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  1. Not 100% perfect but I made a mockup in LDD to show how it's put together:
  2. egosheep

    [LDD MOC] SF-32V Starfighter

    What program are you doing these final renders in? Looks awesome!
  3. egosheep

    My shot at the Nautilus (20k version)

    Looks great... I love the Nautilus! Maybe hinge the sides and do a full interior.
  4. egosheep

    Working on a new Nautilus

    I'm still working on it! I've just been busy with real life, etc. I wasn't happy with the shape of the body when using single rows of 2x2x3 slopes so I changed it to double rows of 2x2x2 slopes. This gives a better shape and more accurate look, like more riveted panels. I also threw out the old design of the teeth and replaced it with something a little smoother. I'm trying to make the design something that will be strong in real life, so I have done a lot of reworking the inside skeleton. A lot of the redesign work has put the actual build on hold. This is the new interior cross section for the biggest part of the ship, which will contain the Salon. It's been hard to come up with something that looks art nouveau and victorian on the inside, while being structurally sound. I have most of the pieces needed for the skeleton, so the first step will be printing out a Nautilus blueprint scaled 1 foot to 1 stud. This way I can lay out the central skeleton right on the paper plan to make sure it's as good as can be, then start the build from there.
  5. egosheep

    UCS Shuttle Narcissus from Alien

    Thanks for the nice comments! I agree that the lighting in LDD looks horrid, but I thought the space background was more suitable than the plain gray one. I tried to import it to LDRAW but it lost a bunch of parts in the process. I'll update this thread when I get some real building done. Not sure what base color I will go with... either white or light gray, depending on which has the most parts available in that color.
  6. egosheep

    UCS Shuttle Narcissus from Alien

    Ok I finally got everything resized, here are the photos! Here is the cockpit so far. I plan to add in the stasis pods later.
  7. With Prometheus coming out this summer, I have recently been geeking out on Alien-related topics. I have always loved the concept of shuttles in science fiction, so it's no surprise that my favorite ship in the Alienverse is the Narcissus. I have recently tackled it in LDD, just building a plan and proof-of-concept as I'm sorely low on bricks. There are a lot of very interesting angles on this ship and getting it all to fit together has been a fun challenge to say the least! I started on the center cross section and moved from there. I'm now about 90% done, with some tail end details left to do, as well as a lot of greebling and finishing out a full interior. Here's a little far-off teaser of it floating in space. I'll work on it some more tonight and I'll post some close-ups tonight or tomorrow.
  8. egosheep

    SW OT Imperial army for sale

    Now on ebay, no reserve:
  9. For sale: 30 Stormtroopers(28 are dotted-mouth variety), blasters included. 3 black pauldron Sandtroopers(dotted-mouth) 22 Snowtroopers 9 ATAT drivers 11 Hoth Officers All the figures are mint/unplayed with. I'd like to get something comparable to BL prices. I'll be putting these on ebay in a few days, but I thought I would put them here first. Send me an offer, however I do not want to break up the individual lots.
  10. egosheep

    Working on a new Nautilus

    Thanks Guss! I will try to post some instructions, but I would like to build it in real bricks first. I'm going to totally redo it when I build it for real, and make the framework straight from a scaled plan, so it should be more realistic. After that I will make a new LXF file and post it. I can say that it probably has a lot more parts than a few sandcrawlers. The exterior hull alone has almost 5K pieces. I have been working on brainstorming ideas for possible interiors. Here is a rendering of the salon(someone else's work), showing the interior with the window separated and offset: All the interior piping that surrounds the salon is a real challenge in lego.
  11. That gladiator helmet will make a great steampunk/captain Nemo style diver's helmet!!
  12. egosheep

    Classic Space Question?

    No, he said: "they envisioned it as a competitive ‘space race’ between astronauts in white and cosmonauts in red." Cosmonauts were Russian.
  13. egosheep

    Classic Space Flagship "Orion"

    This reminds me of X-COM, in a good way... especially the interiors of the big ship.
  14. egosheep

    "This is Papa Dragon"

    Wow, awesome job with this! That's just a mammoth ship. Congratulations on completing such a huge project. My only criticism is that it seems maybe too large(larger than minifig scale)... the cockpits on the Dragon in the movie were set forward, sticking off of the front of the ship.
  15. egosheep

    Brick de-yellowing techniques

    Thanks for the advice about peroxide. I recently got a huge lot of 1X2 white bricks off BL, and a few are discolored. I can't wait to try this!