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  1. The endgame sets are on Ebay in UK, £20, £30, £55, £75 and £90
  2. SgtKilr

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Post them here, there's not really a better place and odds are this is where the people interested are
  3. Red mask - Jason Green, pointer mask with wider cape and shorter - Damian Red and black - Tim Any other - Usually Dick
  4. Honestly none of the endgame sets are worth getting for me. There's a few individual pieces and figures I like but I hate all the builds except for the war machine buster, and it's still only mediocre. The figures I was excited to get, captain America in his proper outfit and ronin, aren't even in the sets. All in all I think I'll bricklink some stuff and that's it
  5. I like the Shazam figure, it looks off without the cape and the legs will need replacing but far from terrible
  6. Either Hyperions or the red legs with yellow boots from the recent flash figure should look nice
  7. I thought people just assumed the skipped number confirmed shazam set? It was an educated guess, not any sort of actual info. The same thing happened with avengers infinity war when people thought another set was coming because a number was skipped
  8. Looks like that female head that leaked a while ago was bo peep, not pepper
  9. SgtKilr

    Purist Superhero Figures

    What face is that on Superboy? I've been trying find one for ages but that's perfect
  10. SgtKilr

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Comes from last year's bricktober packs, the Batman ones
  11. It still hasn't shown up yet, we're just seeing it's origin so far so theres nothing for us to get so far
  12. One of the latest sets is called "Spider-Man vs electro", but it may be a duplo set. Either that or Juniors
  13. That sandman is incredible, couldn't care less about about another vulture. There's so many other villains we could get I wish we'd stop getting repeats
  14. Looks like we're getting a new sandman, saw a torso leaked that looked like it belongs to him. And there was another that may be Mysterio but it's harder to tell
  15. That's the equivalent of £113 so not much of a difference there