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  1. I think its great. Another fine addition to the winter village series. Ive been collecting them since the beginning and Im quite happy with this one. This will certainly be going under the tree with the rest of them this year :)
  2. Lego set 6395 Victory Lap (pictured above) was my all-time favorite set when I was a kid. I've considered purchasing it again via eBay or something even though I still may have most of the pieces around. I spent countless hours playing with that set. I even had that airport set #6392. At the time that was a huge set. It's pretty amazing how far Lego has come.
  3. Agreed. I could see someone paying a lot of money for one but not $10k. If I were lucky enough to take that tour, I would be putting that set in my will.
  4. As always... Outstanding review. I love that you continue to show the break-down from each package so we can see exactly what comes with each figure. Especially with this series, I had no idea they were doing multiple hair pieces for a couple of the figures. Well done, sir!
  5. That's interesting... I've searched half of Pennsylvania recently with little luck. I have never seen a series vanish so quickly like this (at least in PA).
  6. We have a little less than a month to go for the new Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts CMF series but I find it odd that not only has Lego.com been "sold out" of series 18 but so are most big box retailers like Walmart & Target. Typically any time a new series comes out the previous series is still always available for some time and eventually even Lego.com will clearance them out. I've been collecting since series 1 and even though it's become easier to get each series now that they are widely distributed I can honestly say I have never seen a series like 18 sell as well as it has. Lego is usually backed up with old stock by the time a new series is only weeks away however stores like Walmart and Target have recently been getting shipments of the Lego Batman Movie series 2 CMF line. The only thing I can think of is that (1) Lego produced the typical amount of product but series 18 was so well received that it has sold out early (something that has not happened since maybe Disney?) or (2) Lego stopped production early to focus on getting ready for a huge demand for the upcoming Harry Potter CMF series. I am sure Lego is well aware of the demand for anything Harry Potter and the recent release of sets through Lego & Target should at least show them just how much of a demand there is for this line. I just find it strange that a regular, non-licensed series has disappeared so quickly... any other thoughts?
  7. That is a beauty. Nice work! Any plans of posting it to the Ideas site? I would love it if something like this became an official set.
  8. 22kane

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I had read somewhere that the HP minifigure series as well as the sets would be released in September which I thought was odd. Technically we should receive a new minifigure series August 1st and technically we are... Uni-Kitty.
  9. Wow... Beautiful, amazing, stunning... just awesome. I'm a huge fan of the early American diesels This reminds me of the American RS-1 to RS-3 models. The level of detail on this is incredible. Well done.
  10. Thanks for the review. Gave me a better understanding of what to expect. I get that Lego may want to consolidate their motor/control systems but it just seems like PF never reached its true potential. They could have found ways to shrink the receiver, improve battery life and so on. A whole new system now just seems like its too soon and now we need even more AAA batteries. The space saving abilities of the PU system could be nice for things like 10020 Santa Fe and 10133 BNSF but I'm definitely not sold yet. Guess I'll have to see more in-depth information on the smart phone/tablet control set up and hope there is an option to control more than 2 locomotives from a single remote device. Then again, this could end up being a very short lived system.
  11. 22kane

    Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

    I'm very curios to know more details on the PU functions/ setup process. Are the colored led's just a pairing tool or do they act as headlights for the locomotive as well? How may locomotives can be controlled by a single remote? The current PF remote can control up to 8, just wondering if this has been expanded?
  12. 22kane

    Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I like the little lego clouds they have for stands.
  13. 22kane

    About LEGO and the Back to the Future License

    What's impressive is the demand for Lego BTTF being that the movies were made over 30 years ago. There haven't been any re-boots or re-makes and the popularity lies solely on the original films, especially the first one. With that in mind the fact that we got anything past the Cuusoo set is pretty impressive if you think about it. While I would love to go out and a buy a Hill Valley Clock Tower set I just don't see the demand in the grand scheme of things. The whole Ghostbusters thing was odd. The guys that won the Cuusoo/ Idea's thing for the Ecto-1 also made a firehouse but Lego released their own version... Some shadiness surrounds that whole thing depending on what you read about it. I think Lego lost out on the firehouse set in terms of sales. It's still available after at least two years now and hasn't been discounted yet. The Ghostbusters re-make didn't do well either at least compared to the original. If for some godawful reason BTTF gets re-made I am sure you would see a whole line of new and classic BTTF sets but who wants to see that happen? I wouldn't doubt if Lego continues to release some small BTTF sets just like they have been doing. The demand on the Brickheadz set alone is pretty amazing.
  14. 22kane

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Ive been waiting my whole life for this set... I'm buying two.
  15. 22kane

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    15 to 20 years from now that box art will be ten times more hilarious than it already is.