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  1. Hello generation of the brick! I have always been fascinated by the possibilities of construction and imagination that created this brick. But other passions took over for many years. Then one day I discovered on the internet, the Bricklink site where you can find everything on the brick, even the oldest sets. Then I discovered that there was a whole community of fans around the world. I found in my attic my catalogs from 1988 to 1997 that I had kept. I even found the Lego service leaflets for missing parts, it was the time of Minitel with 3615 LEGO for the lego info:catalogs, games, events. A distant memory! Who remembers the harbor scenes of 1991? Or the scenes of seaside town, as with that of 1992? One scene that I like is the 1991 catalog page 33 with the boat pump 4031. Nothing to do with today's CAD! Today the new pieces offer more creative possibilities! So very good construction! Currently I propose a model at Lego Ideas contest, you can visit my topic “Police Pursuit Vehicle” on the forum Lego Town.

    Police Pursuit Vehicle

    For the Lego City police theme, I wanted create a unique design of police car and to propose it as a potential Lego product dedicated to the theme, present for many years. If you like this Lego creation, you can support the project on Lego Ideas to become a future lego set: The car: This model is inspired by the american police cars. Composed of 275 pieces. _A new concept for the Lego city car: Carry three figurines and their accessories. Driver and passenger in the front cabin and one minifig in the prisoner compartment. New doors, roof and trunk, openable. The doors are closed with a slight "click". _Unprecedented driving position: Improved steering wheel, speedometer, centre console with gear lever and cup holder, radio and VHF (new decorated plate) _Carriage of accessories that are stowed and easily accessible: On the front cabin: binoculars, soda can and gun. In the trunk: rifle, talkie and laptop computer. _typical equipment for police interceptor car: Push bar, projector, light bar, and radio antenna. _Evolving model: It is possible to turn it into a police speedboat with almost all pieces of the set. See the last pictures in my Flickr galerie. Why create this model? To offer a unique model for the Lego City police theme, by proposing an idea little or not exploited, which is the possibility to take two minifigs in front-seat of the car, by staying in reasonable size of current Lego products of the theme with a solid structure, enough realism, while giving other realistic functions. The model was realized with Lego Digital Designer and tested in real bricks to find the best assembly with current pieces.