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  1. Finally finished putting together Diagon Alley, and it really does look amazing!  If LEGO ever decided to make a set of the other side of the alley, or a Knockturn Alley expansion, I'd be all for it.  A Leaky Cauldron set would be nice as well.  At least Gringotts is practically guaranteed to show up next year.   

  2. I recently finished building the Ollivanders/Scribbulus module of Diagon Alley, and am quite impressed with the build.  It really outshines the 2011 Ollivanders build.  This set is going to look quite impressive once I finish it.  

    Considering that LEGO seems to be introducing a winter wave for the theme, perhaps a winter 2022 wave could feature some sets for Hogwarts Legacy, while keeping the summer waves centered on the movies.  It'd be a missed opportunity if LEGO didn't do something for the game, plus I would like to see LEGO's take on the Graphorn or Mooncalf.

    2 hours ago, doclord said:

    You know, a comment on a review of an older set made me realize... we really do have so much for Harry Potter right now, and yet still no Fang!

    Of course, I really hope LEGO makes a Fang, and I'm sure he'll appear at some point, though considering he was left out of the Deathly Hallows movies, I don't see him showing up next year unless they include another set based on an earlier movie.  I'd be very surprised if he never gets made by LEGO.

  3. Hogwarts Legacy looks great!  If sets are made for it, there is good potential for new creatures and interesting environment builds.  If the game pulls more content from the books, even Peeves could get a shot. However, I'm not sure what the chances are of getting more than a small set or two, considering that the Star Wars theme hasn't done many tie-ins for recent games, with Battlefront 2015 getting two battle packs, Battlefront 2 getting one battle pack, and Jedi Fallen Order getting no sets.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, DNSNVN01 said:

    Its already been discussed here before we've seen a lot of love for Chamber of secrets through the privet drive set, the cmf series, the tom riddle figure and now even the diagon alley is very heavily CoS based. But it was mostly overlooked back in 2018 with only 2 sets iirc. I wondering do you guys think another film will get this same treatment next year and if so which one do you think it will be

    If an earlier film gets a set next year, my guess would be from The Sorcerer's Stone, seeing as 2021 would be the 20th anniversary of that movie.  A remake of Troll on the Loose or the Forbidden Corridor would be great to see.  Assuming a Gringotts Bank is coming next year, I could see it featuring details from both Sorcerer's Stone and the Deathly Hallows, though I expect more details from the latter.

  5. I received my Zavvi order for the Astronomy Tower and the Hedwig set two days earlier than expected, so I just finished building both sets.  I do like the detail on the Hedwig model, and the wing flapping feature works great!  It looks a little out of place next to the rest of my Harry Potter sets, but I still enjoy it.  The Astronomy Tower is an amazing set, with the tower being a great centerpiece, the Viaduct Entrance being a solid addition, and the Greenhouse being a neat bonus.  I continue to appreciate each expansion having it's own 'theme' to it, with this one having the Slug Club Party as a backdrop.  It is overall a very nice expansion to the expanding Hogwarts sets that have been made since 2018.  It makes me hopeful for a Battle of Hogwarts-themed expansion set next year.   I am expecting to receive my Target order for the Room of Requirement and the Forbidden Forest on Wednesday, so I'll be looking forwards to that.

  6. With what is currently known, my assumptions for the minifigure lineup is now:

    Harry Potter (PS) (confirmed)

    Florean Fortescue (COS) (confirmed)

    Daily Prophet Photographer/Bozo (COS) (essentially confirmed)

    Garrick Ollivander (PS) can just be a repeat

    Rubeus Hagrid (PS) can just be a repeat

    Ron Weasley (COS)

    Hermione Granger (COS)

    Ginny Weasley (COS)

    Arthur Weasley (COS)

    Molly Weasley (COS)

    Percy Weasley (COS)

    Fred Weasley (HBP)

    George Weasley (HBP)

    Lucius Malfoy (COS)

    Draco Malfoy (COS)

    Gilderoy Lockhart (COS)

    Rita Skeeter (GOF)

    I don't think Tom or any goblins will be included, as they seem too specifically tied to locations that are not included in the set.  Dedalus Diggle and Doris Crockford seem like plausible characters to include as additional shoppers though.  A Quidditch mannequin or two could be included in Quality Quidditch Supplies.

  7. I'll probably have to get one of the recolored stags at some point to use for James Potter's animagus form.  Then I'll just have to wait for LEGO to make an updated werewolf Lupin and dog Sirius in order to have both normal and transformed versions of all the Marauders.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Falconfan1414 said:

    5544 pieces This is a set that will delight Harry Potter fans who have recreated the most beautiful shopping district in London, "Diagon Yokocho™️". It's like a movie! Shopping street full of details A powerful model with a width of about 1 meter is a lively shopping district with everything you need for magic. There are a lot of amazing interiors and functions in the wonderful cityscape with familiar characters! Look at the cane at the Olivander™️ store, line up with Gilderoy Lockhart's autograph session at the Florish & Blotz™️ bookstore, buy loved ones at Weasley Wizard Wees™️, After examining the equipment, let's take a look at high-class Quidditch Equipment Store™️, Florian Fortescue Ice Cream Parlor, and Nikkan Prophet Newspaper™️! An endless adventure of magic and mystery The set of the LEGO®️ Harry Potter series is a wonderful set that includes your favorite characters, magical creatures, familiar places, etc. You can enjoy the magical world fully by reproducing the famous scenes of the movie in your room! It is also a perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas. It is a set that can reproduce the most beautiful shopping street in London, "Diagon Yokocho". Olivander™️ store, Scribbles™️ writing instrument store, luxury Quidditch equipment store™️, Florian Fortescue ice cream parlor, Florish & Brots™️ bookstore, Weasley Wizard Weases™️, Daily Prophet Newspaper™️ There are lots of famous shops that appear in movies, such as the entrance! A full range of accessories and mini-figs give endless possibilities to a "lively model", creating an endless story. Combine it with other LEGO®️ Harry Potter™️ series sets for even more fun. It is also perfect for birthday and Christmas gifts. (Target age: 16 years old or older) The size of Diagon Yokocho™️ is about 29 cm in height × 102 cm in width × 13 cm in depth. It has a lot of realistic details, is well-assembled, and you can play and enjoy the powerful display. No batteries required. Use your creativity as energy to embark on a magical adventure! Is this your first LEGO®️? Don't worry. With easy-to-understand assembly instructions, children can assemble with confidence! LEGO®️ Harry Potter™️ can be used to recreate famous movie scenes, create your own stories, and coolly display them for all ages

    Woah, so I guess this means no Gringotts?  This all but confirms that it will be a set next year.  Personally, I'm more disappointed that the Leaky Cauldron doesn't seem to be included, as that would have a smaller chance of getting its own set compared to Gringotts.  I wonder what the odds are of this set getting an expansion are?  It doesn't seem impossible if the Ninjago Movie could get both the Ninjago City and the Ninjago City Docks sets.

  9. Thanks @Micmac for all the pictures! The minifigures all look great!  In terms of detail, this series seems better than the first one (I'd still give the first one the win for character selection though) 

    Out of the newly molded accessories, I suspect the Butterbeer mugs, Ginny's glass, and the Sword of Gryffindor have a high chance of reappearing in sets in the future.  Possibly Fawkes too if a Chamber of Secrets set ever gets made later on.

  10. 3 minutes ago, gryffindorbrickkid said:

    Hi Everyone 

    1. What do you think are going to be for next year for Deathly Hallows

    It's impossible to say for sure yet, though if Gringotts ends up not being included in the Diagon Alley set, then it will almost certainly appear next year.  Presumably any Hogwarts expansions will be Battle of Hogwarts themed, and it would be nice to get locations such as the Ministry of Magic or Malfoy Manor.  The flying motorbike would be a good inclusion in a small set.  Hopefully the doe Patronus and Umbridge's cat Patronus can be included if the scenes they were in get sets.  More Patronuses are always welcome!

    9 minutes ago, gryffindorbrickkid said:

    2. Are there going to be Fantastic Beasts 2 or 3 sets

    Probably not until the next movie comes out.  While Fantastic Beasts 3 is still scheduled for November 2021, it has a very high chance of getting pushed back due to filming delays, so there probably won't be anything next year.  Going by the previous Fantastic Beasts wave, there likely won't be more than two sets, as Fantastic Beasts sets don't seem to be as strong of sellers compared to the Harry Potter sets, and any set for Fantastic Beasts 3 released before the movie has a larger chance of being inaccurate due to lack of reference materials (That seems to be why the Grindelwald's Escape set was the only Fantastic Beasts 2 set and had an inaccurate Grindelwald design)  If a third CMF series comes out the same year as Fantastic Beasts 3, there could be Fantastic Beasts minifigures included (most likely all based on the second movie if so, as the first CMF had only Fantastic Beasts 1 minifigures)

    20 minutes ago, gryffindorbrickkid said:

    3. Are there going to be any 20th Anniversary Harry Potter sets

    I'm not sure that LEGO would celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sets, as unlike Star Wars, there were years during that time where no new sets were released.  If they specifically celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movies, I could see something done for that, such as a Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone set being included in the 2021 wave.

    24 minutes ago, gryffindorbrickkid said:

    4. Which characters which have never been made are going to be made

    Next year? Presumably any noteworthy characters from the Deathly Hallows movies, such as Bill Weasley, Xenophilius Lovegood, Bathilda Bagshot, Yaxley, Scabior, the Carrows, and the Grey Lady.

    30 minutes ago, gryffindorbrickkid said:

    i think they should have done the trio when they did the polyjuice potion with different hairpieces and the series 14 tiger lady hair for hermione and at least we now have all of the marauders

    I really was expecting that version of the trio to be included in Series 2, but perhaps they will appear if a third CMF is made in the future.  Considering how much detail has been put into these CMF minifigures, I think there would be a high chance of Cat Hermione getting a brand new hairpiece if she appeared in a CMF series.

  11. 1 hour ago, sebastian666 said:

    Let’s talk minifigs! How many do folks think we are getting? Who does everyone think we are going to get now that we know what shops will be included? Is there any chance we will get some more randos like Tom the Barman, Daedalus Diggle, and Doris Crockford? I’m almost looking forward to the Diagon Alley minifigs as much as the beautiful SYSTEM SCALE sets!

    My predictions are currently:

    1. Harry Potter (PS) (Confirmed)
    2. Rubeus Hagrid (repeat)
    3. Garrick Ollivander (repeat)
    4. Ron Weasley (COS)
    5. Hermione Granger (COS)
    6. Florean Fortesque (Confirmed)
    7. Gilderoy Lockhart (blue outfit)
    8. Arthur Weasley (From Flourish and Blotts scene with hat)
    9. Ginny Weasley (COS)
    10. Lucius Malfoy 
    11. Draco Malfoy (COS)
    12-13. Quidditch Mannequins (x2)
    14. Rita Skeeter
    15. Fred Weasley (HBP)
    16. George Weasley (HBP)

    If the Leaky Cauldron is included:
    17. Tom (PS or POA)
    18. Dedalus Diggle
    19. Doris Crockford
    20. Quirinus Quirrell (repeat)
    21. Cornielius Fudge (largly a repeat except the hat could be replaced with a hairpiece)

    If Gringotts is included:
    22. Gringotts Head Goblin
    23. Griphook (PS)

  12. Looking very closely at the Magical Me book stickers, it appears that the Gilderoy Lockhart on the cover uses the combed hairpiece that is used by 2018 Lupin and Astronomy Tower/CMF Neville.


    Looking forward to seeing how Weasley's Wizard Wheezes turns out.  If the stickers are any indication, it could turn out to be the most detailed of the shops.  Really like all the references to products such as the Telescoping Boxing Glove and Jinx-Off.  It will be interesting to see how Ollivander's compares to the 2011 version.  I assumed Flourish and Blotts and Quality Quidditch Supplies would be included based on their inclusion in the microscale set, but I am pleased to now have confirmation of their inclusion.  I don't expect Florean Fortesque's Ice Cream Parlor, the Daily Prophet office or Scribbulus Writing Implements to have as much detail, but I am glad they have some representation.  The apparent lack of Gringotts is a bit odd, but it could easily show up as a set next year.  Of course, having it be included in the Diagon Alley set would be more convenient, and allow a future set to focus more on the underground sections instead.  I am really hoping that the Leaky Cauldron is included at least, as that would be disappointing to omit.  

  13. The Deathly Hallows movies had many scenes that would make for fun sets.   Going by all the noteworthy scenes from the movie, as well as the scenes highlighted in the LEGO Harry Potter video game, I predict anywhere between 5 to 7 of the following to appear in the 2021 wave.

    Part 1

    Sky Battle $20 (Harry, Hagrid (new face print with goggles), Death Eater (with broom), Voldemort (with recolored smoky base from new Hidden Side wave))  Includes motorbike with sidecar, 

    Wedding Tent $60 (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Bill, Elphias Doge)

    Luchino Caffe Attack $50 (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Waitress, Dolohov, Rowle)

    Ministry of Magic Infiltration $50 (Harry, Ron, Hermione (all disguised with alternate face prints), Mary Cattermole, Umbridge, Yaxley)

    Godric's Hollow $40 (Harry, Hermione, Bathilda Bagshot, Nagini)

    The Frozen Lake $20 (Harry, Ron, Illusion Harry, Illusion Hermione)  Includes small lake and tree builds, locket Horcrux and doe Patronus

    The Lovegood House $60(Harry, Ron, Hermione, Xenophilius, 2 Death Eaters)

    Snatcher Ambush $20 (Harry (alternate swollen face print), Hermione, 2 Snatchers) Includes tent

    Malfoy Manor $100 (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dobby (printed shoes), Bellatrix, Draco, Lucius, Narcissa)  With falling chandelier action feature

    Part 2

    Shell Cottage $80 (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Bill, Griphook, Luna, Ollivander)

    Gringotts Break-In $70 (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bogrod, 2 Gringotts Guards)

    Hogwarts Bell Towers $90 (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Mcgonagall, Snape, Amycus and Alecto Carrow, the Grey Lady)

    Hogwarts Bridge $60 (Neville, Ginny, Seamus, Scabior, 2 Snatchers) Features collapsing action 

    Battle of Hogwarts $30 (2 Knight Statues, 2 Death Eaters, Dementor)  Includes giant (similar build to Grawp) and acromantula (similar build to Aragog)

    The Room of Hidden Things $30 (Harry, Ron, Draco, Blaise, Goyle) Features Fiendfyre creature builds


    Which of these might LEGO try to make as a set next year? Only time will tell.

  14. I got my first two sets, 4736 Freeing Dobby, and 4737 Quidditch Match for Christmas of 2010.  Both of them were quite fun, and had a decent selection of minifigures between them.  They were the only sets of the 2010-2011 waves that I got, something which I came to regret after they were discontinued.  When the theme returned in 2018, I got back into it with 75950 Aragog's Lair, and proceeded to eventually buy every set from the 2018-2019 waves that wasn't microscale or Brickheadz.  I am continuing to save funds for when this years sets arrive at my local Target.

  15. I'm actually surprised at how many of the Iron Man armors from the movies have been released as minifigures.  So far, we have:

    Mark 1

    Mark 2

    Mark 5

    Mark 6

    Mark 7

    Mark 17/Heartbreaker

    Mark 22/Hot Rod

    Mark 30/Blue Steel

    Mark 33/Silver Centurion

    Mark 37/Hammerhead

    Mark 38/Igor

    Mark 39/Starboost

    Mark 41/Bones

    Mark 42

    Mark 43

    Mark 44/Hulkbuster

    Mark 45

    Mark 46

    Mark 47

    Mark 48/Hulkbuster 2.0

    Mark 49/Rescue

    Mark 50

    Mark 85

    Considering that none of the suits between 50 and 85 appeared onscreen, that's 23 out of 51 total (oddly the Rescue suit seems to be counted in the armor numbering, while the War Machine armors have a separate number system)  I do wish that the new Hall of Armor set had more new armors, but hopefully they will show up elsewhere in the future.  I likely will still buy it, as it should look nice next to the Endgame Hall of Armor set.