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  1. Beltigan

    Questions - small layout possibility

    All these informations are very useful for me. And very kind of you. Thank you a lot for your advices and ideas ! The idea to make a single guenine track, with no loop, and a side like a tunnel is great. Much more simple, it even leaves more space to put things around ! I will discuss this choice with my other half :) Thank you one more time ! Have a great weekend
  2. Hey all, I'm Beltigan, a 34'ish swiss married man who will soon upgrade to the ''dad'' status. Mostly a lurker in these forums, for 1-2 years. And today I seek your expertise. I've never been into train, I don't know why but it wasn't my favorite when I was a kid. As a grown up I'm more in space/science theme and a bit of SW for display. I'm just dicovering the train theme these days and I kinda like it. I've got not lego train and no track for now. but I see, like a lot of other people I think, the downside in the train theme is the space we should have. I've got a wife, who's not against lego but not really the kind to accept it in the dining room. I've got a cat, who's not against lego because he's a cat but who likes to bite and scatter pieces, because he's a cat. And I will soon have a kid who will not be against lego (I hope) but will start by eating them and that's not good ! I found a perfect spot for a lego display, and I really want to make a Christmas theme decoration. I looked at some diorama here and there and I found some train loops and all. So, the idea is : Why not a little loop, with a motorised winter train ? The problem : I got a space of 48/133cm, something like 60 by 166 studs. That's small (tiny for y'all trains people I believe). With this space, I cannot do a 180° with normal train tracks, I'm clearly too short in width if I'm well informed (ouch !) Possible solution : 1) Use narrow track, that can (if i'm well informed) do a 180° in 48 studs. And buy at 4DBrix some straight narrow track that don't exist in guenine lego. ( For this I would have to adapt the carts of the winter train Does a motorised cart for narrow track exist or is possible to build ? 2) Use guenine lego straight 8 studs tracks with some 24R curved track from Trixbrix ( If I believe what's said in the product description, the 24R curved track should only be used with the shortest/less rigid type of cart. That would mean adapt the winter train, but less than solution 1. Does anybody here tried this kind of track ? 3) Use flexible guenine lego track Found nowhere the number of studs to make a 180° with those ones 4) Be crazy and build a hand made track, like those monorail's gods Well, is it even possible ? Does it turn enought ? Isn't it just a dream ? Conclusion / asking for expertise I'm not gonna buy or start anything with so much questions in my head. That's why I'm coming to the experts in the matter ! Is it just an impossible project, because of the space ? Did I miss other possibles solutions ? Do you have any advice, even if it change a little the project ? Etc ? Be understanding with my english from Switzerland (sorry !) and Thank you in advance for your support.