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  1. No update on this thread for one month... :-/

    Are there any new rumors regarding the Hogwarts Express? I'm curious if it will be 6-, 7- or 8-wide and if it is red or dark red.

  2. 38 minutes ago, Aanchir said:

    Yeah, I don't think a gap between releases is reason to think LEGO has given up on those sorts of premium/exclusive train sets. Look how long a gap there was between the release of Ninjago City Docks and Ninjago City Gardens, or between

    And if you count licensed train exclusives like the Disney Train or (rumored) Hogwarts Express, then the interval between those sorts of train sets in recent years has been roughly the same as the interval between Creator Expert trains like the Emerald Night, Maersk Train, and Horizon Express around a decade ago.

    But while the number of 18+ sets has increased in recent years, the number of train sets hasn't. 

  3. The engine and the wagons are fine on their own, but they do not fit together. There are too many different colors. It seems they used whatever color was available instead of producing missing parts. With a consistent color scheme, the very same train would be quite appealing.

    I doubt they chose the colors because kids prefer it this way but just to save money.

  4. The set is ok. I just wonder why Lego fails to make iconic sets like in the 12V or 9V era and why there is no innovative use of Powered Up.

    It would be interesting to see the pictures of the prototype the leak was based on. Maybe it had a more muted color scheme?

  5. It seems like a mistake that the picture of the cargo train has been published, otherwise Lego would have officially presented the set by now. Could it be possible that they used the wrong picture and the train is actually red? ;-)

  6. 31 minutes ago, M_slug357 said:

    Rumors can be wrong...

    I wish the leaked image was wrong lol but hey

    So probably the passender train isn't green neither.

    Same for me, a red-only color scheme would have been nicer. I wonder if kids really like the colorful City sets. I didn't when I was a kid. Btw, the image has not been leaked, it's from the instruction page of, therefore 100% correct.

    My interest is in 7-8 wide trains now, so I don't really care if the City trains look good or not. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Toastie said:

    You would get the same results with TLG plates, won't you?

    No, there is a small gap between Lego plates that prevents warping. I compared the size of BlueBrixx plates with Lego plates: they are slightly larger.

  8. On 2/10/2022 at 10:51 PM, Toastie said:

    Brief summary on building:

    • Clutch power: stronger than TLG
    • Warping, as noticed by @legotownlinz when mounting plates on plates: yes. But then you can a) bend/force them back, as they seem to be a little more tolerant to bending and b) the structure regains orthogonality when adding bricks on top - certainly, when the roof is mounted. The resulting overall sturdiness of the rather long coaches is amazing. A >solid< box type thing.

    I also had bricks with a clutch power stronger than Lego, especially the 2x6 bricks and 2x4 45° slopes. But there were also several bricks with less clutch power. If it would always be a little bit stronger, like GoBricks, I would be fine with it, but it is just inconsistent, sometimes too low and sometimes too high. I don't like that it is just luck to get bricks with good quality. 

    All my plates were perfectly flat. The reason for warping was their size, they were too big. The warping started when adding the second layer of plates. Bending doesn't solve the problem, only adding more layers of bricks does.

  9. On 1/8/2022 at 1:29 PM, legotownlinz said:

    I'm still looking for a source of thís part. Nearly all other parts are available from Webrick, were I ordered them but still waiting for the parcel to arrive.

    It is my goal to order only parts that are not available anywhere else from BlueBrixx, but otherwise avoid their low-quality parts.

    I got the parts from Webricks. They are worse than those from BlueBrixx, especially the colors vary too much.

  10. 11 hours ago, McWaffel said:

    DCC isn’t really difficult to set up either. Most model train starter packs that come with DCC are super kid-friendly.

    I own several DCC controlled trains in H0 and N gauge, so I have some experience with DCC. When you go into details, e.g. configure lights that depend on the moving direction, speed ramps and so on you have to mess with registers. DCC is a technology of the 80ies with lots of features added later on in a not-so-clean way. The user experience is imho horrible. If designed nowadays, it would work completely different.

    I also belief that Lego trains are mostly operated in a way that differs from classic model railroads. Lego means less realism and more play fun. Invite friends, give them a remote control and let's go. No schedule, no realistic train compositions, no realistic speed, no complex control software, no need to worry that anything gets damaged, multiple players, frequent crashes. This is what I enjoy and why I gave up H0 and N. A H0 and N layout is something you build on your own (unless you have very talented friends or you are in a club), Lego is a social event for everyone.

  11. 6 hours ago, McWaffel said:

    I‘m sure once FxBricks gets their motors and power supplies out, they have a real chance at dominating the LEGO train market, if they manage to get their product more visibility at various reseller stores.

    This is unlikely to happen for several reasons like

    • pricing
    • less track elements compared to the 3D-printing competition
    • less motors and wheels
    • complexity of DCC
    • dependency on one manufacturer
    • huge number of existing layouts that cannot be upgraded

    DCC is a good choice for anyone interested in the technology. But the majority who occasionally plays with trains is better off with Powered Up.

  12. 3 hours ago, Aanchir said:

    It's just a case of a Creator designer who really likes trains (George Gilliatt) embracing an opportunity to develop a low-priced train set for the souvenir range. If it hadn't been a microscale train, it probably would've been a microscale airliner or bus or some other sort of transit vehicle. Would any of us really see that as a better outcome for LEGO train fans?.

    The reason why it was negatively received was mostly the absence of any train sets in 2021 and the AFOL-oriented marketing.

    And it should be clearly marked as not being compatible with City trains. Like boats that do not float.

  13. On 1/12/2022 at 6:08 AM, Amoreternum said:

    Rumor has it that we see the return of Indiana Jones this summer. Since there's a quite extensive train scene in the third (and so far final, don't try to change my mind) film, so we might get a set here? A train with a circus theme would be something new and could utilize some of the new animal moulds we have seen recently.

    On 1/12/2022 at 9:31 AM, Black Knight said:

    Dude. By current (western) moral standards, a circus with real wild animals is out of the question for TLG. Heck this is even forbidden in quite many countries from Denmark to Mexico. Maybe they could do some Around the World in Eighty Days theme and visit the elephants in their natural habitat. But no loading on the train wagons, it's verboten! :monkey:

    An Indiana Jones 3 circus train would be a perfect successor for the Crocodile and fit perfectly to the rumored Indiana Jones theme. In such a historic/fictional context I'd say a circus train is acceptable.

  14. 37 minutes ago, kbieniu7 said:

    Thank you for the answer. With your pieces, how is the BB's colour matching with the original LEGO ones? Is there any visible difference or are they the same?

    There were no color issues, the colors were identical to Lego. The surface of BlueBrixx parts is slightly less glossy, which results in a small difference to new Lego bricks. I'd say the look of BlueBrixx parts is the same as those of used Lego parts.

    The problems I noticed is a greatly varying clutch power and wrong geometry of some plates which result in warping. And of course the wheel sets should be immediately disposed and replaced with Lego wheelsets (the old ones with steel axles) or ball bearing wheelsets from HA Bricks.


  15. 1 minute ago, kbieniu7 said:



    I'm completely new to this forum. Since the pandemic started, I went back to build stuff from lego, mostly trains. I discovered BrickLink and since then I went on building cars and locos from time to time. Now, I would like to ask for advice.

    I've been looking towards BlueBrixx recently. I don't want to buy any of their sets, just thinking about some part packs for my own creations:

    Dark Blue window frame 1X4X3
    Glass for train for window
    Light Blueish Gray plate w. bow 2X2X2/3 (curved slope)



    These elements are either unavaible in dark blue colour or expensive in large quantities. How do you think it could be with their quality? I see in thread that there were some issues with BB's quality, wondering if you had chance to get hands on this particular elements?

    I bought the train windows in dark green for another project and the quality was good.

    For the open freight car presented at the top of this topic, the windows would be needed in redish brown, but they are not available from BlueBrixx yet and neither on BrickLink. I'm still looking for a source of thís part. Nearly all other parts are available from Webrick, were I ordered them but still waiting for the parcel to arrive.

    It is my goal to order only parts that are not available anywhere else from BlueBrixx, but otherwise avoid their low-quality parts.



  16. 5 hours ago, Toastie said:

    Quick question: Is this thread intended to report your own experience with BlueBrixx or may other folks post here their experience with BB as well?

    I intended this to be a thread for everybody.

    5 hours ago, Toastie said:

    Although you have linked the product, I believe a parts count as well as rough price info may help some others to gauge the product on their own - or may even lower the bar to cross the border to visit the land where fire and brimstone falls from the sky ... :pir-skel:

     The part count and part list be be found on Rebrickable. If quality matters, then don't buy from Bluebrixx. Unfortunately, not all of the parts are available from Lego. I'm still investigating how to get the bricks for more cars and let you know once it is done. I might try, they seem to sell Gobricks bricks.

  17. 2 minutes ago, Morvayn said:

    Thanks for posting your experience with a BB set. I'm still on the fence about trying some of their sets.

    I really like the look of some of their passenger carriages, but the quality sounds a bit concerning. It seems reviews are also quite varying. Then again, it's impossible to get something similar from Lego and the price is good.

    I look forward to hearing more impressions.

    I'm think about ordering the parts somewhere else to build a for more of these cars.

  18. I'm starting the thread with my experience with the BlueBrixx open freight car in eight-wide. I bought it because it looks great and it's cheap.

    The quality of the bricks is somewhere between low and medium. I had no issues with colors (only one 2x6 brick is a bit darker), but the clutch power varies greatly (sometimes too low, sometimes too high). The worst issue is the size of the plates, they are too large and warp when a second layer is added. This is how the result of the first step looks like:


    The quality of the wheel sets is extremely low, the friction is too high. A heavy eight-wide car needs better wheels so that the engine can pull several cars. At least my car did not derail. Other reviewers reported that the axles are sometimes too short.

    The building instructions are only available as pdf files and the model is stupidly built bottom-up. It would make more sense to add certain decoration parts last and build unstable parts as submodels.

    I redesigned the bogie to accomodate HA Bricks ball bearing wheel sets and made it one stud shorter to keep two cars closer together.  The instructions (which offers a better building experience than the original instructions) can be found on Rebrickable. Let me know what you think about the bogie design. I added brick-built leaf-springs that are typically seen on such cars.