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  1. Where could I find these images of Gree and the Battledroids? If someone could message me the link?
  2. God I'm so over seeing Imperial/First Order and Rebel/Resistance stuff for like the past 4 or so years, it'd be nice to get more than just two or so clone wars/prequel trilogy sets (hopefully including clones and/or Bly).
  3. Man a Delta Squad set would be amazing, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there an episode in the Clone Wars where Delta Squad are getting off a Republic Attack Shuttle?
  4. I agree, third wing. I do believe the wings can fold and if you guys remember the Clone Wars episode arc with Gregor, the Attack Shuttle had a cargo bay attached. It makes sense and could fit the entire description.
  5. Do you mean the Nu-Class Republic Attack Shuttle? The previous Lego version is set 8019. I would love both of them. But I do think that fitting a speeder in a shuttle makes much more sense.
  6. This list is very nice, though I feel with the addition of specialised troopers such as the Shoretrooper or Shadow Trooper. You could possibly add the Scout Troopers, Snowtroopers, Flame Troopers and the upcoming Mimban Stormtrooper and "Patrol" Stormtrooper from the Solo wave. Oh and also the Tank drivers from Rogue one
  7. Are you talking Star Wars as a whole? Or Lego specifically? I'm all for movie accuracy, I really don't understand why people hate capes.
  8. I gather you mean the Jedi bp? You could always just act like the Kaminoans kidnapped Ki-Adi Mundi and Barriss and decided to clone them? Yeah rip army building.
  9. Lego could give us the option of having Phase I or Phase II clones by giving two of each helmets. Or just we just buy Phase II helmets off Bricklink. I'm not quite sure if you can buy the helmet pieces, as from the google search I did just came up with whole figures.
  10. Wolffex

    [MOD] Imperial Fighter Tank

    Very well done indeed, I might copy that gun design for my Republic Fighter Tank. Would you know any way to modify the roof of the Republic Fighter tank (and Imperial) to make it more accurate?
  11. Wolffex

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I love the Clone Wars and Prequel Trilogy. Yes, Jar Jar is clearly a Sith lord. He's so bad it's actually funny to be honest. I've watched all the episodes from the animated television series. In terms of minifigures; Commander Bly and 327th Star Corps Commander Bacara and Galatic Marines Commander Doom and a couple of his troopers that served with the 501st when Tup shoots the Jedi Tiplar (The colours on Doom's armour is very nice) Commander Monnk and Scuba Troopers (I loved the design so much) Commander Keeli and Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di (That scene where they both give their lives to distract Separatist forces from destroying supply ships on Ryloth) Commander Blackout and the other stealth Clone troopers from the episode where they "defeat" Admiral Trench I'd love all the commanders - but these are probably some of the prominent Commanders. It's been a while so I may have left a popular commander out or two Misc.Figs AT-RT Driver/Rider - I know this is heavily requested and I have no idea why it hasn't been created Riot Troopers, definitely Thats it for figs. Vehicles UT-AT AT-XT SPHA-T RX-200 Falchion Class Assault Tank (if any of you have seen the episodes regarding the Zillo beast) aka Stun Tank A5-RX Clone Personal Walker (would be good for a battlepack http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Clone_Personal_Walker)