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  1. Tbx Nicolas

    The Raging Comet

    Wow that’s a massively beautiful build there. Also stunning that it stays balanced on a small footprint support.
  2. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    The water effect is really nice. Well done on that mod.
  3. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    The length of this train is impressive. The front windows technic is pure genius.
  4. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] Modern Military Fighter Jet

    Great build and color pattern. Really looks like it could be a real fighter jet.
  5. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] Tennis court

    Love the worn out grass made with plates and textured bricks, that adds to realism.
  6. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] Asterix & Obelix on LEGO Ideas

    Gorgeous. I wouldn’t thought it would be possible to capture those curvy faces with legos.
  7. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] Trabant P60

    Amazing build with details for such a tiny car. Live the door handle idea.
  8. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    Looking forward for the rolling stocks and 5 gauge tracks. Great build !
  9. Tbx Nicolas

    [MOC] SBB Re 460 locomotive

    Very nice model with great proportions.