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  1. Hello everybody, after a few weeks of work I proudly present you this little promotional video about Bricksonvillem, my Lego City. It shows the highlights for welcome travellers but shouldn't be taken too seriously. ;) I hope you enjoy it :) Feel free to comment!
  2. Great. That's really impressive! :) Thank you :) Thank you, too :)
  3. Thanks for your feedback. Glad you found some inspiration. :) Thank you very much. :) Mainly, I am using lights, connectors and wires from "Light my Bricks". They are very small ones which can be easily installed into the buildings. Your winter scence looks fantastic! So do you do the wiring on your own?
  4. Thanks a lot! I'm happy it goes down so well. :)
  5. Thanks for your kind feedback! :) Thank you also for your feedback! I really appreciate it! :) I'd like to know that too. Unfortunately, I didn't count them... It has to be at least a few hundred I think...
  6. AntiZombie

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    Since I've illuminated almost my entire city, I can tell you it's worth it (as long as you have money for it). Sure, you lose some of the flexibility, but it looks fantastic. Light my bricks also offers "Wireless Power Connector". So you can seperate the floors easily from each other.
  7. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Palm City Spirits

    The tank design is fantastic as well as the other interior. Well done :)
  8. AntiZombie

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Just amazing! I can't believe how many details are in there. Well done! :)
  9. Hey everyone, additionally to my illuminated Lego city "Bricksonville", I started to build an amusement park this year, also completely illuminated and motorized. Here I would like to present you the first part in a video. In the near future there will be a lot going on. :)
  10. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Climatology Survey

    Fantastic MOC! I really like the car and the details like the tire tracks in the sand... Well done :)
  11. AntiZombie

    Amusement Park with LED lights - 2019

    Thank you! :) I hope the video will help you... otherwise feel free to contact me :)
  12. AntiZombie

    Amusement Park with LED lights - 2019

    Thank you, I'm glad you like it :) Thank you! I think the Silent Mary fits in quite well. :) I didn't know beforehand if I would rather use it in an underwater scenery or in a amusement park... I also have a video of motorizing the pirate's coaster:
  13. AntiZombie

    LEGO Pirates Display

    That looks great. I like that you also have an underwater area. It's a very good idea to use plexiglass for it. :)
  14. AntiZombie

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    This are really great looking billboards! Well done :)
  15. Very impressive roller coaster! Can't believe that the track works so well. Great :)
  16. AntiZombie

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Nice city progress. I especially like your ninjago district - looks great how you combined the sets with each other. :)
  17. AntiZombie

    MOC - Mill Raid

    Absolutley great and lovley build! Well done! :)
  18. AntiZombie

    MOC Lego Town sized vehicles

    ah okay, thanks!
  19. AntiZombie

    MOC: The Magnolias On 10th Apartments

    That looks stunning! I really like the design of the facade. Lots of details... it looks very realistic. Well done! :)
  20. Hello everyone, in the near future I would like to show you a little bit of my Lego City, which is still under construction. To begin with, here is a video about the beach area I made yesterday. What do you think? Beach Area - Bricksonville Edit: title changed, latest video added :
  21. AntiZombie

    --- Bricksonville - City Layout with lights ---

    Here comes a new video update from my city. New lights and minifigures have been added. And in the meantime there were also some other changes that can be seen in older videos... But here is the latest one:
  22. AntiZombie

    MOC Lego Town sized vehicles

    The cars look fantastic! Does such a curved windshield exist?
  23. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Galeries Lafayette, a french mall

    Really impressive moc! So many details, beautiful facade and a nice color scheme! :)
  24. AntiZombie

    MOC : Police Station ( Modular )

    Great MOC, love the interior. The only thing I would change are the purple tiles..... They are not so in harmony with the rest. ;)
  25. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Modular Ferrari Garage

    Great work! I like the garage very much, especially the sign is very well done!