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  1. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Engine Block Conveyor Module

    Hahaha, yes, I think that most technic builders have a few too many of them. I came up with this after seeing this car by R. Beckett (I think it was for a contest here a few years ago)
  2. This lego GBC module uses a conveyor built out of technic engine block pieces to lift the balls. It is powered by a lego XL motor and fully meets the GBC standard, infarct it can actually run reliably at almost twice the required speed for the great ball contraption standard, although it runs more reliably at slower speeds. I originally made this module after chatting with some friends about how we all have so many of the engine block pieces that we almost never use any. This is basically a product of trying to use theme in some way. If you would like to build it I have the free instructions and 3D file on Rebrickable, created in BrickLink Studio. If you have any trouble feel free to contact me and I would be glad to help, hope you like the module! :) Photos on Flickr. Don't know what is happening with the Flickr and YouTube links but they are not working, here is the youtube video. Lets see if this works..... YES! Not sure what was happening before.
  3. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Lifting Sprocket Module

    Thanks! This one was accidental, I came up with it when I was trying to make a turntable out of the sprocket pieces.
  4. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Lifting Sprocket Module

    Yes, it is very smooth. I think it might be hard to attach a motor to it though...
  5. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Lifting Sprocket Module

    Thanks! Thank you! You can also flip them the other way and put 6 basketballs in the middle to make a turntable.
  6. Finally finished another one ;) This lego GBC module uses a large Lego technic sprocket on it's side to and lift the balls. It is a reliable module and meets the standard, it can hold over 30 balls in the input bin and runs just over 1 ball per second. The mechanism runs a lot smoother in real life then it look in the video, it also runs a bit better slightly slower. You may notice in the video that sometimes it doesn't pick up the full 6 balls. This could be fixed by changing the agitator design or running it a bit slower so that the balls have more time to roll into the sprocket I did not change the design because it is very reliable like this and still meets the standard. Rebrickable. Flickr.
  7. sawyer klegr

    Rietveld Schröder Modular

    Nice! Love the wall built out of the 1x1 plates, it looks so good and I imagine it was hard to build.
  8. sawyer klegr

    EV3 block orientation .

    Yes, I don't mind doing that, quite often I run PF motors on low speeds so that I can save on gears.
  9. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Mindstorms Robot Arm

    That looks like a great design! It looks like it will be very reliable/accurate.You seem to have been able to get the mechanism quite small by using mindstorms instead of PF. I think that green 40t gears would be very interesting for building other non GBC MOCs like trees, Might have to get some ;) We are also not allowed out much here, only to go for walks/runs and to get food. Hopefully will not last to long.
  10. sawyer klegr

    EV3 block orientation .

    Wow, sorry to hear that he had it, so glad he is better now! I have also not used my EV3 much yet because it is so different from power functions which I am used to, even though they look so similar. I do have one idea for what to build with it next though. Sometimes I feel like I am being "lazy" when I use it because it is possible to get the same motion mechanically.
  11. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Mindstorms Robot Arm

    That looks great! Sorry that I have been taking so long to reply, it has been quite crazy here over the last few days. Your new train module loos great, and more importantly like it will be very reliable. I hope you can figure out the mindstorms programming, I found it quite hard to get used to even though I can code using java/C#. It is meant to be simpler than real coding but at times I find it more confusing. Hopefully spike prime will be easier ;) I like your mechanism for keeping the bucket level using the large turntables. Is that red 40t gear like a normal one or is it similar to the red 8t gears that don't have friction? I have never seen them in red before. Also is your train exactly the same as Akiyuki's or is it a different design? if it is Akiyuki's that would be cool so you can use it with his other designs.
  12. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Mindstorms Robot Arm

    I programmed it using windows 10, in theory it should not matter what OS it was programmed on, only if it is 32 or 64 bit (I think) I wonder if it could be a problem with Google drive not recognising the file format? Hope you can get it running, I think that it will look very cool if you can get it to load the train! (Is there any website that you know of that is “designed” for uploading EV3 programs to? That might help because if it is a problem with Google)
  13. sawyer klegr

    EV3 block orientation .

    Wow, looks like you will have a lot of time to learn how to program the EV3, I bet your program will be a lot better than mine 😂
  14. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Mindstorms Robot Arm

    Can you run my program on your EV3 or will the software not even let you do that? You would not be able to edit the program easily but at least it would save you from having to program it again. Good luck with the programming ether way, can't wait to see it finished ;)
  15. sawyer klegr

    Lego GBC Mindstorms Robot Arm

    That looks like it is going great! Hope you can get the program working. You might be able to program the arm to push the PF switch on by lowering the arm on it, it could potentially save you a extra motor.