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  1. I would also love to know how to remove the magnets without breaking them!
  2. bmassaer

    Use ofLlego motor 6216m2

    Ok super. Thank you all. Up to new adventures! ;-) Bart
  3. bmassaer

    Use ofLlego motor 6216m2

    Hi all, Would it be possible to couple the 6216m2 motor (4,5V) directly to some technic-parts and use it for example to automise a switch? I mean, when searching on the internet, this motor always seems to be coupled by means of a rubber band, never directly. So does it fit?{"color":9,"iconly":0} Thank you - Bart
  4. bmassaer

    4512-2 train converted to PF (but it slips)

    OK, thank you. I will check for the boat weights and try to make the roof stronger. I will keep you informed!
  5. Inspired by a thread on this forum, I converted the wagon of the 4512 cargo train to a PF Powered wagon. I have to problems by now: - These sliding doors are very unstable - almost simply "touching" them make them fall out of their rails - The PF motor wheels slip easily. I run my trains on some inclination for which I found a formula on this forum. The 60051 passenger train runs smoothly on it, but this cargo train slips, altough it's total weight is less than the passenger train. I put the battery's just above the wheels, but still it slips. The wheels have their rubber O-rings on them. How can I prevent this? Do I need to add more weight? Thank you! - Bart
  6. I too will have a very small space to run my trains on. So this information is really, really helpfull!
  7. bmassaer

    Homemade Road Plates

    These are wonderful!
  8. bmassaer

    DR Kö2

  9. bmassaer

    Bricklink and shipping costs

    The note was placed beforehand. I simply had not read it - and leard my lesson. I think the shipping costs mentioned are correct. I just did not realise that sending a small package from The Netherlands tot Belgium would cost so much. In the future, I'll try to order bricks only in Belgium even if it costs a little more. Unless they are very rare and wanted ;-) So I paid the order and will be more careful in the future. I'm just not sure if the statement made is legal - there's a European law stating that when buying on the internet, you have the right to cancel your order in a period of two weeks, I think. Thank you all for your reactions.
  10. bmassaer

    MOC - 7720 reloaded (DB E69)

    I do like this vintage-car rebuild!
  11. Hello, I placed an order on Bricklink and was surprised by the very high shipping costs. Now the store policies state that "Canceling an order due to the shipping costs is not an option." Is this legal? I thought that, for buying on the internet, there's a period of 14 days during which you can cancel your order? And what would happen if I do not pay this? Thank you for this information, Bart
  12. bmassaer

    Change red/blue magnet on old wagons?

    OK, thank you for this advice. But I still find it difficult to "throw away" the wagons without magnets. I tried a setup with the black magnet-holders, but they always seem to be fitted a little too high, so it does not really work, unless I make a strange contstruction to attach them. Bart
  13. Hello, I have these old wagons with the blue and red magnets for coupling. Unfortunately, some of these magnets are broken. Can they be replaced? How is it done? I found this on Brickscout: Is this the part I need to replace them? Thank you, Bart
  14. Hello, So now I would like to set up a "board" with a city-layout and of course, some trains. The board will be about 75cm wide (just enough to make a U-turn) and 1m20 in length. I have three 4.5V trains and one 9V high speed train. I would like to build a bridge also. I'm still doubting what kind of tracks to use... - The blue ones: I grew up with them, so there's a lot of nostalgia. But the don't seem to fix well on the white plates (right now I have them on an uneven wooden floor, though) so especially the faster trains derail on them. And they are not really realistic... - The grey ones from the 12V trains: these are more realistic and have a better fix, as they can be nailed on the board. But they intend to break easily, and they are a bit more expensive - most important the switches are not cheap? Less nostalgia, but the faster trains run better on them. - The new grey tracks from the 9V trains: too expensive, and too shiny. But the trains do not derail as much? I know this is a very personal choice, but do you have any suggestions on what rails to use? Some photo's from people who use the blue tracks? Thank you so much! Bart
  15. bmassaer


    I have both de 161 battery wagon and the black battery box from the 118 train set. Today I opened one motor and found out that the motor was running when connected directly to the batteries. The wheels were not turning because lot of dust blocking them. So after cleaning, the first motor runs! The black battery box was not functioning because indeed the polarity plugs of the batteries did not make contact - some silver paper between the battery and the contact helped. And then also the wire makes a bad connection... But after a day of cleaning en unscrewing, I managed to get one train running! Now I am ready to work on the next one ;-) Bart