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  1. Nice ! The 2 inverted slopes part i mentionned work fine now. Just one thing, do you think it's possible the round brick (2x2) ref 6143 in LDD could be compatible with bricklink/ , peeron because in the brick ref. is 3941. I don't know why they don't have the same ref as Lego use. Anyway you have already done a great job !
  2. Yes i was talking about these 2 parts, thanks for the explanation Sylvain !
  3. Hi Sylvain, the 1x2 and 1x3 inverted slope can't be imported, exact ?
  4. Thank guys, it work now ! i've add this line : "background { color rgbft <LDXBgR,LDXBgG,LDXBgB,0,1> }" +UA in the command box
  5. hello, Someone can help me please, i want to make the background totaly transparent not white and i can't figure out to do this. i tried LDXFloor = 0 and +UA on the white box (command line option) near to the selection resolution box but the background on the final render still white and not transparent. Thanks for your help, F.
  6. My bad, i ve made a mistake on your xml copy paste . Problem solved now, thank you !
  7. I can not import this one for example: but I have larger projects that I can not import either. And there is some where it is working. ps : In fact the import ldr does not work with any file, it was lxf files that worked I had not paid attention
  8. Hi SylvainLS thanks for your work ! But i can't import ldr files anymore, there are no progress bar. The last one which worked for me its "update 2017-11-18".