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  1. Hello, So now I would like to set up a "board" with a city-layout and of course, some trains. The board will be about 75cm wide (just enough to make a U-turn) and 1m20 in length. I have three 4.5V trains and one 9V high speed train. I would like to build a bridge also. I'm still doubting what kind of tracks to use... - The blue ones: I grew up with them, so there's a lot of nostalgia. But the don't seem to fix well on the white plates (right now I have them on an uneven wooden floor, though) so especially the faster trains derail on them. And they are not really realistic... - The grey ones from the 12V trains: these are more realistic and have a better fix, as they can be nailed on the board. But they intend to break easily, and they are a bit more expensive - most important the switches are not cheap? Less nostalgia, but the faster trains run better on them. - The new grey tracks from the 9V trains: too expensive, and too shiny. But the trains do not derail as much? I know this is a very personal choice, but do you have any suggestions on what rails to use? Some photo's from people who use the blue tracks? Thank you so much! Bart
  2. Hi

    I have both de 161 battery wagon and the black battery box from the 118 train set. Today I opened one motor and found out that the motor was running when connected directly to the batteries. The wheels were not turning because lot of dust blocking them. So after cleaning, the first motor runs! The black battery box was not functioning because indeed the polarity plugs of the batteries did not make contact - some silver paper between the battery and the contact helped. And then also the wire makes a bad connection... But after a day of cleaning en unscrewing, I managed to get one train running! Now I am ready to work on the next one ;-) Bart
  3. Hi

    I have two old 4.5V train sets, both with engine and battery car, both not working. Changing the battery does not help me out. How can I know which part of the train is not working and needs replacement? I do have a (borrowed) multimeter bot don't really know if U use it the right way... Bart
  4. Crane part - what's the name? How to?

    That's a nice one! Thanks...
  5. Hello, I have a question about a specific Lego part - hope it's in the right section of the forum. It's about the part used to roll up the cable of a crane - the yellow part in the attached picture. Can somebody give me an English name for this? And about it's use: how do you make sure the cable will roll up when turning the wheel? I mean, often when I turn the wheel, the cable "slips" and won't roll... Bart
  6. High-speed passenger train 600051 derails

    Yes indeed, the kids like it! ;-)
  7. High-speed passenger train 600051 derails

    Okay... so if it's just the engine being "too powerful", I can live with it ;-)
  8. Greetz from Belgium

    Wow, that's something to look forward to!
  9. Hello there, Today we got our high-speed passenger train 600051, so we (my daughters and myself) are very excited. We created a track design shown in the photo in attach, it's a combination of old an new rails. The inner circle consists of only new rails. But even in the inner circle, on highest speed, the train derails. I just can't figure out why. Any ideas? Thank you!
  10. Greetz from Belgium

    Hello, My name is Bart, I live in the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium. Right now I am 44 years old. When I was a little boy, I used to play with the 4.5V 181 Lego train set. The train was "over-used" by myself and stayed at my mother's house for the grandchildren to play with. But since my own girl - aged 8 - ordered the 60051 "High speed passenger train", my interest for Lego trains was raised again. So right now I intend to restore the old train set and have it running on the same track as my girls speed-train. And maybe we will start a new Lego city? So, that said, I will be around... Bart