanks!