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  1. 4 minutes ago, Powered by Bricks said:

    Those things will/can change, the images show the prototypes of the sets, in last year when we got images of the January sets, the 60282 prototype included a Octan building in flames,and a mobile fire base, when the official images came, the set turned into a completely different thing:the mobile fire base turned into a fire engine and the Octan building turned into a small lab, so we could see better results in April :wink:

    Let's hope so.

  2. 1 hour ago, emm said:

    Be interesting to see what the quality is like. How bad can it be

    I bought one of their parks and the brick quality & Clutch was extremely poor.  You breathed and it fell over. Never again.

    I have a lot of trixbrix track and that has come on leaps and bounds.

    At 1:51 you can see that the Bluebrix tracks are warped.  Sprue marks are also clearly visible.

    In comparison, all Trixbrix tracks I ordered so far, both moulded and 3D-printed, are perfectly flat.

  3. 12 hours ago, Sunil766 said:

    Do you mean 4558? I thought this had already been republished with 10001? Just bought 4558 with 30 straights and two switches for 250EUR so from a very personal perspective I would prefer something else :-P

    I meant both the 10001 and the 4558, they are identical besides the slightly different grey color. I don't want to see a release as it was done with the 10001, but a new design that is only inspired by the 10001.

  4. Lego tends to stick to proven concepts, thus a modern interpretation of the Amtrak Metroliner is overdue. I'd love to see it because the original one is still missing in my collection. The Crocodile is European, so it's possible the next set is based on an American train.

  5. 9 hours ago, dtomsen said:

    Unfortunately another part which has become very rare and gone insanely up in price in recent years :cry_sad:

    Hopefully someone will make 3D printed standard train wheel sized blind flanks someday. We need those :classic:



    54 minutes ago, zephyr1934 said:

    Just omit the middle wheel for now. No one will notice when the train is running and they have to look very close to spot it when the train is stopped.

    No chance, it would drive me mad knowing that the wheel is missing. :laugh:

    Maybe I'm milling the Lego wheels to remove the flange, that should give the best look.

    19 hours ago, dtomsen said:

    Three-axle-bogies? Sure. Use LEGO L-motors and feed them more voltage than the specified 9v. The motor circuit drive can handle up to 10.5v continuously and more in short bursts. More voltage, more rotations. 20 tooth to 12 tooth upgearing helps too.

    Either one or two LEGO AAA battery boxes with 6 x 1.6v NiZn rechargeable batteries or one or two BuWizz battery boxes (up to 10.2v) can provide the needed voltage for reasonable speeds even with heavy loads.

    The BlueBrixx PF L-motor is noticeable faster than the LEGO one and still with decent torque but draws much more current so doesn't handle higher voltage well. Standard AAA or LiPo rechargeable batteries work best with those.

    The Mould King L-motors are gash but I don't need to tell you that. High rotations but no torque to speak of and will stall and quickly overheat with medium to heavy loads.

    2 x BlueBrixx L-motors run by 1 x BuWizz battery box at maximum normal speed or 7.4v 

    Thanks for sharing all these details!

    9 hours ago, dtomsen said:

    Wow, that's a really expensive part.

  6. On 12/13/2020 at 5:46 PM, legotownlinz said:

    I don't think the wheels are worse than the Lego wheels, they are identical. For the coaches, the new plastic wheel type without metal axle is used.

    I made tests today and must correct myself. The Lego wheel, although visually identical, are at least twice as good. And the old Lego wheels with metal axle are much better than the pastic-only wheels. I'm now using the metal axle wheels and now the coaches run quite well.

    Unfortunately I found no solution for the middle axle of the three-axle-bogies yet nor a solution to increase the speed. Are there good reference designs for three-axle-bogies? I guess many people with more talent already thought about it...

  7. 2 hours ago, Amoreternum said:

    I'm certainly not a purist, but I can't bring myself to thinking about chinese companies (especially the ones ripping AFOLs off) and companies working with them, like BlueBrixx does in the same way I think about most of the companies you mentioned. Somehow, there's quite a difference to me, maybe it's in regards of profit versus the will to make the hobby better, but I'm totally open for discussion. Maybe my mindset is just to narrow? No problem admitting that, should it be the case.

    All companies offering Lego-compatible parts rip off Lego in some way. For example, all the third party track manufacturers copied the design of the Lego tracks, nevertheless they are welcome here.

    Copies of entire sets are a no-go and there are good reasons such sets are illegal in Europe and the US, but everything else should be allowed to be discussed.

  8. On 12/14/2020 at 1:12 AM, Rustie86 said:

    I'd like TLG to bring back train windows! As it stands, the glass for them is prohibitively expensive for me to use on everything. Failing that, I'd accept Window 1 x 3 x 3 Flat Front in white - I could reasonably substitute it on my custom passenger cars and reuse the train windows & glass for other projects. 

    Take a look here. The train window frames are available in several colors, too.

  9. I'd like to add better axles to some of my coaches. BrickTracks and HABricks offer wheels, axles and technic bricks with ball bearings.

    I'm now wondering how they are meant to be used. There are no instructions on the product pages. Can I use them with the new Lego train wheel holders or do I have to build new bogies?


    The problem I see with the train wheel holder is that I cannot put the technic bricks with the ball bearings at a distance of two studs, so there will be some lateral movement of the wheels and fiction between the side of the wheels and the wheel holders.

  10. 4 hours ago, dtomsen said:

    Mould King doesn't make bricks but buy them from Gobricks like many other clone brands.

    Gobricks looks like a serious manufacturer and not the prototypical Chinese sweatshop described here and elsewhere.

    Very interesting. It explains why the quality of the bricks is on par with Lego's. If only they handled the bricks more carefully to avoid the scratches...

    Is Bluebrixx using Gobricks parts?

  11. 3 hours ago, CaL said:


    Looks like Mould King already has discovered that "steeples speed control" is a "state of the art" technology:




    I completely missed that there are more options when scrolling to the right...

    The Mouldking battery box supports more than just on/off indeed when using the app instead of the remote control! This makes it a cheap alternative to the very similar BuWizz.


  12. 1 hour ago, zephyr1934 said:

    So it sounds like the electronics are poor. Is the motor PF or PUP compatible? What about the output from the battery box? If so, there might be some use in these parts.

    All the electronics are PF compatible. The motor looks identical to the Lego XL PF motor.

    I've connected a Lego IR receiver and train motor to the LiIon battery box and it works. 


    1 hour ago, zephyr1934 said:

    The poor wheels is not surprising, all clone train reviews I've seen have reported high friction. What is the nature of the wheels on the cars- technic axle, metal axle (PF and 9v wheels), or independent plastic wheels (current train wheels)?

    I don't think the wheels are worse than the Lego wheels, they are identical. For the coaches, the new plastic wheel type without metal axle is used.

    I doubt that replacing the wheels with Lego parts solves the issues. Using the old wheels with metal axles might help a bit, but in general the engine and coaches are too heavy to use axles without ball bearings. I assume MOCers building in 7- or 8-wide also use ball bearings?

    The engine definitely needs a second motor, one motor is not sufficient for such a huge train. Other motors or gears should be used to increase the speed, the engine is annoyingly slow, even without coaches.

    1 hour ago, zephyr1934 said:

    What about other parts, does it have black bogie plates? If so, that would be great since Lego is not likely to make them in black again and they are stupid expensive on BL. Does the windshield have corner cheese bricks? Are there any other interesting new parts in the set?

    It has black bogie plates. But those are also available from Bluebrixx. The other interesting parts are the 2 x 6 x 2 weight brick (two are included in the set), the LiIon battery box (it can be used with the PF IR receiver, no need to use the crappy Mouldking remotre control) and the PF XL motor. The LEDs might be of interest, too, but they are not the same as Lego's PF LEDs. They are very delicate and I didn't mount them yet because I'm worried that they get danaged when I open the engine often.


    1 hour ago, zephyr1934 said:

    It would be interesting if you could (temporarily?) retrofit it to see if it can be made to run by replacing the problem electrical and mechanical parts. I would definitely ditch the middle axle on the locomotive trucks (you probably have a hard time seeing it from the outside anyway). Replacing the axles on the cars and unpowered loco truck with PF wheel sets would go a long way, and with roller bearings even further. It would also be interesting if you could solve the gear problem using lego parts without using the washers.

    If you do such a retrofit or even just speculate, it would be interesting to hear if there is there value after replacing the wheels and electronics?


    I'll order metal axles and ball bearings when I make the next order at HABricks / Bricktracks. This should fix the coaches. Not sure what to do with the engine yet. The parts are not the problem, replacing them with Lego parts would neither fix the gear problem nor would it solve the traction issue. The motorization is flawed, there is no easy way to fix it, a redesign of the entire model would be required but I don't have enough time to do it.

  13. I've finally received the Mouldking Qinghai–Tibet railway train (set #12001) and the additional coach (set #12001CX). I received both in one box without nice packaging. Combined, you get the engine and two coaches. The train is 7-wide and is larger than Lego trains.


    The quality of the bricks is excellent, the clutch power is better than Lego's and the gate marks are as small as those of Lego bricks. There are scratches on the bricks. No parts were missing, damaged or had a low quality. The instructions are ok, but the dark green color is hard to see. The set comes with a remote control, a rechargeable battery box, LEDs and a XL PF motor. A micro USB cable to charge the battery box is included. The remote control allows off and full speed only. There is a QR code to download an app, but I couldn't install it on my Android phone.

    The building experience was good, lots of interesting building techniques are used. As a display model, the train is perfect.

    The problems started when I tried to run it. There were lots of cracking sounds from the 90° gears and after a few minutes they were damaged. I could fix that by adding two polyamide washers (see images) to bring the gears closer together. After this modification, there were no issues with the gears anymore, slipping only happens at the wheels but not between the gears. Two 2 x 6 x 2 weight bricks are used to increase the weight of the engine, but they do not prevent slipping. Slipping occurs as soon as a coach is added. The engine doesn't move at all with two coaches.



    Here's a video where you can see how the engine handles different track elements and an incline:

    The middle axles of each bogie use the new wheel elements but they are not fixed. There is a high risk they get stuck in switches and derail the train (as can be seen in the video).

    I made two changes to the engine to make it more robust. I replaced the transparent brick round 1 x 1 with a plate 1 x 2 and two plate round 1 x 1. This prevents that the power-on knob falls out when you turn the engine around.


    And I've inserted several bars to the submodel below the engine's base.



    In summary, the train looks great, but unfortunately it doesn't work. It can only be used as a display model. To run it, a second motor would be needed as well as ball bearings for all unpowered axles of the engine and the coaches. The derailing issue caused by the middle axles would have to be solved as well.

    Therefore I do not recommend to buy it unless you are interested in the parts like the battery box and the weight bricks.

  14. 6 hours ago, dtomsen said:

    Yeah but no worse than the LEGO IR Receiver :grin:


    The LEGO IR system works fine. The receiver takes additional space and the IR technology has limitations, but the quality of the products is good. The Bluebrixx handset, however, has severe issues, it does not respond to input reliably.