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  1. chuckie8646

    A half ton of Lego

    Hi mate, I'm very interested in the corner cafe and town hall if you still have them for sale and would ship to the uk if you want to sell those would you please message me I'm very interested. Thank you Charlie
  2. chuckie8646

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    10. Righty - 2 18. Priovit70 - 3 nice models everyone but these are my favorite so far! Good luck all!!! Charlie
  3. chuckie8646

    MOC: Vintage Cars (1st batch)

    very pretty. It looks like one of those cars from the old days that police or military officials would ride in in a parade! I really like it. Nice work Charlie
  4. chuckie8646

    MOC: Racing day

    OH WOW!!!! This is so so cool. I have not the first clue how you built the system but its is utter genius! Very nice work. I now think I might have to try one Nice work its very cool Charlie
  5. chuckie8646

    SoF: Visit to the Amusement Park

    This is very fun. I like the idea and how you made the roller coaster. Nice work Charlie
  6. chuckie8646

    Minifigs sale

    Hi Actually If you click on the ebay link a few posts ago you can see pictures of everything I have. I sold the bagpiper and I have the Team GB Horse Rider now (i can take a pic of that one if you would like, its new out of pack I honestly opened the pack saw it was one I had and put it in a ziplock.) Thank you Charlie
  7. chuckie8646

    Tower Bridge Ready for the Olympics!

    I hope not i can't afford it lol.
  8. chuckie8646

    Minifigs sale

    Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the figures that I have. Thank you Charlie
  9. chuckie8646

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    This set is so neat can't wait until christmas time to get it and add it to the others!
  10. chuckie8646

    Tower Bridge Ready for the Olympics!

    Wow again thanks for all the comments I really appreciate them. I havnt had any luck so far with the trans coloured bricks but I think the white bricks will do for now. Man if the IOC had a problem with this then that would be ridiculous but I agree that do some weird stuff to protect the Olympics I will put the GB Figs on top once I have them all (I only have three so far but ill work on getting the rest and take a pic OMG!!!! Bonds chopper with a custom made queen fig jumping out LOL!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: Man i think I'm going to have to work on that lol Again thanks for all the kinds words and ideas Charlie
  11. I too would like a ton of bear traps but unfortunately don't need any of the other stuff in the packs. But it is all very nice stuff. But please sell bear traps separately I would order at least 10 or 15 Thank you Charlie
  12. chuckie8646

    Minifigs sale

    I just also wanted to add that my items are also on ebay if you want to purchase any. Thank you Charlie
  13. chuckie8646

    Minifigs sale

    Hi Shipping would be about a pound in the UK (I have to buy the padded envelope and stamp) and it is actually this Archer from the LEGO Promo set.,r:12,s:68,i:331 Thank you for the idea on the Batman. I will put that at the top. Charlie
  14. chuckie8646

    Minifigs sale

    Hi Over the past while I have acquired some minifies that I no longer need. I have put prices next to them but i am willing to do trades if people would rather trade. All prices are in GBP. Series 4 Figure Skater - 2.99 Team GB Tennis Player x2 - 3.50 ea Team GB Horse Rider - 3.50 Ninjago Black Ninja - 1.99 Ninjago White Ninja - 1.99 Kingdoms Archer - 1.50 Batman (Black from new sets) - 5.99 Thank you for looking. Please check back as I might have some more to add soon. Thank you Charlie
  15. chuckie8646

    Tower Bridge Ready for the Olympics!

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I was going to do trans coloured bricks but I didn't have the right sized ones :( maybe when I go to a Lego store if they have them I'll get some Charlie