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  1. Oh god, those are some TERRIBLE costumes. https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/5/55328/2588454-elementals.jpeg
  2. Good lord, those are some obscure villains. They're definitely going to end up as Mysterio's illusions. On the minimal chance that they aren't, then it has to be Molten Man, Hydro Man, Sandman and Cyclone (Whirlwind is a mutant, they can't use him yet) with another team's team name. This also gives us a pretty good idea of what the minifigures in each set will be: 2 elemental villains and 1 Spider-Man in 2 of the sets, and Mysterio and Spider-Man in the other one. Since I don't care about any of the people on the Elementals team, that makes 2 entirely skippable, unless the other figures or builds in the sets are very good. Thanks Lego!
  3. That piece was in the TLJ Crait speeder set, which I'm 90% sure it was created for. Anyway, who knows. Maybe the quality being put into other themed sets indicates that that'll be the norm next year. We can always hope.
  4. Hah, don't get too excited. I bet he won't have any arm or even leg printing.
  5. Hah, I more intended it as self-deprecating, because I always moan about how bad the figures are. You just know they will, it's in line with the lack of effort they're putting into the Superhero line recently. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the Infinity War 2 sets have reused minifigs, no leg or arm printing and no duel molding. Can't wait for another AoU Captain America.
  6. Yes, I do think they're going to be disposable characters. They'll probably be beaten in a montage, or be illusions made by Mysterio, or both.
  7. My predictions: The Mysterio will have no leg printing, a clear minifig head and an inaccurate colour scheme, and Spider-Man will have no duel molding, no leg or arm printing, a reused head and a new torso. Stealth Spidey will have a new head and a new torso, again with no leg or arm printing or duel molding. Disposable villain #1 and #2 (Hydro Man and Molten Man or something?) will have new torso prints and head prints, with the Dementor lower half in their respective colours for their legs. Eurobricks.com will complain about the figures lack of accuracy and detail.
  8. Won't do anything. Don't bother. Seriously, A4 is the culmination of the MCU. They have to have Star Wars levels of detail on their minifigs, right? What's stopping them from cutting the budget of some other theme?
  9. Personally, I think MCU Spider-Man's legs are pretty accurate to her. Colours are right, and both boots have the V shape. All that's missing are the kneepads and gold highlights.
  10. Why do people keep mentioning a sash? This version of the character doesn't have one, so why does it keep being brought up?
  11. As soon as that old quinjet appeared briefly in the trailer, I KNEW that was going to be the vehicle. The build itself is alright, I feel like it should be longer than it is. It's definitely a better space quinjet than the similarly coloured space quinjet in the other set with Captain Marvel in it. 7/10. Nick is meh. He re-uses Justice League Cyborg's head, which sucks, as it means he won't have a 1 eyed alternate face. The torso isn't particularly interesting. It would be far better if it were a messy, "beat up" version of the same thing, imo. He's really a wasted spot, Jude Law's "definitely, totally not Yon-Rogg, please believe me guys" should've been in the set instead. 4/10. Captain Marvel feels incomplete, but MCU Spider-Man's legs should improve her. I had a feeling that they'd use that hair, and it doesn't look too bad, so I'm fine with that. Qi'ra's (love interest from Solo) head was a weird choice, but it's an OK fit I guess? They really should've done more with this fig. 6/10. The Thalmor are right, Talos sucks. Head extension isn't really accurate and is missing much needed printing, same with the legs. It just looks far, far too incomplete. 3/10. Goose is a garbage replacement for the much beloved god amongst Flerken, Chewie. What a terrible character, bet it doesn't even have a pocket universe in its mouth. Bah, pathetic. 0/10.
  12. Any news on the Infinity War Bricktober set's uk release date yet?
  13. I've done some research. The person who made the edits was Toughkid446blox on brickipedia, on the 5th of November. Here's a link to the edit. Of the 5 edits they've made, 4 are related to these supposed sets, and 1 is related to an apparent James Bond set. Honestly, this looks like someone imagining their ideal sets, I don't think that the rumours have any weight.
  14. In fairness, every theme seems to be suffering, except for Star Wars. There's quite a lack of arm and leg printing, even in the new Overwatch theme, plus Overwatch's amount of new molds is typical of a new theme with very different looking elements. Even the Lego Movie 2 is suffering; Batman has a reused head, no duel molded arms and the colouring looks inaccurate to me.
  15. Oh my god, would it have killed them to at least print a bit on the genie head extension? I can live without arm or leg printing, but that cutoff at the top of his head is painful. On an unrelated note, is there any news on the Infinity War bricktober pack and whether it's being released in the uk?