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  1. 12 hours ago, Toastie said:

    BB not replying: Totally stupid. No way to turn around that one; every customer service knows that when the going gets tough, just be like a strawberry: Sweet, red and innocent. (Just curious, though: Your inquiry was of what kind? "Hey, this piece of crap is defective, I want a refund", or was it more in the direction: "Your product does not work as expected") ?

    The email conversation was polite.


    12 hours ago, Toastie said:

    Blocking from Facebook group: Hmm. Bad, stupid ... nothing more to say ...

    I wrote pretty much the same there as here. Of course a discussion started with mostly complaints about the quality of BlueBrixx. I understand that they do not want 95% negative comments in their group. But blocking people only moves the discussion to groups outside their control. Not so smart.

    If you still read their Facebook group: Be aware that the comments there do not represent the true customer (dis)satisfaction.

    12 hours ago, Toastie said:

    They actually charge 15€ for shipping?

    I paid 15 Euros to send it back.


    12 hours ago, Toastie said:

    I don't believe that "defective" is the correct term, though. Nothing appears to be "defective" here; it does not work as expected, i.e., as from the "superior" TLG version, right?

    I guess BlueBrixx also believes their product is not defective. But a spring mechanism is part of any model railroad switch I've seen so far. 

  2. In the meantime I have sent the double switch back to BlueBrixx and got a refund. But they did not refund the shipping costs which would be required by EU laws in case of a defect ("Reklamation" in German). I could open a case in PayPal, but I don't think it is worth the troubles.

    I also asked why they still offer the product in their web store although they know it is defective. I got no answer, instead they blocked me on their Facebook group. Imho this is close to fraud, it looks like they hope that customers don't send it back because the shipping costs are 50% of the product's price.

    To sum up, I'm not only disappointed by the low quality of their products, but also by their business conduct.

  3. 10 hours ago, Matt Dawson said:

    I'd personally hope they would opt for the BrickTracks approach of a reversible rotating switch mechanism that can be mounted either side of the turnout.

    But it should be more robust and have a better haptic feedback (latching). The idea of the BrickTracks approach is good, but the actual implementation is disappointing.

  4. On 12/13/2021 at 12:33 PM, Toastie said:

    In conclusion: €30 + design flaw is a very good deal for me.

    42 Euro for a double crossover without flaws is a better deal:

    2 hours ago, dr_spock said:

    Has anyone tried 3D printing the double cross-over from 4D Brix?  Is it any good? 

    As you can buy the same from TrixBrix off-the-shelf it makes no sense to print it yourself.

  5. I received a few BlueBrixx items. The double crossover is the first on I'd like to review because it is severely flawed. The BlueBrixx double crossover is a replacement for Lego's double crossover (7996) that is not produced anymore. Let's start with the positive aspects:

    • Flat (not warped)
    • Same color and finish as Lego switches.
    • Flat mechanism (no lever arm) that does not interfere with trains with long wheelbase.
    • Good latching feedback when operating the switch 

    But: The spring mechanism doesn't work correctly! A train coming from either of the converging directs should pass through the points onto the narrow end, regardless of the position of the points, as the vehicle's wheels will force the points to move. However, when force opening the points of the BlueBrixx switch the point blade does not go fully back to the original position and the next train passing the facing point derails. Watch it in the video:

    The problem happens with all four switches of this double crossover and I'm pretty sure it is a design issue and not an issue with my purchase only.

    If you want me to execute further tests please let me know because I'll send it back to BlueBrixx soon.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Black Knight said:

    I'd guess that BB currently is probing the market with higher quality bricks in their 8w locomotives, to see if your claim is right. The HdS also claimed in one video, that the BB "Pro" sets would have higher quality bricks; maybe they can actually demand better bricks from their supplier for a higher price or maybe they just now -- that they are big enough -- can.

    The 8-wide trains have the same bricks as all other Bluebrixx Specials.

    The Bluebrixx Pro sets are made for Bluebrixx by other companies, e.g. Xingbao. So their quality depends who made the set.

  7. 6 minutes ago, dtomsen said:

    BB sets are not perfect by far but what does one expect at that price point, genuine LEGO?

    You get what you pay for.

    I wish I could pay more in return for a better quality. Bluebrixx needs to learn that quality is as important as pricing. They need to find a balance, e.g. order their bricks from GoBricks, even if it makes the sets more expensive. And improve the instructions and print them.

  8. 5 hours ago, Black Knight said:

    The one thing that people often forget when looking at BB: Whats is the alternative? What are you comparing their stuff to? Sure you can buy an old LEGO Emerald with one waggon for 500+ EUR instead. Sure you can MOC something in 100+ hours and 300+ EUR instead. Sure you can buy a MK, Kazi, LEGO or even Duplo play-train instead. Sure current TLG instructions are easier to follow. Sure you can buy some PDF instructions for 10 EUR and pay 300+ EUR on Bricklink. But BB is the only company that sells model trains from bricks for decent money. If you want something for your 3 year old to play with, if you have large amounts of time and money, if you prefer "fantasy" trains, if you are an inexperienced builder: You will find something better elsewhere.

    Lego is lucky that Bluebrixx doesn't understand the AFOL train market neither. Bluebrixx's focus is on price, but AFOLs actually want detailed models and good quality. It might be possible that their cheap products attract new customers, but they won't make Lego customers switch to Bluebrixx. At least I never considered to buy any of their crappy 6-wide stuff. Only the upcoming 8-wide models are of interest if the quality of the bricks is sufficient. But if half of the bricks need to be replaced with Legos, then taking their instructions and source everything from Bricklink is the better choice. I'm excited to build my first Bluebrixx set, hopefully this weekend.

  9. 2 hours ago, Phil B said:

    I am not an Electrical Engineer, but I don't think that's how it works. Your battery dictates how much current is provided to the circuit. So if your battery does 500mA, the controller board gets 500mA and the 800mA overcurrent protection limit would never kick in. There would be no damage to the battery. If a motor wants more current, it will not get it and will stop prematurely or turn slower than expected.

    No, it's this way: The battery does 10 A and then it explodes. All batteries can provide much higher currents than the limit of safe operation. 

    A battery back like the one shown in the images above should have internal protection. But it is from China, so you never know if it is really safe.

  10. 38 minutes ago, dr_spock said:

    It'll be funny if we are cloning BB models with LEGO. :pir-grin:

    Some of their 8-wide designs look good. But if their brick quality is low, this is the way to go. Not all their parts are available from Lego, though.



  11. 3 minutes ago, Lok24 said:

    I think no, the max. current depends on the chips used, no matter where the 9V comes from, as you wrote.

    If they only alow 800mA i.E. it doesn't matter if your power supply could deliver 3A

    Sure, but if the battery can only handle 500 mA and the overcurrent protection limits the current to 800 mA, then the battery could get damaged, or even worse, melt down, catch fire, ...

  12. 13 hours ago, Toastie said:

    So we are "no one" minus two. :pir_laugh2: 

    Will be interesting to read about experience.

    It would be really helpful to share experience with Bluebrixx trains. The problem is, the forum rules say that competitor brand discussions are allowed in the Community section, so I assume there should be no Bluebrixx discussion here in the Trains forum. In my opinion this rule needs to be changed because nearly all train-related products nowadays are made by competitors.

    On 12/7/2021 at 5:16 AM, Stuartn said:

    OK, its official. TLG has lost the plot in my opinion.

    I've only just noticed that the high speed train is listed as a creator expert set. Originally I had no issue with the set as AFOLs clearly aren't the target audience, but now I know it is marketed as an expert set ( I see where people are coming from.

    There are several indications that Lego also targeted the AFOL market with this set:

    • Listing it in the Creator Expert section
    • Absence of children on the lifestyle photo
    • Review samples were provided to AFOL YouTube channels, e.g. 

  13. 7 hours ago, Toastie said:

    I'll find out soon

    Me too. I will get my order of a few coaches and the crossing this week.

    So far I bought only a few third party modulars and tracks, but otherwise kept my part collection Lego-only. I'm now thinking about mixing all parts. The decision depends on whether I see a perspective in buying mostly Lego. But being interested in trains, I'm pessimistic.

  14. 5 hours ago, zephyr1934 said:

    make it 6 wide and people will want train wheels and buffers. The GWP loco from a year or two back deliberately did not have buffers. The magnetic buffers are probably 100x more expensive for Lego to produce than any pure plastic brick of similar size. So for the price point I'm sure they started with "no magnets." The train wheels are also probably a lot more expensive for them to produce than the small train wheels. Everything there is to keep the price down.


    So you say they market leader is unable to do what the small competitors can afford?

    11 hours ago, Amoreternum said:

    Totally agree. And it's not like sets like this have not been there before... cars and planes and ships in that price range never came with more either, so why demand it for a train? I see this more as an impulse set or something someone spots on the shelves, and with that in mind, this one does just fine.

    Because there is a compatibily issue with trains if they do not have train wheels and have the right gauge that does not exist with cars and ships. Ok, other models don't look well if the scale is off, too, but the issue is not as severe as with trains and tracks.

     I once got one of those Creator trains as a present and the guy who bought it was rather disappointed that it did not run on my layout. The average customer assumes it is compatible but it isn't. Therefore such sets should be avoided.

  15. 4 hours ago, zephyr1934 said:

    You know, that is the saddest bit about this set. Same amount of parts and they could have made a nice push locomotive. Or make a two in one set that can either be a high speed cab car or a high speed coach. Even better, a single 6 wide subway car. Oh well

    Or they could have made it a 2-in-1 6-wide set with the option to build either the engine or the coach. A full train would then require four sets, a perfect idea for greedy Lego ;-)

  16. There's even a lifestyle photo for this set. Do they really think any AFOL will put such garbage on the table?


    And take a look at the crappy box art, they didn't even manage to draw a track that fits the scale of the train:

  17. 5 minutes ago, Sunil766 said:

    it just feels like a wasted opportunity then. 

    It definitely is.

    If they had made a Creator 3-in-1 coach compatible with City trains, many people would have bought it several times.

    I don't see any reason to buy this set at all.

  18. 47 minutes ago, brimbolet said:

    You mean the blue and white Creator train? I hope that's not it.

    If they made it 6-wide it would be a decent train.

    I wonder how many parents buy it and later find out it doesn't run on the tracks. It's not hard to foresee lot of disappointed or frustrated customers. Silly.

    Mouldking has a similar train in 8-wide.

  19. On 11/1/2021 at 5:11 PM, michaelgale said:

    All of our motor bogie products will be DCC "ready".  This means they will offer separate access to the track power pickup and motor terminals so that you can use an external control, e.g. DCC decoder, PFx Brick, etc.  Integration of the DCC decoder in the motor bogie itself is in the roadmap--but this will come after the first "DC" motor bogie.

    This is a smart decision.

    From a business point of view it is very important that the products are useful for 9V DC, PF and PUP users, too. I'd estimate that PF and PUP is >90% of the market, so anything that has value for PF and PUP will sell much better.

    I'm hoping for a PUP battery box that can be recharged with power pickup wheels. I like all the cool TrixBrix items too much to switch entirely to 9V. But I'm open to convert parts of my layout to metal track for automatic charging.

  20. 22 hours ago, *thomas* said:

    But frankly, these past few years, I don't care as much as I used to. If LEGO doesn't make something appealing, I'll build it myself or find other ways. 

    Same for me. I'm not as excited about the 2022 City trains as I was about the current ones. I've decided to go 7- or 8-wide but I doubt Lego has serious plans for the AFOL train market.