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  1. CaptMc

    Napoleon's Grande Armée updated

    I have to say I am mightily impressed by the level of detail you've gone to in order to recreate realistic uniforms. A great display! You're ingenuity for using parts from other sets/genres to make up the uniforms has certainly inspired my own collection. Being an Englishman I'd love to see you expand your British army, perhaps with some of the 95th rifelmen.. ;-) although I was always more of a fan of the Bluecoats growing up so I'm happy to see they make up the main bulk :-)
  2. CaptMc

    Help needed with current Moc

    Many thanks:) have just tried that and it works :D I'm most grateful to you for helping
  3. CaptMc

    Help needed with current Moc

    ]I need help with a modified imperial Flagship i'm working on. How do i attach the bow pieces at the front in LDD. I dont seem to be able to place them where they should be.. This picture should show better which part im on about
  4. CaptMc

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    Fantastic ship, given me a few ideas to play with, all be it on a smaller scale :D The guy in the top cabin, where did his torso come from? ie what set/minifig. I like the idea of having the uniform on a stand for my Admiral moc i'm working on but can't find a torso to use that suits an Admiral when out of uniform.
  5. CaptMc

    Kraken Attack

    Very nice :D A brilliant use of the helmets, love the cannon, looks really good :D
  6. CaptMc

    Old Black Shakos

    yeah, that's where I ended up buying some,
  7. CaptMc

    Old Black Shakos

    Thanks, yeah but postage will be more so.. I'm gonna look aroung on bricklink and see what I can get, may have to buy some other stuff to make it worthwhile tho
  8. CaptMc

    Old Black Shakos

    Just came across a lot on ebay offering 8 Black Shakos, would appear to be fairly new (unused) for £5.90, the seller has 10 of these lots on offer but not sure wether that is a reasonable price what with not being able to get hold of the Shakos easily now.Or can I get them cheaper elsewhere. Having said that i've just found another seller offering 8 shakos for 5.20 so... also has 10 lots on offer.
  9. CaptMc

    My Grande Armèe

    Impressive :D I really liked the Cavalry man's Helmet, shame lego haven't done anything like that yet, and the swords look pretty cool, much better than the ordinary Lego swords.
  10. CaptMc

    MOre Guns

    Yeah, i want to enlarge/modify my ship, but i dont have the parts or the money to do so at the moment, but ant ideas how to add a bit more space withou major rebuilding would be great, i'm currently building a small collection of pics and iseas of things to do.
  11. CaptMc

    MOre Guns

    Thank you for sharing some great designs Dread Pirate Wesley
  12. CaptMc

    MOre Guns

    mobricki - what peices have you used to make the 2 ends of your cannon? and where can i go about getting them. Admiral Croissant - thanks, I have since found this post, and there are some amazing custom cannons, which when i have more time and money to get parts i will have to attempt. Captain Becker - at the moment i have neither the bricks nor the money to purchase said bricks to enlarge my ship for the time being, however i have seen so many great mocs on this site when it is possible to do so, i will try to enlarge it. Thank you guys for your ideas and comments. :D
  13. CaptMc

    MOre Guns

    Hi, I need ideas of how to add more cannons to my Imperial FLagship (the new one) without changing to muh of the ships structure (this is due to lack of bricks rather than not wanting to). I was thinking of swivel guns on the deck perhaps, but everytime I try to make one they are either to big or just look wrong. Any ideas would be most grateful, aswell as any other ideas of modifications to this ship you may have. Thanks. Sorry, ignore the bit about cannons, i've just found the Index: MOC Cannons, but any other ideas, that is general ideas for mods to my ship, would be most appreciated.
  14. CaptMc

    Lego Pirate Books

    Hi, I've recently been rummaging in my attic, and uncovered 3 of the Ladybird Lego Pirates books - Adventure on Shark island, Captain Roger's Birthday & Will and the Gold Chase. They are 1st edition however not in great condition, still in one piece, but have at some point been enjoyed by several children I imagine. i was wondering whether they have any value, if so what sort of value?
  15. CaptMc

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    WOW! I'm loving what i'm seeing, your ship is immense, I like that your putting time into researching how it should be ratehr than just building your own design so to say. Do you intend to ad a crew to her or are you just building the ship?