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  1. If it is the flagship colours for the car which I hope the interior will be tan. Also think the rear light will literally be a longer version of the red lightsaber beam for the buildable figures?
  2. Do you think there will be a tan coloured interior instead of black?
  3. Thats weird, all 4 fit in mine with seats? Maybe I missed a part that makes it fit perfectly. Also, have you removed that rail 2x1 part thing cause that will make the cockpit go further back which means the windows can fit Chewbacca in them as towards the end they go bigger so it can fit his head.
  4. Yea the cockpit can be extended by like 2 studs from 5 to 7 I think so it makes it more spacious. I think next I’ll build around that drop down gun
  5. Done some modifications. 1. The gunner so you can actually see the Minifigs head 2. Made the rear back left parts of the ship removable like the right side. I basically copied the instructions for the right side and added the detail back on after. 3. Added an interior to the spare room and yes that LBG floor is really annoying lol. The interior consists of 2 beds, control panel, 2 doorways, piping area and some buttons on a wall. 4. Added a blue LED strip. Can’t really be seen but it’s there. 5. Filled the gap at the front. 6. Made a bigger cockpit and more detailed although all black. Pretty much all of the mods have been inspired off this forum. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  6. I updated mine right after I posted that forum realising the beds have a full round thing lol. here is the updated one, I removed the gun thing and added another bed unit and control panel.
  7. Made a room for the back left area where nothing is. The room has a work station, 4 beds and some technical stuff with 2 doorways. {Some of the parts are odd versions of normal ones and I realised after on bricklink.