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  1. I was hoping for TLJ Rey's hair in a new colour. Shame.
  2. Called it. I'll add that some Superboy arms would go a long way to improving him too.
  3. Oh, hang on... is that really the AIM design they're going with? Come onnnnn! The comic design is amazing! It's perfect at showing their status as mad scientists! In the game there's barely any yellow and it looks nothing like a hazmat suit, instead it looks like a generic sci-fi shock trooper, or something from Fallout. It's nothing compared to these.
  4. The worst thing about Square Enix's Captain America is definitely the face, but since the Lego version has the Chris Evans face instead of Kevin Spacey's stunt double's face that doesn't appear to be too big of a problem. It's a bit too bulky for my tastes, but it's not bad.
  5. Haha I love it. These are definitely wacky on purpose, this movie is gonna be so James Gunn.
  6. Iron Man looks nice, almost custom minifigure quality. Does this mean that AIM's in-game appearance will be like the leaked head, because I really hope not. I'm still holding out against all hope for the cylinder head.
  7. False equivalence. The Joker is iconic, he's the arch enemy of Batman and has dozens of different takes on the character, from light to dark and everything in between. Deadpool however has always been edgy and adult. Even in kiddie oriented shows he's been pretty crude and violent (e.g. his appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man where he was trying to "un-alive" someone). Plus mainstream audiences only really know him from his R rated movies, unlike with the Joker, who they know from pretty much every DC piece of media ever.
  8. That better not be it for AIM helmets, not only is the visor the wrong colour and the grey breathing apparatus not present on the real design, but it's not even the iconic cylinder shape! Seriously, it needs some kind of helmet to go over it, but this being lego Marvel we're talking about, it's basically guaranteed they'll do nothing of the sort.
  9. So, uh, that Thanos fig. Assuming it's real... at least they bothered with leg printing? God it looks bad. I'm really hoping it's just a custom that people are posting about as if it's real.
  10. I agree that it will probably end up being someone more mainstream, like modern day Scarecrow, Mad Hatter or Deadshot (they said character introduced in golden age, not character based on golden age appearance (which is a shame because golden age Scarecrow is creepy and golden age Deadshot is incredibly different to modern Deadshot)), but there were a few more obscure ones on there that I thought they have a slight possibility of doing with the level of obscurity they're going for, such as Tweedledum or Tweedledee (with the intent to get 2 of the same figure, since they're identical anyway. Maybe an alternate head like with the cmf mime) or The Cavalier, both known from B:TBatB.
  11. Here's a pretty interesting list of potential characters the Batman villain could be.
  12. Bat-mite isn't really a nemesis though, nor is he a golden age character (1938-1956, he's from 1959). Mxyzptlk is more likely, and Luthor more likely still.
  13. I don't think anyone's considered Captain Marvel (DC) for the first one or Lex Luthor for the last one yet. Superman, if he is in this series, wouldn't have a nemesis in this series like others have, so it would track. Batman gets a random member of his rogues gallery (since his nemesis is on shelves at the minute), Wonder Woman her classic rival and Superman his classic rival (probably in the weird green trousers purple shirt outfit).
  14. I do get that I was wrong at this point, I don't need it explained again lol Thanks for correcting me though, the explanations were pretty interesting.