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  1. I don't always always build lego models. But when I do, they've got way to many f***in' pieces.

  2. Love the FSM line in your signature; made my day! :D

    1. Pyrovisionary


      Someone finally noticed it! sorry it took me so long to see this, and thanks. :)

  3. may or may not be a hoarder of artifacts...

  4. hopes the Eternal Reaper will drop gold

  5. Can't help but think of the plot holes thus far.

  6. I don't know what's on my mind... What's on your mind?

  7. Everything is pink! Everything is pink if you're on Eurobricks... Everything is PINK...

  8. Wonders if human cloning has happened yet.

  9. What'd you expect to find here?

  10. My 'upgrading' of Heroica battles reminds me of google 'upgrading' youtube.

  11. Well this sucks... :/

  12. Feels like no one is active in Heroica anymore.

  13. Realizes that approximately no one understands any of his references. But it's ok. Because he's Batman.

  14. Greg has changed everything into a troll face. It was his plan all along.

  15. Finally stopped eating trees in modded Skyblock. If that makes any sense.

  16. Is back to being Batman!

  17. Is wondering when Endgame will change his avatar so it doesn't spam room...

  18. And is back to having 3K gold :D