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  1. Rims came yesterday, yellow Centanario is complete. I will recenter that grey part lol Compared to other 1:8 cars,
  2. Waiting on a few parts that were under ordered, but apart from that the yellow Centenario is pretty much done.
  3. I've just ordered all the parts for a full yellow Centenario, I have also ordered the sticker sheet which have the blue thin accent stickers. I've noticed you've added more than them blue stripes round the car like the front and side vents, did you just cut the stickers to size or did you do something else to add these accents? Would a yellow marker work well or anything else?
  4. I'm thinking of a yellow one. There are 8 yellow items,11 parts i'd have to source from elsewhere though which is the only thing putting me off right now...
  5. Anyone in the who ordered on the 1st June in the UK still "In Warehouse"
  6. Amazing MOC, do you have any pictures of it with other lego 1:8 scale cars? Like the Chiron?
  7. Ive completed the 720s and was always wanting to see it next to other 1:8 cars so thought id take some photos my self and share them. and this is how they'll all be displayed when I put the self up, Amazing MOC that all fits so well and perfectly, blows my mind how you do it... (The drivers side rear engine cover side panel in white isn't actually connected as there's. a 11L and not a 9L axle there so I can't connect it till it arrives)
  8. The wrap looks insane and so do them custom McLaren rims. Are the rims possible to buy anywhere?
  9. Can I purchase the instructions still or is it off sale, no response in DMs or read.
  10. This looks sick what scale is it?
  11. Has anyone worked out a easy way to get under the bodywork to the gears and stuff?