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  1. nikbok

    [APP] BrickController2

    Would it be possible to control each device separately or all of them has to go together? I'm thinking of having separate profile for each device eg. I'd like to have one BuWizz(A) in low mode and other two (B&C) in fast mode as default, as well as button that will change/loop mode for two devices (B&C) together. I know it's much to ask, but hey your briliant app just givs me more and more idéas...
  2. nikbok

    [APP] BrickController2

    One more thing which may be obvious but good to know, if controller is low on battaery like 20% or less, issue is even more pronounced. If iPhone is low on battery I can not reproduce issue more often. It may have something to do with signal streght of controller, depending on battery state
  3. nikbok

    [APP] BrickController2

    Not to forget, has really great idea and is simply "must have" for any powered Lego fan... For a wishlist if possible: - 2 or 3 logaritmic/exponential curves with different progression, let's call them soft, normal and hard logarithmic and exponential curves, or to be able to apply custom factor to basic curve shape? - Button type that will increase/decrease output value in custom steps eg. 10% 0-10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 and 100-90-...20-10-0. Or to be able to choose number of steps from 0-100. This would mimic slider behaviour but with buttons, sort off... - Would it be possible to connect BuWizz mode function (low-normal-high-ludicrour) to a button (or buttons) on a controller?
  4. nikbok

    [APP] BrickController2

    I did some more testing and find out that if I create and change settings of certain profile, like you do when making new creation, test back and forth, change, test etc... It has tendency to become laggy, not always but offen. I turned off BT on my iPhone, restarted gamepad, restarted the and without doing any changes to any creation or profile connected to both BuWizz that I have i my creation, and everithing work fine without noticable lag, hmmmm.... It seems that testing/connecting to single/all BuWizzes may have some impact on latency/lag. I'm not sure if this issue is comming from the app, iOS or controll unit, or a combination of all of this is a problem. To answer you questions: - no lag with official app, - no other BT devices connected (controller and 2 BuWizzes only) - when issue occur it will be noticable in controller test screen too
  5. nikbok

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi I use SteelSeries Nimbus on iPhone XS (iOS 13.2.3) with BuWizz2 and I experience apx. 0.5sec - 1sec lag. It's very distinctiv lag and its impossible to drive fast cars like this... Any idea on how to fix that, if possible? Controller othewise works great with games on iOS, appleTV etc, no lag at all. PS. Enyone who has experience with IR transmitter on iOS and BrickController? Is that supported and which IR should I use?
  6. Any news about this interesting MOD. Planetary gear reduction inside wheels is realy interesting...