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  1. I'd personally like to see an Adventure Time CMF.  There was a ton of potential for the license, but the Ideas set didn't appeal to me and there were only 4 minifigures between all the Dimensions packs, so there's still a ton of characters from that series that haven't been made yet.

  2. I'm not sure if that Instagram leaker is reliable, but assuming he is, then based off his clues and statements, I'm guessing that the remaining 7 CMF figures should be:

    Ron Weasley (obviously, though I'm not sure which version would be used)

    Hermione Granger (same)

    Rita Skeeter (mentioned by the leaker)

    Lucius Malfoy (mentioned by the leaker, and would be a second Slytherin in the series, which would fulfill the 'at least two minifigures from each house' statement given)

    Gilderoy Lockhart (mentioned by the leaker, and would be a second Ravenclaw in the series, as the leaker stated he's not counting ghosts)

    Nymphadora Tonks (mentioned by the leaker, and would be a second Hufflepuff in the series)

    Madam Pomfrey (Seems like the most likely candidate for including the new hood/hatpiece that was mentioned)

  3. Technically only half licensed, but one idea I've thought of is a 20 figure CMF series encompassing all four of the LEGO Movies, with 5 from each.

    The LEGO Movie:

    1. Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise)

    2. Michelangelo the Artist

    3. Wild Will 

    4. Odd Ollie

    5. Robo Demolitionist 

    The LEGO Batman Movie:

    6. El Murcurielago Batman

    7. Barbara Gordon (Purple Dress)

    8. Samurai (with Gleek)

    9. Agent Smith

    10. Gremlin

    The LEGO Ninjago Movie:

    11. Fuchsia Ninja 

    12. Shark Army General Number 1 (Burned)

    13. Shark Army Hammerhead (Burned)

    14. Shark Army Narwhal 

    15. GPL Tech Terri

    The LEGO Movie 2:

    16. Holiday Party Emmet

    17. Aquaman (Movie)

    18. Alfred Pennyworth (Apocalypseburg)

    19. Velma Dinkley (Apocalypseburg)

    20. Larry Poppins


  4. The CMF series is looking great so far!  Still wish it was a 22 minifigure series like the previous one, but there should be plenty of opportunities for more Fantastic Beasts characters to show up next year.

    Just now, Magnum said:

    Little game for us: What is Griphook holding? Its grey but not a Santa bag. 

    I'm pretty sure it's a key. 

  5. This seems like a promising lineup of sets so far. 

    I am surprised to see the Room of Requirement as its own set instead of being part of the Astronomy Tower, but the new Patronuses sound great.  Hopefully it can still connect to the other castle sections. 

    The Forbidden Forest was one I was predicting, and I am glad that two centaurs will be included instead of just one.  I wonder if they will be identical to each other, or have differences.  Perhaps this increases the chance of Firenze appearing in a set or CMF series later on.  Presumably the Umbridge will be different from the Bricktober version.

    The Privet Drive set is interesting and unexpected, as a Year 2 set among otherwise Year 5-6 sets.  I am curious to see if the car will be a different build from the Whomping Willow set, or just the same exact one.  Hopefully the Dobby minifigure at least has a different expression to set it apart from the CMF version.  I'm a little disappointed that Fred and George are absent.  Hopefully they show up elsewhere.

    The Astronomy Tower was another set that I expected to see, and it should look great with the previous castle sections released.  I'm also glad to see older versions of Neville and Draco finally.  Lavender Brown is also a good addition.  Presumably the Slughorn is a new variant. 

    Between those four sets, that's 22 minifigures so far.  Hopefully the remaining sets include the Ministry Battle and/or the Inferi Cave.


    4 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    It‘s not much, but at least we now know the price points, thanks to Libreria Rayuela: 

    - 21.72 €

    - 32.81 €

    - 83.84 €

    - 124 €

    - 49.92 €

    - advent calendar, 34.98 € 

    That‘s one set more than we’ve previously known about! :sweet:

    Comparing to what they're charging for previous sets, I guess those price points would translate to roughly:






    $39.99 Advent Calendar

    Presumably the biggest set is the Astronomy Tower, as I can't think of many sets that would fit the price point.  I'm curious to find out what the second largest set is.  I'm still hoping for a new Burrow.  If last year is any indication, here's probably going to be a couple more sets released a month or two after the others.  I can only hope that it won't be too long before more information surfaces.

  7. I agree that Year 2 Polyjuice variants of the main trio would be great to see in the CMF.  They are variants from a scene that probably wouldn't fit into a future set and would be more interesting than most other possible variants, allowing the option to display Harry and Ron as Crabbe and Goyle. 

    5 hours ago, Accio Lego said:

    If Lego ‘bends the rules’ a bit and gives them mid legs (there is precedent with Neville, and Crabbe and Goyle are supposed to be huge) and gives them full printed Slytherin Robes like we got for Gryffindor in series 1, then I think polyjuiced Harry and Ron would be right up there in CMF exclusive detail levels. 

    I also agree that mid legs would add a lot to those figures if included in the series.  Also worth noting that the Dean Thomas minifigure seems to be a Year 1/2 version (He only seems to wear the scarf in the first two movies, and the Gryffindor flag seems to specifically be from the Quidditch match scene in the first one), so that would be further precedent for mid legs on noticeably taller first/second year students.

     Rita Skeeter is another good choice for the CMF.  If James and Lily Potter ever get minifigures, it would have to be in a CMF series, but I'm not sure how likely their inclusion would be.  The Dursleys might be candidates, if their house doesn't get made as a set in the future.  It would also be good to get the other three house ghosts at some point.  Madam Pomfrey is extremely likely, considering the Hospital Wing is already included in the Clocktower set.   Kreacher would be a good choice, but he could also easily be included in a Grimmauld Place set.  Fred and George seem more likely to appear in sets or advent calendars, but perhaps Percy could be in the CMF.  

  8. I was picturing a Hogmeade themed advent calendar focusing more on the outside environment of the village for its backdrop and builds rather than the inside of a particular building, though it could be both like how the interior and exterior of the Hogwarts Castle were represented in the 2019 calendar.  Seeing as most of the individual Hogsmeade locations had rather small roles and aren't very notable on their own (at least in the movies), I could see LEGO doing a Hogsmeade D2C that features several of the locations, (Probably the Hog's Head, The Three Broomsticks, and Honeyduke's; the Shrieking Shack probably warrants getting its own set eventually)

    I am especially curious to see what minifigures will make it into this years sets.  The previous two years included a good variety and yet there are still many more that could be made.

    2018 featured 62 different minifigures (31 from 7 regular retail sets, 22 from the CMF, 4 from the D2C, 4 from the Bricktober set and 1 from the GWP set)

    2019 featured 32 new minfigures (28 from 7 regular retail sets, and 4 from the Advent Calendar, not counting the calendar's Architect statue or the Mcgonagall with the alternate face printing removed)

    If another wave of 7 regular retail sets is released this year with a comparable output of new minifigures, that would suggest roughly 30 new minifigures from those, give or take a couple. Adding a CMF series that would presumably have 22 minifigures like the previous one would increase the estimated total to about 52.  Depending on other factors (potential D2C, GWP, books, advent calendar), this year could feature a number of new minifigures comparable to 2018's number.  Considering how many characters/variants from the later movies were passed over by LEGO, that would be the ideal scenario.  

  9. I eagerly await any new information regarding the upcoming sets.  Looking over the previous Wizarding World set waves, there is some stuff to note.

    2018 had 7 regular retail sets (5 HP and 2 FB), 1 D2C set, and a CMF series.

    2019 had 7 regular retail sets and an advent calendar.

    Based on that, my current prediction is that 2020 will have 7 sets, a CMF series, an advent calendar, and possibly a D2C set.

    Also worth noting the price points for the regular retail sets over the past two years:

    2018: 75950 - $15, 75951 - $20, 75956 - $40, 75952 - $50, 75953 - $70, 75955 - $80, 75954 - $100

    2019: 75945 - $20, 75965 - $20, 75946 - $30, 75957 - $40, 75958 - $50, 75947 - $60, 75948 - $90

    I am assuming that there will be no more Fantastic Beasts sets until the next movie is released in 2021, but as someone who generally enjoyed the second movie, I wouldn't mind seeing some FB characters in the CMF series again.  Assuming the same ratio of 16 HP/6 FB characters is kept, my picks would be Young Dumbledore, Nicholas Flamel, Nagini, Leta Lestrange, Theseus Scamander, and Yusef Kama.

    The 2019 Advent Calendar was almost entirely based on Year 1, with the statue being from Year 2 and Flitwick being Year 3.  I am hoping that a future calendar will be centered on Year 3 (Hogsmeade themed) or Year 4 (Yule Ball themed)

    Whatever LEGO decides to do, if they keep up the same level of quality, I will probably buy all the sets regardless.



  10. Last Sunday, I finally found and bought the Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy set and the Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship at Target at 20% off after numerous unsuccessful attempts at finding TLM2 sets on shelves.  The Ultrakatty is a great build with the flexibility and alternate faces adding a lot of value for play and display, and the DUPLO Alien is fun as well.  Hopefully the polybag with the DUPLO Alien variant will show up at the stores so I can add a few more to the collection.  I got the Systar Starship with both the regular discount and $17 worth of gift cards used on top of that, which brought its price down to about $40.  At that kind of price range, I found the set well worth it, but it the build feels a bit small in-hand to completely justify the full price of $69.99.  I feel like the set could have benefited from having either a lower price point or a couple unique minifigures added.  But the build still looks amazing and is very detailed and playable, so I would still recommend it, though probably not at full price.  There are a number of other sets I plan on purchasing from this theme, and I am expecting a few that I ordered online to arrive any day now.  Overall a promising start to things.  Hopefully the quality of the builds continues into the second wave.