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  1. Thank you for telling me this point. :) Just feels so odd that a 2x2 can often be 30% cheaper than a 1x2 brick, in light bluish gray for example. I also thought that the 2x wide is more stable, and thus works better if you use the old 45 degree slopes as roofs & need a support structure under it. One other plus side with 1x wide is that they take up half the space in storage/shipping. Maybe the bigger you are making the buildings the better the 2x wide choice is...
  2. AxelE55

    [MOC] Brick Lawyers law office modular

    Wow looking very great! As a Swede I would identify that dark red building as from northern germany, or maybe the netherlands, haha. Epic!
  3. Hello! As a guy who has recently gotten into creating buildings (non-modular) in LEGO I was wondering if it is best to use the 1x4 bricks or 2x4 bricks as the basic part of the walls. On BrickLink in many cases they are the same price, so I was thinking that the 2x wide bricks would be superior? In a modular build where you need to tile each floor to make the level easily removable it might be better to go with the 1x wide bricks, since you then only need 1x wide tiles. Do you guys have any opinions or advice on this topic? Which bricks are more versitile to invest in? Thanks! :-)
  4. AxelE55

    [MOC] Classic Lego Home

    Hello! I'm a relatively new builder so I know this is a little simple for the pros, but I thought it was worth sharing. The building has no interiors - a challenge for another day! Also I'm missing some gray tiles on the street. Pretty difficult to make it a modular building if you use the red slopes as roof I feel.
  5. AxelE55

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hoping for a "classical" building, some kind of apartment or home. Maybe like the one in pet shop. We need a somewhat normal residential building in my opinion!
  6. AxelE55

    10264 Corner Garage

    This is a major step down in the Modular line imo. Feels cluttery & not elegant. No "wow factor". On the plus side, nice sand blue windows & the Dark Orange color (esp. 1x1 & 1x6 bricks) will now be much cheaper on BrickLink! Just like the Pet Shop and Assembly Square made sand blue affordable! :-)
  7. AxelE55

    Redcoat caribbean port/town

    Thanks for the help!
  8. AxelE55

    Redcoat caribbean port/town

    Hello! Recently finished my little redcoat port, the buildings have no interiors. It is just meant to be a classic-pirates looking cute village! :-)
  9. AxelE55

    [MOC] Redcoat Caribbean Fort

    Wow thanks guy! Your comments made my day Will be sure to share it all with you when the whole project is done! And thanks for the photo upload tip!
  10. AxelE55

    [MOC] Redcoat Caribbean Fort

    Hello Eurobricks, this is my first post! Built a Redcoat fort using some of my bricks (had to do some parts of it in a less than optimal way due to piece shortage) As you can see i used large tan BURPs ontop of two 32x32 baseplates to build the "island" that the fort is placed on. Next goal is building a small port/harbor on two baseplates near the stairway leading up to the fort :-) Link to whole photoalbum: