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  1. Captain Henry

    Pirates in new LEGO Ideas book...

    My son got this book for Christmas as well - and while the pirate section is small, there are some nice ideas in there. My son has already gone through it from cover to cover - twice! Can't wait to see what he comes up with.
  2. Captain Henry

    Picture Comment Challenge - Counting up the votes

    Scott Kraft ‎- "This isn't my sword!" - 2 points I'm a big fan of short and sweet for captions - and you can't get much shorter or sweeter than this one. I like the fact that as short as it is, there's an imagined backstory - what really did happen to Jack's sword? And it helps that this is in fact, almost word for word the comment I was thinking about submitting! Ian Chan ‎- "I guess dead men do tell tales!!" - 1 point Perfectly piratey reference, and another short and sweet one-liner.
  3. Captain Henry

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Same here... The TRU in Kennesaw, GA, did not have any leftover wooden Jacks as of this weekend.
  4. Captain Henry

    Dwarf Pirate

    Thanks guys! (I am so glad I stumbled across this site after picking up a couple of the PotC sets. I dug out my old Lego pirate ships and managed to find 99.9% of the parts to rebuild them!)
  5. Captain Henry

    Dwarf Pirate

    Hey gang, I am new here, so I do not know if this qualifies as a MOC, since it uses all official Lego parts... My son knows my two loves are dwarves and pirates, so he came up with the basic idea for this guy, although I tweaked it. I am not sure what Castle set the head comes from, it was floating around in a parts bin. But we added the hat and beard from the new PotC Blackbeard minifig and it really brought this guy to life. Thanks for looking!
  6. Captain Henry

    Gold in the mail today

    Thanks so much for starting this thread! I bought 4181 and got the dull gold bricks. A quick phone call to Lego customer service here in the US and I am told my shiny gold is on the way. Arrrr! I love me booty! I don't think I would even have known about the issue if it had not been for this thread and this forum - thanks guys!