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  1. BrickBrackBlock

    MOC: Lego City Grand Bank

    Amazing. My favorite features are the underground vault and the robbery scene. Great job!
  2. BrickBrackBlock

    Flying Dutchman hat on normal pirates

    I dont like anything spongebob related, however, I love this hat on regular minifigures. And a little off-topic: I love steam, what are you going to make on Steam Workshop for Skyrim?
  3. BrickBrackBlock

    MOC Bespin Cloudy City

    I am such a geek for Star-Wars! I like this model
  4. BrickBrackBlock

    MiG-75 Fpxbat

    I love the way the wings are shaped, it looks so cool!
  5. BrickBrackBlock

    MOC: Doctor Who -- Armored Dalek Saucer

    I LOOOOVVVEEE Dr. Who. I especially like the mini daleks.
  6. BrickBrackBlock

    Steampunk Robot

    I love it. I've always had a thing for steampunk stuff.
  7. BrickBrackBlock

    Post-apocalypse diorama

    I always imagined post-apoc as deserted and wasted, with little greenery. But I still like it
  8. BrickBrackBlock

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    I love it! I wish I had it in my Modular City!
  9. BrickBrackBlock

    Heartlake City V-Dub Club

    That is purely awesome. I love all the details.
  10. BrickBrackBlock

    Mod: Town Hall XL

    That is simply amazing. Although, you were a little bit lazy with the rear windows. Otherwise, I like it.
  11. BrickBrackBlock

    MOC: A small suburb house

    I love it. Just. Plain. Love it.
  12. BrickBrackBlock

    MOC: PoinkMobile

    I think the snout could look better, otherwise its good, in my opinion.
  13. BrickBrackBlock

    "His last ride".

    Very detailed. I love how you used the tooth plates on the bumpers.
  14. BrickBrackBlock

    MOD: The Grander Grand Emporium

    I love expanding MOCs. I'm planning to expand the new Town Hall set by using two of them.