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  1. I really like this set, but I have 2 main issues with the fire engine. First, on every real 1920's fire engine of this size that I can find an image of the ladders are always mounted on the sides of the truck. The telescoping ladder trucks I can find from this era were quite a bit bigger. If the ladders were mounted on the side of the truck like in real life, then it would be possible to add a chair for Santa on top of the utility section along with some decorations like a small tree and presents. The truck my local fire department drives around at Christmas is setup like that. My second issue has to do with the rear of the fire engine. Every fire engine I can find from this era, no matter the type, has a platform and rails on the back for 2 firemen to stand on and ride the truck to an emergency. The back of the Lego truck is severely lacking imho.