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  1. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Custom Buggies

    These are my custom buggies, all based on the same chassis. They are modified from a selection of vehicles from both the LEGO Adventurers theme as well as the later Pharaoh's Quest theme.
  2. Your mashup of the three sets is put together well - it really feels like a single set designed all at once.
  3. TheBuildingBlock

    1920's Fire Station with pumper fire truck - 10263 MOD

    I love this expansion of the winter village fire station. It feels much more like a real building and fits in well with the rest of your old-time buildings. The fire truck definitely has an old-time feel to it, as well.
  4. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Custom Trucks

    This is my custom delivery truck and canvas top truck. The delivery truck is based on a combination of the front of 7683 Tow Truck and the LEGO delivery truck from 60097 City Square. The canvas top truck was initially inspired by the Technic bowed plate I found in one of my hauls when I was sorting. The truck is built on a similar chassis to the delivery truck. Instructions for the canvas top truck are for sale at
  5. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Motorcycle Mania

    Here is the instruction video for the reverse trike chassis so that you can build your own. Here is the parts list: No. Color Part no. Part name ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Black 32013.dat Technic Angle Connector #1 3 Black 4519.dat Technic Axle 3 1 Black 3705.dat Technic Axle 4 2 Light_Gray 3749.dat Technic Axle Pin 2 White 6632.dat Technic Beam 3 x 0.5 Liftarm 2 Black 2825.dat Technic Beam 4 x 0.5 Liftarm with Boss 2 White 2825.dat Technic Beam 4 x 0.5 Liftarm with Boss 2 Light_Gray 4265c.dat Technic Bush 1/2 Smooth 1 Black 32556.dat Technic Pin Long 4 Black 92409.dat Tyre 17.5mm x 6mm with Shallow Staggered Threads 4 Light_Gray 42610.dat Wheel Hub 8 x 11.2 with Centre Groove
  6. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Motorcycle Mania

    I've modified the motorcycle (part 52035), used since 2005, in three different ways - basic, long axle, and reverse trike. Expect an instruction video for the reverse trike to follow.
  7. TheBuildingBlock

    List of Modular MOC Instructions and Searching for More!

    There are instructions available at the link below as well. They are made by me and feature vehicles and buildings.
  8. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Who wants to play tennis?

    Very well thought out design. Love the inclusion of the bathroom and showers. Most modulars, especially by LEGO itself, don't include those and it always bugs me
  9. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Custom Hot Rod Garage

    Although 6561 Hot Rod Club sits at the center of this custom garage, I've expanded it quite a bit. It currently has a reception area, parts storage, and two bays. There will also be a second floor when it's finished.
  10. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Expanding 41037 Stephanie's Beach House

    41037 Stephanie's Beach House was a Friends set from 2014. I've modded the building in order to have a full interior by using two of them back to back. This is a WIP and I'll update when I have more to it.
  11. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Expanding 4996 Beach House

    Originally, 4996 Beach House didn't have a back to it, although I did like the design of it. I've modded the building in order to have a full interior by expanding behind it. This is a WIP and I'll update when I have more to it. I'm planning on a living room with a fire place, kitchen/dining room, and bathroom on the first floor with two bedrooms on the second floor. There will possibly be an attic space above - haven't worked that detail out yet.
  12. TheBuildingBlock

    [MOC] Expanding 6380 Emergency Treatment Center

    I'm planning on the first floor being tiled in white (easier for cleanup in a medical facility) with a few studs for poseability. The second floor will probably be tiled in dark brown to represent hardwood floors, since it is a mostly private area for the staff. As far as the arrivals from the ambulance, I pictured this more as a family clinic, so not too many ambulance emergencies. I'm also planning on a small landscaped parking lot behind it when I get it in a large layout. With this in mind, ambulance dropoff in the case of emergencies would be through the back door.
  13. As a classic Town set, 6380 Emergency Treatment Center did not have a back to the building. I've modded the building in order to have a full interior while trying to keep the original recognizable. This is a WIP and I'll update when I have more to it. When finished, it will have a front and back entrance, reception area, patient exam room, bathroom, doctor's office, and break area.
  14. TheBuildingBlock

    Variety of Vans

    I found a chassis for a van in 779333 LEGO Education Vehicles Set and am using it as a base to create a variety of vans. The first two I've completed are a simple red work van and an animal control van. I'm also working on a TV van based on 6553 Crisis News Crew, an ice cream van with parts from 70804 Ice Cream Machine, and a work van to go with 60054 Light Repair Truck. I'll post updates for these when I have them finished.
  15. TheBuildingBlock

    6514 Trail Ranger MOD

    When I find a car model I like, I will use the chassis as a base to create recolors and slight MODs (compare to the Chevrolet S10 and GMC Jimmy, which both use the same chassis but have a different shell on top). Within the scope of my city, I consider this similar to a Jeep. In this case, I started by recoloring 6514 Trail Ranger and adding a rollbar in the back. Afterwards, I modified it to a covered version and then made a custom version on top of that.