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  1. Nice. Share pictures?
  2. Hi All, I built this lizard by combining the boxes 31313 (Mindstorms) and 42080 (Forest Harvesting Machine). It has full building instructions here: I also made some video's about building it, programming it and making building instructions. What do you think?
  3. Antonvh

    My Catfish MOC

    Nice idea. But the whole fish weighs about a kilo. That's hard to lift with magnets.
  4. Antonvh

    My Catfish MOC

    I tried that, but the hook moves quite fast when it's dangling on a wire and the IR sensor is unable to track it. :/ Furthermore I tried building a snapping, biting mouth. But the strain on the model was too high to fish it out of the pond. The fish would need to be half it's current size I think to make this work.
  5. Antonvh

    My Catfish MOC

    Is this the right topic to post this? Are you interested in a video about the design process? Or rather about how to program this?
  6. Antonvh

    My Catfish MOC

    I built a fish that can be remote controlled. It can also swim standalone with an ultrasonic sensor. There's also a Youtube Video of the fish swimming. What do you think?
  7. Antonvh

    Remix: Saphiro the Blue Dragon

    You can remote control it with mindstorms IR remote. It has about 40 button combinations you can program! I programmed it to listen to forward, backward, turn left, turn right, lift head, lower head, roar with light show, and some other dinosaur sounds.
  8. Hi All, Here's a dragon MOC I made a few months ago. You can build it with 42066 (Race Jet) and 31313 (Mindstorms). It can walk forward, backwards and make turns. To my best knowledge, not many LEGO quadrupeds have this range of movement. Enjoy! I also did a making-of video. You might be interested in all my bloopers: I didn't make building instructions, but there's an LXF file here. I'm not a really good builder - I'm more of a programmer - so I would be interested in your suggestions and improvements: Programming the dragon is not really easy, because you need to sync and resync the legs. Here's program file to get you started:
  9. Antonvh

    The future of Mindstorms?

    I'd always advise to buy one. I tried alternatives with BrickPi, Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit,... but I keep coming back to the original EV3 brick. I suggest you take a look here: It has a modern linux firmware and allows you to program the brick in C, Javascript and Python. At the moment the only limit for me is the time I can spend to develop new projects. Some of the things I was able to do with ev3dev are here: Life size BB-8 Drawing Robot Now I'm working on 3D delta printer.