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  1. I don't think that the history is helpful to predict future 18+ train sets. Too much has changed in the recent years regarding the number of Creator Expert / 18+ sets. There is so much redundancy in other themes (mosaics, botanical collection, ...) to make a train set per year realistic. The question is, was the Crocodile above or below Lego's expectations? If it was above, what kind of train set will be next, an addon set for the crocodile or a new engine? There are a few reasons for an addon set:

    • A wagon was probably designed together with the Crocodile so that time-to-market is shorter than developing something completely new.
    • Customer who run the Crocodile on their layout rather need wagons than another engine. 

    However, the time slot for an addon set is limited, it should be on the market together with the main set. If we get wagons for the Crocodile, we get it this year or never.

    Some thoughts on different aspects of Lego trains: What can we expect from Lego's train offerings in the next few years. I see several fields of improvement:

    • Tracks: To stand out from the competition and make the tracks look more appealing, Lego should introduce dual-molded tracks.
    • Switches: A redesign is overdue. Firstly, Lego should copy the switch designs from the competition and make the reverse curve a separate detachable part. Secondly, the lever should be replaced by a rotating knob like in the BrickTracks design. You hurt yourself when stepping on the current lever design and the levers often break. It also helps with automation. Imho, the current Lego switches neither fulfill Lego's quality nor safety standards.
    • Trains: 7-wide also for City trains. Cars got bigger from 4 to 6-wide, trains didn't.

  2. 21 hours ago, Selander said:

    😉👌👍 ...46-50 studs long, with ball bearings and reasonably priced at 29,99 EUR /each 😁

    Ball bearings are not necessary, but metal axles would be nice. They are still in production.


    All Creator Expert train sets had an engine and wagons, the Crocodile is the only exception. It is likely that the designer developed an entire train but for some reasons only the Crocodile was released as a set, maybe to keep the costs down and to make it more attractive as a display set with the display stand instead of coaches. The Crocodile set was a success and well received, so Lego could decide to release the wagons, too. Some buyers of the Crocodile would not buy wagons, but those who do buy at least three, so a wagon set could sell as well as the engine.



  3. 25 minutes ago, DBlegonerd7 said:

    And I’m pleased that Wildlife Rescue sets could inspire a younger generation to be animal lovers, zookeepers, conservationists or vets or whatever you name it. The sets are definitely perfect. 

    These sets will inspire children to become truck drivers, pilots and motorcyclists. Most of the parts are dedicated to vehicles, not wildlife. Lots of vehicles between the last few dying trees. :grin:

    33 minutes ago, DBlegonerd7 said:

    I agree. I find myself rolling my eyes at some people’ complaints. I don’t know what’s up with these people...

    These sets are not perfect. The animals deserve a 10/10, but not the entire set. Pricing and the vegetation builds are far below 10/10.

  4. The price of 7.5 Euros per S32 is already high compared to 2.3 Euros for a Trixbrix S32. In the long term the success of the track system depends on the number of new customers who choose 9V over plastic tracks, therefore, tracks must get cheaper, not more expensive. The number of customers who are willing to pay high prices is limited to the existing 9V fanbase but their need for tracks will be satisfied soon.

  5. 3 hours ago, williejm said:

    Yeah, I don’t really agree with any of the complaints. 
    The new animals are simply amazing, and the amount of them in the sets way exceed anything the jungle theme brought. The inclusion of more animals leads these to be more ‘kid friendly’ and hence targeted at lower age groups, which in turn means simpler vehicles. As to the scenery - folks do know this is the African Savannah, right? It’s a bit different from a jungle, so standalone trees, Rocky outcrops and waterholes are all legitimate and accurate. Yes they have chosen a simplistic style on the trees, but it’s a pretty good approximation of a simplified acacia tree imho. Lastly the sets also include a bunch of green and blue bases which are also very useful for landscape building.

    Bravo to Lego for this wave. 10/10 from me. 

    The background of the box artwork shows what the trees should look like but what's included in the set looks like a first clumsy unaestetic attempt to design an acadia tree. Nearly everybody could build a tree of similar quality.

  6. The animals of the Wildlife Rescue sets are sweet. The color scheme is ok, it looks better than on the early leaked pictures, but I still think that tan/red is not the best combination (though not horrible neither). The vegetation and vehicle builds are lacking the magnificence that for example the Jungle Explorer sets had. 

  7. 32 minutes ago, Tcm0 said:

    kings cross

    Kings Cross is an excellent negative example for Lego's ignorance about trains. If they had ever tested this station with tracks and their own trains, they would have noticed that some of them collide with the bridge. 

  8. 1 minute ago, 1974 said:

    What kinda mouth diarrhea is that garbage statement? TLG have been making trains since the mid-60s and contnues doing that today. It was the first specialty theme and over the years they have made many many parts that only works for trains.

    Also, I REALLY hate that word "influencer"!

    But let's face it, the current train offerings cannot match with those of the past. I wouldn't say Lego hates trains, but it is obvious non of the designers has a passion for trains and pushes the theme forward. 

  9. It's true that the Crocodile was sold out frequently, but we do not know the reasons. Maybe Lego prioritized other sets for production? But it is safe to assume that at least it isn't a slow seller. Unfortunately the Crocodile is still a Lego exclusive, if it would be available in other stores like many of the cars and 18+ sets, it could give Lego trains a boost.

    Given the fact that there are many third-party train-related offers, it would be strange not to see any Lego train set this year. But who knows, maybe an infamous influencer is right and Lego indeed hates trains? Then they will continue to over-saturate the market with mosaics, plants, helmets and other dust catchers instead of producing a single train set. Don't take me wrong, I like some of these sets, especially the Bonsai, but I don't get why they produce so many sets of the same kind while neglecting other themes.

    And then there is the miracle why they refresh the City trains only every four years. Other long-lasting themes get more frequent updates. It's not harder to develop a train engine than anything else if the electronics stay the same.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Toastie said:

    But isn't this called "competition" and "the free market" we all go after every single day in the real world???   

    True. And I like competition in the LEGO market, too. I'm glad that tracks get cheaper now, I spend too much money on tracks anyway. The Trixbrix double straight track was a game changer for me, it allowed me to expand my layout quickly.

  11. 13 hours ago, Bartosz said:

    And let's also hope for converts 

    A few years earlier I would have started with Fx Tracks but now I own so many plastic tracks that it would be prohibitively expensive to convert to 9V (see some impressions of my current layout below). I couldn't use all the special elements that I enjoy a lot, but will never be available in a 9V version. Beside that, multi-train control is an unresolved issue of the 9V system. There are no DCC motors available and personally I hate the complexity of DCC and do not like to use it for my LEGO trains.

    Therefore, I do not see conversion from plastic to 9V to happen at a larger scale. Plastic tracks have far more advantages than disadvantages when compared to 9V.





  12. I own moulded Trixbrix R56 tracks and can confirm that the quality is excellent. They are a bit more glossy than LEGO tracks.

    I also own BrickTracks R104 and R120 tracks. They are less glossy than LEGO tracks. Coaster mentioned that he switched from aluminum to steel molds which should make the tracks more glossy. As I have not ordered tracks from BrickTracks recently I cannot confirm it.

    BlueBrixx tracks looked warped on their YouTube presentation video. I never that warping issues with Trixbrix or BrickTracks tracks.

    The products of all three manufacturers are legal in the EU. In my opinion it is also morally ok to buy from all of them. 4dbrix was ahead of Trixbrix in the early days, but that doesn't mean that Trixbrix ripped off their ideas. The idea to produce different kind of switches was not new, all track systems have similar elements and all manufacturers copied all important design details from LEGO, not from each other. I'd guess that we will soon see moulded switches from Trixbrix. This would be an expectable step and not a rip off of a BrickTracks idea.


  13. I don't consider the lower voltage of NiMh batteries a serious issue when using the train motor because the train motors are too fast. The higher capacity is more important. The only exception is the Crocodile with the slow Technic motor, I'm planning to replace the NiMh batteries there.

    It has certainly be mentions several times in this forum, but I would like to repeat it again since it saves lots of money: The IKEA Ladda NiMh recharchable batteries come from the same factory as Eneloops and have an identical performance.