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  1. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Steppenwolf would be ugly in every format πŸ˜‚ Dwarf has a better design, so the build (if it will be a build, and I hope not) will be better πŸ˜…
  2. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    As I said before: the problem is not the height, but the proportions. Maybe I explained myself badly, the google translator is not very good πŸ˜… Anyway, we'll see, let's bet a beer! I say brick build like Steppenwolf πŸ€πŸΊπŸ˜‚
  3. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It is not a question of height, but of proportions. if there were only minifigures and Dwarfs, then we could receive everything. But there's Thanos in the middle, and I do not think they'll have the same size. If the size of Dwarf, in the film, will be in relief (as it seems from the statues of ComicCon) then Lego will have to give importance, and we will have a build. Only my opinion πŸ™‚ As always, we must take the leaks as simple teasers. The official images will put everything in a better light
  4. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    πŸ˜‚ I do not want to bring bad luck, bro! But it is a possibility that we must take into consideration. Lego is not always generous. And he likes brick builds very much πŸ™„ Dwarf looks bigger than Thanos, you need a bigfig like Killer Croc or Rancor, and do you think they do?
  5. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Finally justice for Infinity War! IronMan gives me the same feeling that gave me the first IM leak of "Age of Ultron": AWESOME! The design on the face is brilliant. Ebony Maw is perfect. I expected the printed face, I'm happy because it is very beautiful. The printed legs work close to Proxima, because Maw has the long dress, it is consistent. SpiderMan is fine. I do not care about the double-press leg, it's still very detailed. Lego wants a room for improvement for the future. Maybe πŸ˜„. I advise not to fly too high with Black Dwarf, the fall hurts (and I know it well, thanks to the wrong-Thanos). I think it's a brick build, though I hope I'm wrong. Corvus looks ok. Too bad for the classic hood, I was hoping for a new mold. An appeal to the owner of the instruction booklet: Publish the pictures of the set !!! πŸ˜‚
  6. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

  7. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Finally we reason!
  8. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Yes bro, I'm very excited all along the line, and I'm sure I'll love it! πŸ€— I do not care about arms and legs printed, in 99% of the cases I agree with the lego designers. My only problem (if you still had not understood πŸ˜‚) is thanos
  9. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    We hope that next year will be better 🀞
  10. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    IW toys start showing up. Thanos look correct. Only Lego was wrong πŸ˜‘
  11. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    re-sizing expectations, bro πŸ™„
  12. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Thank you for your contribution to the discussion πŸ‘ I also read that he will come back. I do not know if it will be the main enemy, or the only enemy, I do not know how screentime, but they said that it will come back πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I also thought that, the reason for a recycled Thanos, could be the need for new bigfigs for Hulk and Black Dwarf πŸ€”
  13. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    But it would have sucked the same πŸ™„
  14. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Printing Thanos on the Darkseid model would have been even worse! He would have an inexplicable helmet, or a head without a helmet but with a hideous shape πŸ˜… I think this time we could have 3 IronMan: Lego has always made 2 armor for the group's films, and in fact appears in the two larger sets. Then there is Hulkbuster, and this armor-not completely new-without Tony inside. It could go with Hulkbuster, leaving the other 2 slots 1) for the armor seen in the trailer, and 2) for one to reveal 😬
  15. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Yes, everything is fine. But you can not compare the print on the legs to the aspect of the villain that you have been waiting for years. So next time, instead of IronMan's enemy, let's put Homer Simpson, so much who does not care if it's slightly different πŸ˜’