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  1. Edward Jones

    Pirate Hair

    Great! The hairstyle is perfect for the Ice Planet commander. For me a very nice surprise was the piece 25378 "Minifig, Hair Tousled with Long Bangs" (-> Cole's relaxed hairstyle from the recent Ninjago Movie) It works wonderfully on any pirate with black facial hair. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=25378&idColor=11#T=S&C=11&O={"color":11,"iconly":0} And of course any variant of the 95226 "Minifig, Hair Swept Back with Short Ponytail" (-> Will Turner, Mr.Gibbs from POTC, the haircut was designed to be a pirate haircut so it must be good) https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=95226&idColor=88#T=S&C=88&O={"color":88,"iconly":0} The Dark-orange one is fantastic on the new captain redbeard. Also 18166 "Minifig, Hair Long Mullet with Banded Top Knot (Hunter Orc)" https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=18166&idColor=11#T=S&C=11&O={"color":11,"iconly":0}
  2. Edward Jones

    Adequate Excursions Pirate Island

    It's super cool, i like it. The skull-island is a timeless classic. The colors give a modern and natural rendering. The cell with the window facing the front is my favorite part.
  3. Edward Jones

    Black seas barracuda rebuild

    I cant not answer a post about the Black Seas Barracuda. He is the legendary, the incomparable, and his name resonates in the hearts of all pirate fans. Excellent job, and a good proof to silence those who say it is impossible to redo with the current parts. There are some compromises needed of course; I never liked the technique of using a front hull to do the stern, I would have rather opted for something like the stern of the Brick Bounty -2015-, but it's quibble, the ship is instantly recognizable. This is also a pleasure for the eyes to see him in the current bright colors (light gray, brown) The Black Seas Barracuda will sail the seven seas forever.
  4. Edward Jones

    Broadside's Brig MOC

    Very nice! You keep the charm of the original with updated pieces and colors and it work well. -> no wonder why she is your EX-wife! lol
  5. Edward Jones

    Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    Nice! The style is cartoony and different, i like it but i would understand that it does not speak to everyone's heart. It would be nice to see the flagship of captain cookie, complete with his personal kitchen full of exotic sweets : D (it sounds like he is a character made to sell sweets to childrens, like the commercials for Captain Iglo ^^') But you may go for even more excentric stuff with this idea.
  6. Edward Jones

    Ideas Tall Ship

    Beautiful ship, and a great example of how to work a flashy color scheme while keeping a realistic look. It is a very good thing to have opted for quite sober sails in terms of colors, it effectively balances the decorations. Same for the brown and the bridge which is in duller colors. The white stripe also lighten the whole. Excellent work. The ship makes a good compromise between the classic pirates look and historic ship. I really like the integration of the round tile "cut trunk"; it is a nice detail and it works perfectly, and given the novelty of the piece, it may be the first time it is used in this way. It's a shame not to see the red hull used more often, because it really offers unique possibilities. About Ideas itself, I do not think that a ship that uses "retro" parts (the rear of the hull, the short rope ladders) can pass the review phase of the Ideas team... :(
  7. Edward Jones

    Rebuilt Queen Catherine's Revenge

    Links do not work / images are not displayed.
  8. Edward Jones

    Update#1 Q.C.R and Building Advice

    Hi captain, It's a nice cabin, and quite spacious; which leads me to wonder why not have it more decorated; a chest, or any brick-built furniture like a dresser would give it a better look. The construction/shape is good (taking into account that you do not have a huge stock of parts if I understood correctly). Regarding the rigging that you plan to get, I would advise you to take the longest version in priority if you dont already have some. The shortest are useful for the top of the masts, or on a smaller ship like the 6271 Imperial Flagship. Maybe it's just a personal taste but look for pictures before purchasing anything to get the final appearance that you like the most. Also, the building has something a bit inconsistent. You have covered the floor of the cabin with smooth tiles (a finishing technique), but an element that is seen at first glance from the outside; the edge of the red roofs; is left with apparent studs. There it requires a finish, not especially tiles but.. something. You use golden telescopes to make a rail, then a brown grid to do the others, and an (actually pretty interesting) technique with the rope for another. You understood the idea. I hope I did not offend you, that's not my intention. Only trading skills between one ship builder an another : ) As modest as they are compared to the monsters that navigate the forum, your past ships always have a little something unique and I will follow you to see this new iteration of the Queen Catherine's Revenge.
  9. Edward Jones


    Very cool creation, this is not very often that we see true human-shaped "action-figure" MOCS. Even less with such lovely curves. Great job on capturing the organic shapes. The color scheme is striking! The warm yellow with azure is a win, and the trans-clear cranium is a well-done addition to the overall aesthetic.