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    Fort Bow

    <p>Hello Everyone, I am pleased to share with you my latest MOC. It was a very challenging build as I used for the first time a lot of SNOT techniques, including the base. This was the best solution to have the log bricks of the tower alligned horizontally and for the build to be sturdy. It is inspired from the Belgian comic "Les Tuniques Bleues" (In English, The Bluecoats"). Fort Bow appears in half a dozen albums at least. It is also the first time I am using photoshop to edit the background of the pictures.Let me know if you like this mean of sharing pictures. Anyway, here is my version of FORT BOW: The back of the fort: And here is a page from one of the albums where Fort Bow is appearing: You can go on my Flickr to see more unedited pictures.
  2. kinggregus

    Arrival at King George's Cove

    Hi All, It has been a while I did not post anything. Over the past few months, I started building an Island, then build a another island, then a ship to go in between. I exhibited this MOC in Swindon early this month. This was my first exhibit. Anyway, I hope you'll like it!
  3. kinggregus

    Fort Bow

    Wow Peppermint, Sorry, I am seeing this fantastic creation just now... This fort looks so much like the cartoon one and seems to be amazing to play with. Did you try your change at creating figures of sgt Chesterfield and Caporal Blutcher?
  4. 34: 10 3: 6 24: 4 32: 3 36: 2 11: 1
  5. kinggregus

    [MOC] Modular Palm House

    Beautiful! Fantastic Idea.
  6. kinggregus

    Marouane Fellaini

    So cool... but isn't he blond now? :laugh:
  7. kinggregus

    2016: A Disappointing Year?

    Travis, you are missing the point. You can't deny that by not doing a historic theme of any sort, a large portion of this community will be disappointed. If you look at the forums, the historic forum is arguably the most popular of Eurobricks. The fact that there are not historic theme is something we never experienced in the past and will lead to disappointment in this community. Specifically about Nexo Knight, I do not think that anyone would argue that Nexo Knight could not exist in parallel of another historic theme, like LOTR was at some point done at the same time as Kingdom Castle. We know all know that this is a kids toy, but this community is composed of AFOLs.
  8. kinggregus

    2016: A Disappointing Year?

    I disagree... There is a real void this year in regards to historic themes - not only castle, but also pirates, westen, or licensed historic themes such as Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Lone Rangers, etc... I think a very large portion of AFOL who typically like historic sets feel disappointed this year. That being said, this year has been fantastic for my daughter: Disney Minifigs and plenty of Disney licensed sets.
  9. My first MOC was also around the kingdom theme... but was certainly not as good as yours. The whole castle is very nice and everything fits together... Great job.
  10. kinggregus

    [MOC] A Village by the River

    Those lovely colors make the whole build fantastic...
  11. kinggregus

    Summer Joust [MOC]

    I really like the curved wall and the texturing you have put on the grass...
  12. kinggregus


    I do not think I have ever seen a build including so much different vegetation so well...
  13. kinggregus

    The treaty of Sudheim Keep

    That entrance is beautiful. You did a particular good job on the roof of that bit...
  14. kinggregus

    Huns at "work"

    Lovely build... You have positioned your figures perfectly...
  15. kinggregus

    Southern Spire

    This is stunning... Those window are beautiful...
  16. kinggregus

    Avalonian Farm

    Beautiful... This might be one of the most beautiful fence I have seen. The overall color scheme is great too.
  17. kinggregus

    A lot less themes this year?

    I am in a way glad to have been reading this thread as it confirms my perception. For the first time in 10 years, there is not a single theme that attracts me. I am personally typically attracted in historic themes (preferably licensed) and today we do not have such themes. I could not point why I had so little excitement this year.
  18. kinggregus

    LEGO VIP program questions for you!

    1) I do not remember. All I can recall was that I use to use loyalty cards which would get stamped, then Lego introduced the VIP progam which I continued. 2) I rarely buy sets now so it has very little use. 3) It does not 4) Special benefits with Bricks& Pieces (access to exclusive pieces, or piece of the month in large quantity), digital magazine expressing new techniques alternative sets to existing sets 5) Nothing special
  19. kinggregus

    The gates of Petraea

    Having heard that Patraea, home to the Kaliphlin, is a land of opportunity, Ali Kabel Lhad decided to try his chance there. With his camel, he made the journey to reach Patraea. Having accessed the town, it is obvious that the city benefit of a wealth beyond belief. Ali Kabel Lhad leaves his camel at the stable. This is the first time they are separated after this long journey. After having left his camel, Ali Kabel Lhad can now look for a job. Petraea, due to its immense wealth, is in a position to accept everyone and provide job to all. ... So here it is, my first contributin to the book of Kaliphlin, I will certainly provide more updates in the next few months. Please, comments & criticisms are more than welcome. Cheers,
  20. kinggregus

    The gates of Petraea

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by your comments. I did not expect such a warm welcome to GoH. I am quite enthusiast to work on my next build... but this will have to wait a bit as I have a load of pieces to sort. In responses to some comments: - I did use some droid arms in between the gaps of the 4x4 macaronis. The arms had to be placed in a specific direction and are actually connected to the inside in order to make sure the building was sturdy. - For the colour scheme: having acquired all the Prince of Persia sets, I had quite a few bricks in Medium Dark Flesh. I tried the entire colour palette to see what would go best with it, and Medium Blue came perfectly. I really enjoyed building something for Kaliphlin as I could then build something which was more fantasy, thus this build. I am really looking forward my next one. Thanks again for your warm welcome!
  21. kinggregus

    The gates of Petraea

    My god! First three messages from my heroes from Eurobricks, Missing only Mark of Falworth ... I can now (almost) die happy In response to Isaac, I have filled the corner round bricks with droid arms,it is the only piece that could fill the gap + it was connected on the other side to ensure the wall was sturdy. Thanks so much Mr Greeble. Indeed, I started shortly before Christmas, but then, I am a very slow builder... + I had to make a few Bricklink orders as I had overestimated my collection of medium dark flesh.
  22. kinggregus

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hi Everyone, I tried to interpret how The Gates of Petraea would look like... A new adventure starts for Ali Kabel Lhad
  23. kinggregus

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello, Prince of Persia, being my preferred theme ever, I am seriously considering joining Kaliphlin. The fact that Kaliphlin includes some of my favourite builders, only adds to my envy to join. I have however a few questions: - Do you allow fleshies? - Which city would require external fortifications? - I saw a contest which was held in the past about the Sultan Gate… Silly question… but where does the Sultan live…? - Is GoH suitable for a builder that makes max 5 creations a year or are we required to make frequent builds? Cheers!
  24. In recent years, I cannot recall a year when we did not have a licenced historic theme running. I am thinking about Prince of Persia, The Lord of the Rings,The Lone Ranger and The hobbit. I was wondering, if I am in the minority to look after those licenced historic sets and if anyone is aware of an upcoming new theme which would fill in this gap? I particularly like licenced historic set as they show more realistic designs/colours and very nice minifigures.