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  1. Curious how the Slave I set is listed as " 20th Anniversary Edition." Wonder if that points more toward Boba's.
  2. I understand that and it's unfortunate; the balance between directing those interested to said places while also keeping them from being a problem in the eyes of Lego is tough. I was unaware of the mod harassment...that sucks. (BTW, I only name-dropped them now since they're gone). I can only hope that TLG loosens up a bit and at the very least the current avenues don't somehow get shut down as well.
  3. Yes that's a design that actually warrants a new update IMO. It's surprising that they made a brand new mold just for the Mimban trooper and now this, yet we still haven't gotten a new Scout Trooper mold.
  4. I thought that initially but the brow portion at the top looks bigger on the Mimban helmet mold. It could be a case of lens distortion as others have suggested, though. In any case, they are definitely very similar.
  5. Agreed 100%, I really would rather not support them (even just using a phony account). I miss the Legoleaks subreddit/discord :/ Anyway that new stormtrooper mold is really disappointing. Is it foolish to hold out hope that this may just be a one-off thing and Lego may continue to produce the old molds for other sets? The fact that the Death Star set apparently isn't 4+ doesn't seem to support this, however...
  6. Very exciting to finally see this long-rumored and -desired set in full! Personally I like that they went with the playset approach in the same vein as the Death Star. I understand many folks that would prefer a model, but a setting like Cloud City begs for scene recreations. In an ideal world we would get both representations and TLG would eventually release a model CC (similar to 10143 Death Star II) later down the road. Interesting too that they actually dropped the UCS label for this one. I'm willing to bet this was at least in part due to the response to the Assault on Hoth set. The figures are expectedly amazing, especially the nice surprise of a Han figure with dual-molded/printed legs, but the inclusion of the Hoth outfit Leia instead of a proper new jumpsuit print is a huge disappointment. Nice to see all the major rooms and interiors represented, all of which look fairly accurate. I'm particularly a fan of the corridor leading to the landing platform. The platform itself could've been a bit bigger though, and I agree with some others that feel the mini Slave I is kind of a waste of parts. I'm not sure what I was expecting price-wise, but having a near-identical price per piece ratio as 75159 shouldn't be too much of a surprise I suppose. Overall it's what I've been wanting from a Bespin playset and I'm just glad we're getting another set from one of my favorite locations in all of the films.
  7. Yeah I hope you're right; it sounded awesome. The reason why I cast doubt was because the original source's reliability is of course in question and the minifigs did seem too good to be true. However, I trust Sir Von Lego so we shall see.
  8. I thought Sir Von Lego was the one who recently reconfirmed the sets rather than the one who leaked them initially with minifigures/descriptions. The original report came via an anonymous source from Rebelscum IIRC.
  9. I've been very impressed with LEGO's output for Star Wars this year. A nice variety of builds with all eras being represented well. The Throne Room set has a nice design but is small for its $70 price tag. Gotta agree that its price per piece ratio compared to that of the Death Star Final Duel set from 2015 makes it seem like an especially terrible value. Of course, LEGO knows its minfig selection (despite having only one new mold) will be the major draw and is probably the sole reason for its high price. Definitely still worth it to me, though. I'm also happily surprised by The Hoth Medical Chamber! It's a nice, detailed build that captures the look and feel of the scene from ESB well. I love that LEGO has been putting out some cool playsets this year (Ahch-To Training, Cantina, Yoda's Hut, etc). A lot of these end up being my favorite kind of system scale sets. The Imperial Hauler is cool but I hope that was not mistaken for the V-19 in the rumors. I would be quite disappointed if that and the Resistance Transport aren't happening.
  10. I found them on the Legoleaks Discord if you're still having trouble finding them on Instagram. I dig that new torso print for Anakin, nice mishmash between his early Clone Wars appearance and his ROTS look. Also, I'd love to get that Hoth Leia in a cheap set so here's hoping it's from that rumoured Hoth one.
  11. The Praetorian Guard figure looks great. Really nice helmet and shoulder sculpts. Can't wait for the Throne Room set; bet it'll end up being my favorite TLJ set.
  12. For what it's worth the previous rumors matched Snoke's Throne Room to the (supposedly) correct number. It would make sense that the other numbers were incorrect due to the confidential nature of Solo merch. Wonder if we're still looking at an August release for these specific sets. I'd be very happy if the rumored minfigs are true, but I'll keep my expectations in check for now.
  13. Another oddity with the Brickshow report is that they claim the clone pilot is the same as the one from the 2008 gunship (7676) we got "a few years back." They obviously meant to refer to the one from 2013 (75021); no way we're getting cartoon stylized clones again. Really nitpicking here as it could've been a minor error, but it makes me further doubt they've actually seen pictures but instead are just ripping off descriptions from rebelscum and/or their source.
  14. The Brick Show is reporting the same rumors from an anonymous source...same one, possibly? They indeed sound way too good to be true, but I want to believe. If they are this might turn out to be one of the best years for Star Wars sets in recent memory.
  15. Quite a lot of leaks. The Solo sets seem really solid with a great diversity of vehicles and minifigures. I really love the look of the speeders (and like others have mentioned, it makes me long for a Bounty Hunter Pursuit remake). The new TIE is a very welcome surprise that I definitely plan on getting. Overall, the price/piece count segmentation for the wave is so much better than that of TLJ. Great options for getting figures of the leads as well. And I guess we are getting Barriss instead of Coleman Trebor in the Jedi/Clone BP. Kind of disappointing for me since Barriss has been in many sets over the years (with and without Clone Wars styling) whereas Trebor was in just one. Also would've preferred Phase II clones instead of Phase I since those also have been in fewer sets w/ the updated helmet molds than their counterpart (the plain versions, anyway). On a positive note Ki-Adi-Mundi looks fantastic. So excited to be getting a non-Clone Wars version of him.