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  1. Good Old Dude

    REVIEW: 40308 Lester

    Awesome review!
  2. Good Old Dude

    REVIEW: 75209 Han Solo's Landspeeder

    Awesome review!
  3. Good Old Dude

    [REVIEW] Bandit's Secret Hideout (6761)

    This is awesome!I love the Classic West!
  4. Good Old Dude

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Yes.What have you done to Benny?
  5. Good Old Dude


    Nice modular building.I like your style of building.Good luck in your next projects!
  6. Good Old Dude

    MOC: Old 20's Vehicles

    This rocks!
  7. Good Old Dude

    Earthquake in Cologne

    Dude, this is awesome!
  8. Good Old Dude

    [LESTER] - The Black Crow

    Congratulations to the winner!
  9. Good Old Dude

    [REVIEW] 1001 - HispaBrick Magazine Kiosk

    Nice way to celebrate 10 years of Hispa Brick!
  10. Good Old Dude

    what's a why-wing? never heard of it. it sounds dumb

    Love everything that's Classic Space!
  11. Great creation saabfan!
  12. Good Old Dude

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome to Eurobricks dude!
  13. Good Old Dude

    REVIEW: 5002125 Electro

    Your reviews are the best White Fang!