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  1. u118224

    instructions being deleted?

    Madocas Mocs and instructions are all on Rebrickable. I’ve built a couple of his Mocs and they’re fantastic.
  2. The best LEGO Kenworth I’ve seen, the cab and hood are proportioned very well. W900s have a distinctive shape and you nailed it.
  3. u118224

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    The front and rear suspension looks very similar to 42037 as well.
  4. u118224

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I can think of about at least half a dozen members on this forum who could have done a better job. It really looks rough.
  5. u118224

    [REVIEW] 42077: Rally Car

    Great review, fun read. I too like the looks of this car a lot. I can forgive most of the shortcomings but the front axle really should have been driven.
  6. Just curious, what is the battery life on this?
  7. I cancelled my order with SBrick and got what I needed from Amazon and LEGO. I feel badly but I will have another order in a couple of months or so and will try their site again.
  8. Where are you buying your Sbricks? I ordered from the SBrick site a month ago and haven’t heard a thing.
  9. u118224

    Best Way to Separate Bearings

    Thank you BusterHaus! I appreciate it.
  10. I bought a used Technic on EBay for the parts. I need to separate 92909 wheel bearing from 11950 wheel bearing. What’s the best way to do this without marring the parts? Thank you.
  11. u118224

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    On a somewhat related note, where can I find/buy the Figurines Kbalage uses in his videos? Update: Nevermind, I think I found some.
  12. u118224

    Question on IR Remotes

    I’m trying to learn a little more about Sbricks. It appears there are 4 “ports” in each brick. Can I run 2 L motors, a servo and LEGO headlights from one SBrick? Thank you.
  13. u118224

    Question on IR Remotes

    Thanks for the info, I found the SBrick website. I am very rudimentary when it comes to powering Legos but I enjoy building them with my grandson. I will probably just use the 8885 for now for purposes of cost and simplicity. Thanks again and I certainly enjoy Eurobricks.
  14. I did a search but didn’t find an answer. All of the RC mods I have seen use the 8885 remote for steering, which only has 3 steering positions. Is is possible to use the 8879 remote with the servo?