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About Me


my real name is Ralf.
I'm an IT specialist, working and living in cologne.


A few years ago a colleague of mine showed me an online picture of the VW transporter.
This finally resulted in me buying a 42009 technic truck crane, following a used UCS imperial shuttle and then the parisian restaurant.

The restaurant was by far the most interesting and pleasing build for me, so I bought other modulars (which some of them I haven't even built yet).
Well, eventually I bought a used 10 KG (22 Pounds) collection of bricks.
I spent almost two years only buying collections, building up my stock and selling the parts I (supposedly) would not need - what a waste of time in retrospection.

Eventually I had a real large collection without haven't build anything yet.
I had absolutey no idea where and how to start.
I wasn't sure if I had any talent at all and probably wasted years for nothing, but somehow I was confident.
I didn't want to look at guides or other builds because I wanted to do it on my own and find my own style.

When building my first MOC I realized how horrible unstable Lego can get and that bulding at a larger scale is a whole different world.
I realized that I somehow had to divide it in moduls as it got to large, to unstable and to heavy.
I also had to cut it down in size and only finished 1/3 of it.
I'm still very proud of it though. And though it's build horribly, the result is quite pleasing and I'm still in love with all it's curves.
It was finished late 2017 and since then I accomplished to do some other MOCs. 

Funnily I was refered to as a "castle" builder ocassionally. I'm not. I like medieval themes because of the dirt and the imperfection but I do (or will do) City, SF and Art Themes as well.
I have a large list of ideas I'd like to build. Currently I take part in the Summer Joust - so it's medieval again.

Please feel always free to correct my english and to critizise my MOCs!
Most people are to polite to mention mistakes. Please do!
I't s hard to find out everything on your own so I count on your feedback!

I mostly write in german forums; Eurobricks seems to be quite large, diversified and a bit intimedating.
Maybe this will change in time!