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  1. Ace Reaper

    [REVIEW] 75144 - UCS Snowspeeder

    I really liked reading this review and looking through it, but I had one question I was wondering if you had the answer to. I had noticed that on the wing, the designers at TLG had 2x2 spinners to hold the front of the laser cannons. I was wondering why they hadn’t just used 2x2 plate. If you could tell me why they did that if you know, I would really appreciate it.
  2. Ace Reaper

    MOC: SB2C Helldiver

    I really love your aircraft. I am working on building the SB2C you put Instructions up, and I get to see these aircraft on the lego U.S.S. Intrepid in New York in a couple of days.
  3. Ace Reaper

    Metal Gear Solid 4 Gekko

    Hey all. My first project for Eurobricks is going to be a Gekko walker from the game Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots. If any one has any ideas for pieces I should use to make it look somewhat right, please tell me. I am definitely up for suggestions, so tell away. Thanks.