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  1. The color combo is great, and it looks like only 4 stickers other than what we can't see on the back... Also some kind of tie-in with some online functionality?
  2. I agree that would be the most impactful idea involving Dodge, but doesn’t that also require the NASCAR license? But reguardless, Lego continuing the Speed Champions line means what ever it is will be of substance. It has too if the product line is going to continue beyond 2019.
  3. Could the Renolt rally car that was in LEGO ideas be a possible addition? Not officially speed champions but perhaps using a slot as next years LEGO car offerings? its a stretch, but it is the same scale and theme...
  4. If Target and Walmart are now carrying them this is great news! And sales will be MUCH higher! TRU went out of business for a reason, and locking up any series exclusives to a toy only store is very limited. Especially this product line.
  5. I guess when there is real information to share a proper 2019 thread will be started here.
  6. Makes sense, this thread was started back in mid July 2017 so perhaps we’ll learn more sooner than later. And perhaps that will trigger a new thread to be started.
  7. Isn’t it about this time of year when leaks start slipping out for next years lineup? Even if just verbal ones from trusted sources?
  8. How interesting that the entire “Friends” series this year is all about go kart racing. I wonder what marketing data suggested that? Not a single veterinarian or pony stable. Id have loved all these in the city or speed champions theme.
  9. I need more speed champions... any hint or suggestion at another set or series of sets still in 2018? Sorta like they did with McLaren 570 last year?
  10. Looking forward to seeing that. Sounds cool.
  11. So I ordered them all last night. But what was odd they had the listings but no images, and zero promo email, just some other LEGO ip’s for a few days from now email. In fact, I think I’ve only ever seen one promo of a SC set since the new wave of licensed cars...
  12. All of these kits should be on LEGO shop in a few hours. Time to cash out on all the VIP points!
  13. The F1 Ferrari of last wave had both Vettle and Ricoden numbers, and 2 different colored helmets for each. This is the best way to get us to buy multiple copies with minimal cost. The 4 green pieces for the stickerless Mustang would have also been a must buy for 2.
  14. Excelent link, great photos.
  15. I really enjoy Jangbricks videos but I can’t help but wonder about his wife, and what she thinks, as what is clearly their living room, fireplace and all, is loaded with legos... every time I watch his videos. But I love how he isn’t sponsored by LEGO and has become so popular on his own.