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    Blacktron Allied Avenger Redux

    Hello all! I somehow have only been here once before, but I want to start posting my builds here because it seems to be an active community. My latest build is above - an update of one of my favourite early sets! People always ask me if my builds are renders, but they never are. I always build with real bricks and then photoshop (or in fact GIMP) is used to add backgrounds. I will post some of my older builds too! One thing is that I would like to change my name to The Brick Artisan as that is my moniker now on Flickr, rather than celloguy which is what I registered as 3 years ago. I have tried contacting an administrator to change my name, but I'm not allowed to send messages for some reason. My Flickr is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/guidomartinbrandis/
  2. Celloguy

    [MOC] UFO The Radium Racer

    Beauty! Very nice update!
  3. So sad, it's such an iconic Lego colour. At least it got a last wahay in terms of windscreens recently.
  4. But how do you know that no new parts will ever be manufactured or used again? Where was the announcement?
  5. Celloguy

    Spring 1993 Bricks n Pieces Magazines

    This page mentions a hologram - would love to get one of these! I found it on another thread here, but sadly the photos are no longer available.
  6. Celloguy

    Ice Planet 2002 Hologram

    None of the links above work anymore. I would love to see all the pictures linked to. Would really like to get one of these holograms!
  7. There's a rumour that trans neon orange is being retired as a colour at the end of the year. :(
  8. Celloguy

    [MOC] "Brick-Terre Tavern" by The Plastic Brick

    Lovely build! I couldn't find the railing on aliexpress... any help?
  9. New parts for 2022 are available on bricks and pieces by the way, for anyone interested. Quite a few space related things for people to enjoy....
  10. Celloguy

    Blacktron Allied Avenger Redux

    Aww thanks!
  11. Celloguy

    Future Castle Sets?

    Had never made that connection, but now that Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars and its own properties, it does a huge proportion of Lego's IP stuff... Wouldn't be suprirsed if they attempted to buy the company in a few years
  12. No I mean: Yes this one... The only set I care about in 2022!
  13. Do we know anything at all about the fan vote lego ideas set? Release date, purported content etc?
  14. I didn't check the price on bricks and pieces unfortunately - is there a quick way of doing that? Duckbricks managed to get a lot of them there I know. But used and new on Bricklink, people have ordered it for less than £85/$100/100euros for the 1200+ parts :)
  15. Really like these! (Only criticism I would make is that the wing stripes go in the wrong direction!)
  16. I created these miniaturised versions of three Classic sets. Didn't know where to post this as didn't want to spam multiple forums. - the castle hinges just as the original does, and contains a working drawbridge and portcullis, and a prison at the back - the Galaxy explorer has hinging engines and a rover vehicle in the back, - the Blackseas Barracuda has working cannons!
  17. Hey guys! I've been away a while, but it's good to get back! I've designed this MOC, and produced instructions for it too so you can build it! I deliberately designed it only with cheap and common parts, 99% of them current, so the parts should be orderable for less than €100! Anyway, either way, would be delighted if you'd check it out! If you have time to give it a like and a comment on rebrickable that would help it get more visibility :) https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-85884/The Brick Artisan/ll-928-galaxy-explorer-classic-space/#details
  18. Celloguy


    Fantastic design! I was supporter 1001!
  19. Celloguy

    [LEGO Ideas] Wolfpack Castle

    Absolutely superb! You have my vote :)
  20. Celloguy

    Lego 6979 UFO Interstellar Starfighter unboxing and review

    I think you're probably right. I'm really into classical music and I find when I grow to love a piece listening to a particular recording, I can't help but compare other recordings to that version, and usually don't find them as satisfying. I never know how much this is me, and how much this is a thing other people experience too!
  21. Celloguy

    Benny's Space Squad 70841

    There's no way they will rerelease this exact set, but I'm sure the classic space minifigure will be back one day, they have been rereleased several times in the last two decades. That's a lot of units to sell!
  22. Celloguy

    Lego 6979 UFO Interstellar Starfighter unboxing and review

    So interesting that you find old instructions frustrating. I find new instructions totally tedious and vacuous because of how simple they are. There's no moments where my brain has to work, or make a connection of any sort. Books and plays always do well to flatter an audience by not filling in every detail for the audience, because then the audience feel clever. It's also how the best comedy works - it's in the gap between what is said and what is meant. That little frisson of pleasure is the pleasure of working something out. And I think it applies to instructions too!
  23. Celloguy

    LEGO UFO Appreciation.

    Definitely Lego's best ever alien minifigures, and I have a liking for the large Lego parts that everyone else hates - they always have beautiful geometries and many uses if you are imaginative enough. So yeah, I'm still a fan.
  24. Hey guys! So after publishing my 2021 Classic Space Calendar, many people asked for instructions, including some people who saw it here, so I finally decided to create some for one of my builds. Normally I use old grey exclusively, but in this case I used only modern grays/Bleys, and only easily, cheaply obtainable parts in general! It uses exactly 500 of them. You can get the instructions on Rebrickable! Enjoy :) https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-67576/The Brick Artisan/ll-925-galaxy-cruiser-classic-space/#details Even if you don't get the instructions, it would still help me out if you had a look, gave it a like, and even wrote a comment on Rebrickable to get it added visibility :)
  25. Celloguy

    Lego Classic Space Calendar 2021 :)

    Message me privately and I can still send you one! Lego had the listing taken down, despite me meticulously following their copyright rules. :(