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  1. It is for me. Too bad, I was looking forward to this set.
  2. I'm a Technic dude, but this is insta-buy.
  3. anatem

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Very weak 1H, gonna build from spares. Maybe buy the Porsche to display next to 42056. Disappointing, considering last year I pre-ordered 2 Macks and a couple other sets.
  4. anatem

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Will only say this: black+blue was the proper color combo. As is, it doesn't even look good, for a set made first and foremost to look good. Maybe it looks better in person, but from everything available online so far the crane has more style than this supermegawhatevercar.
  5. A real beauty, I absolutely love it. The details, the scale, the amazingly finished look, it's awesome. Would like to know more about functions, boom length and carrying capacity. All the best with your personal issues!
  6. Thanks man! This is going to look good for pics next to my A model, might make the B model as well from spare parts and photograph all 3 together :)
  7. Very nice. I'm definitely building this one if you get out instructions.
  8. anatem

    [MOC] 1960s Corvettes

    Beautiful models!
  9. I love this, the articulated section is perfect and the amount of tubes you got in there is amazing.
  10. anatem

    42069 - C MODEL

  11. The 42053 is a superb set very worth building on its own (my favorite set around ~1k parts). If you can still find it and on discount, you should buy it for itself. If all you want is the pneumatics, you might as well wait or BL the components which are sure to drop even further with new pneumatic sets being released. If you don't want to buy the 42043 and you don't like the 42053, BL the stuff hands down. The narrow cylinder is expensive, but everything else is at decent prices.
  12. anatem

    42069 - C MODEL

    Excellent work! Waiting for instructions and I'll build this before the A model (which I'm not a fan of tbh, I bought the set mostly for parts and hoping c-models like these would pop up)
  13. anatem

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Different shades of blue? It will be considerably less attractive to me if it's not the dark azure+black combo, that light blue-dark blue combo posted above look awful to me.