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  1. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    I'm glad you like it! :)
  2. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Thank you! Yeah, just a square baseplate seemed too boring to me :)
  3. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Thank you! :) Thank you for your thoughts! Non IP projects really needs a lot of promotion to get to 10k - it's true. Your buickbuilt door does look great! Stripes on walls is a great touch too. But the truck steals the show! I actually was thinking about quad bike, but ended up with a simple water bike. Really wanted to keep it simple with minimum piece count. Maybe I should add a quad bike later with updates... still thinking :)
  4. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Wow, it's a real pleasure to read this! :) I'm really happy you like it!
  5. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Ha-ha you're right, they should be careful when running down :)
  6. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Hi everyone! Dedicated to all those who's looking forward to meet summer! :) I'm not that great in MOCing, but I'm really happy how this thing turned out and I'll be more than happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this little build. (it's 540 pieces). If you like how Lifeguard's Shack looks you may also find it on Lego Ideas website :)
  7. adwind

    [MOC] Saved by the bell, a modular highschool

    Looks great, I like the idea with biology class! Amazing amount of details you put in there! The school yard could probably have more things going on there, but looks like it's not a break yet )))
  8. I'm speechless! Simply amazing!
  9. I really like the new mold for lil white bird :)
  10. adwind

    Home Alone. McCallister's House (MOC)

    My morning started really well today! :)
  11. adwind

    My second modular MOC: Sand green

    Really nice! I like how it looks on the last image next to the PR!
  12. adwind

    [MOC] Cheese Shop

    Very stylish! Nothing too "shouting" but extremely beautiful!
  13. Thank you! I actually thought it's gonna be sooner :)
  14. Guys, sorry for noob question, but when will these new sets be available?
  15. adwind

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    Looks super realistic!