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  1. norlego

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    My wild guess is 20 000 to 40 000, there's a lot of small pieces used, even though it doesn't look like it.
  2. norlego

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    That's cos it is. It was built for a LOTR collaboration, as stated in the description of the image.
  3. «Within the mighty wall and thorny fence rise the roofs of houses; and in the midst, set upon a green terrace, there stands aloft a great hall of Men. And it seems that it is thatched with gold. The light of it shines far over the land. Golden, too, are the posts of its doors.» I am proud to present the 9th installment in the Third Age: Journey Through Middle-Earth collab, The Golden Hall of Meduseld, located in Edoras, the capital of Rohan. This is my favourite location in Middle-Earth and to build it was an amazing experience. I started the planning back in May, and I've been continously building ever since then, and finished it just a few days before releasing it September 8th. The model is 140 cm long, 85 cm wide and 45 cm tall. I am super proud of this, and it turned out just about how I imagined it. I hope you all like it, and I would love to hear your feedback! --- Be sure to check out all the parts in the collab so far, you can find them in this Flickr group, Third Age collab. There's a few left, and they'll be posted each Wednesday and Saturday on Flickr and Instagram. Go to my instagram account if you want to see some more pictures of this MOC, norlego.
  4. norlego

    [MOC] Rumrunner's Isle

    Hello! This is the first Pirate MOC I've ever build, and it's an Pirate hideout called Rumrunner's Isle (taken straight from PotC). It's vaguely inspired by various classic (and newer) LEGO Pirate sets. Hope you like it! ------ Check out more of my MOCs on my Flickr page!
  5. norlego

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Any news regarding the CMF? Still only a rumour or do we know more?
  6. norlego

    [MOC] Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry

    The gate itself isn't accurate to the movie as it has two houses hanging slightly over the front of the wall. It's flat because it's closed obviously, not quite sure what you mean.
  7. norlego

    [MOC] Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry

    Northern LEGO, who built that section, based the wall off of what you see in the movie, and what you see in the movie is a stone wall. Thank you very much, appreciate the feedback. The wall is quite detailed when you take a closer look.
  8. Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry The Buckleberry Ferry is a raft-ferry at the main crossing point of the river Brandywine from The Shire to Buckland in Bree-land. Some miles east lies of the Village of Bree, the chief-village of Bree-land. This is the only area in Middle-earth where men, dwarves, and hobbits dwell side by side. Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry is a collaboration with myself and Northern LEGO. We built this for the Norwegian convention På Kloss Hold 2018 that was held in April, where it won a cool award. We used Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring as reference when building most of this, especially the raft-ferry and the Prancing Pony Inn. We're very proud of the outcome and the collab was a huge success for us. Let us know what you think, and I hope you like it. ____________________________________________ For more LOTR and castle MOCs, follow me on Flickr.
  9. norlego

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    So is the HP CMF actually happening? I'm really confused
  10. norlego

    [MOC] Lighting of the Beacons

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I have found a great interest in recreating LOTR scenes in LEGO, therefore I always try to make my LOTR builds as accurate as possible.
  11. norlego

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    Wow this is astonishing!
  12. norlego

    Winter Serenity

    The coloring in this is just magnificent! Great choice to go with light bley rockwork, as opposed to dark bley! Love the frost in the trees too
  13. "Peregrin Took, my lad, there is a task now to be done. Another opportunity for one of the Shire-folk to prove their great worth. You must not fail me." Alright, so this will probably be the last time I post any of my old MOCs here, but since I still consider this to be my best ever, I want to show it here. Since it's not only one of the best scenes in Return of the King, but also in the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, I really wanted to build it, the Lighting of the Beacons. The project started during the summer of 2017 and finished in October. The rockwork is simple straight up and down with SNOT, and that's something I would have liked to changed now, but back then it was only the 2nd time I had done SNOT rockwork. Other than that I still absolutely love the tower, the bridge and the house integrated into the mountain. I hope you like it! Go check out my Flickr for more LOTR and castle MOCs, norlego