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  1. Wednesday I found them at the Intertoys in Eindhoven, seems Brickfever and A-Tembo have it on stock now, A-Tembo is today open if I remember correctly. I got all Speed Champions sets yesterday from a small internetshop. LEGO has the distribution under control in The Netherlands, they are released on release date which is what LEGO wants, but not what we want.
  2. We almost got a car dealership! Check out the LEGO Designer video:
  3. Are we allowed to post leaked photos on EUROBricks? @Startbrickingtoday your builds are good, you don't need to pretend it is real LEGO to attract viewers.
  4. I am also afraid. I read on a LEGO blog that Craig Callum stopped working for LEGO. Craig Callum is/was the Design Manager for the Speed Champions theme at LEGO> I checked his Linkedin profile and saw that he worked as LEGO Design Manager till October this year. Not sure what he is doing now. Anyway before we had LEGO Racers, which were followed up by Speed Champions, which means if Speed Champions stops we have a good chance we get another car theme.
  5. I will also buy them all. I also like we get two green cars. Some extra color will make it nicer to display!
  6. @Digger of Bricks OMG, now I see it!
  7. Thanks for mentioning it! the sets look great! The Ferrari Garage is an open set including finish bow. Does the finish bow exists out of new pieces? The picture is not so sharp, but i would guess the Ford mustang and Porsche 911 have transparant bricks as lights.
  8. @vectormatic I did not check the prices that much, but Brickset.com reported the same price for the small sets over the years. I just check for for The Netherlands, the the small 2015 sets were 14.99 and 2016 sets were 17.99 euro. So seems the prices indeed increased for some countries. I will update my blog post. @J4ck Let's wait and see.
  9. I made a blog post about Speed Champions statistics and found out that the average number of pieces of the small sets have increased from 159 pieces in 2015 to 181 pieces in 2017. Let's hope the 2018 sets have even more pieces :)
  10. See the above quote from the original post, I don't think they will release the Hoonicorn.
  11. Sorry for not believing, but I wanted some different cars Also I am a little bit disappointed we only get 2 cars in the big Ferrari set.
  12. Hmm, they look different because of the rear wing. But the 488 is no match for the Ferrari 250 GTO. Most likely I will buy them both. Actually I think I will buy them all.
  13. THe set names of the website. 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback Ferrari 488 GT3 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari Ultimative Garage Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC Porsche 911 RSR und 911 Turbo 3.0 Porsche 919 Hybrid I also asked a Dutch retailer (which answered at the same time as K_Tiger) and he saw already the sets and he said it seemed correct. I am not so happy with two 488s...
  14. After reading about the Hoonicorn, I don't think we will get the Ford GT. I think it was a one time thing.