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  1. Should be a darker shade of silver imo; pearl dark grey, I think, is the name of the colour I wanted it to be. Oh well. Side note: I saw a theory on Reddit that Mysterio calls them the mystic sounding names to sound knowledgeable and wise (like Doctor Strange) and Spider-Man will nickname them the Spider-Man villain name, for example Mysterio would call them "Hydron" and and Spidey would nickname them "Hydro-man".
  2. He has the exact same head and helmet he had in the Wasp vs Ghost set.
  3. I'm really hoping that whoever is leaking the Endgame figures is a massive liar, and is just posting the same body with different heads and headpieces they have lying around.
  4. 4 words; Corvus Glaive Thresher attack. The titular thresher is a side build for play at best, a piece of poorly thrown together garbage to reach the piece count quota at worst. The main build is a Wakandan lab, which is not mentioned in the name of the set. Could be a similar situation with the crusher, and the main build is a quantum building or something vaguely spoilerish.
  5. Hoo boy, that's expensive. Probably won't be getting the bigger ones.
  6. Again, not something to complain about, they're all wearing identical uniforms.
  7. Quantum Iron Man looks bad, but that's on Marvel, not Lego. Concept art isn't final, so I wouldn't be surprised if WS suit Cap replaced concept art scales Cap in the movie.
  8. I can see this piece having lots of uses in the DC and Marvel lines. I think this will be used a lot, like the piece they used for Vulture's helmet.
  9. We finally have a Captain America with a helmet! Happy days! It does look a little derpy here, but it will probably look better in person. I hope this doesn't mean we won't get a Winter Soldier suit. Quick thought; what if, instead of "super quinjet", it's "quantum quinjet"?
  10. Do you think we'll be getting a reuse of the Bricktober War Machine in the War Machine Crusher set? Normally I wouldn't ask this, but due to the fact that the Bricktober set was unavailable in several countries, I can see the possibility of them putting the minifigures from it into actual sets.
  11. No way we're getting Whirlwind. He's a mutant. We'll probably get the French villain, Cyclone.
  12. ANOTHER Cap vs Outriders set? Lemme guess, It'll have Black Widow and the Space Stone in it too? Someone must've pulled up the wrong set name by accident. The jet has to be one of Mysterio's illusions, and a callback to the first MCU Spider-Boy movie. I'm a little suspicious of these names, some of them seem a little too familiar and a little too fan-pleasing.
  13. Any ideas for the Prowler's head? Beast Boy's body should work for him, and a normal purple cape and the Wonder Twin's collar would make a pretty accurate cape.
  14. Wait, what's this about 2 Thanos figs being leaked? As far as I'm aware, only one was leaked, and the other was just the old version.
  15. I hope we get a Thanos farm set released a while after the movie, like with the Civil War Spider-Man set. It's pretty much the only way we'll ever get a bald Thanos, it seems. I actually like this Thanos, minus the part where he has no gorram boots, which just makes him look weird and incomplete. My bad, the above is wrong. Different lighting.
  16. Probably should've been clearer. Lego movie is pretty good, Lego Batman movie and Ninjago movie (why does this exist) are mediocre.
  17. They have started churning out mediocre movies recently, which they always make high-effort tie-in sets for, with new molds and lots of new prints. I wouldn't be surprised if their budget went there.
  18. Please tell me that Thanos at least has the golden boots that the original had, and the infinity war version sorely needed.
  19. Oh boy. Don't get your expectations too high folks, this is gonna be another lazy wave. I bet he won't even have the arm scarring. Hey, at least this means that the most expensive set is also the most skippable. What else was rumoured to be in it? Nothing interesting, I hope.
  20. Oh god, those are some TERRIBLE costumes. https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/5/55328/2588454-elementals.jpeg
  21. Good lord, those are some obscure villains. They're definitely going to end up as Mysterio's illusions. On the minimal chance that they aren't, then it has to be Molten Man, Hydro Man, Sandman and Cyclone (Whirlwind is a mutant, they can't use him yet) with another team's team name. This also gives us a pretty good idea of what the minifigures in each set will be: 2 elemental villains and 1 Spider-Man in 2 of the sets, and Mysterio and Spider-Man in the other one. Since I don't care about any of the people on the Elementals team, that makes 2 entirely skippable, unless the other figures or builds in the sets are very good. Thanks Lego!
  22. That piece was in the TLJ Crait speeder set, which I'm 90% sure it was created for. Anyway, who knows. Maybe the quality being put into other themed sets indicates that that'll be the norm next year. We can always hope.
  23. Hah, don't get too excited. I bet he won't have any arm or even leg printing.