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  1. I don't use any social media other than forums for lego. I do have pintrest account as sometimes there are links on pintrest but I mostly use it to head to the original site which is usually Flickr. I actually message people on Flickr about builds so technically that may count lol. My LUG uses instagram and facebook aswell as our club website and we do get quite a few followers that way.
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Two mast Schooner?

    Think of a ship like a Lady. She should have curves! The ship in the background is quite nice as far as curve the center of the ship is the lowest and widest part (aside from stern galleries) I would recomend only using one plate on top of the prefab stern and work in to the center (actually not exact center but just forward of it) This is one I never got around to finishing much past the photo here but it gives an idea what Im talking about. I actually feel like I have almost too much curve in the center. But you notice the stearn galleries are right down near the prefabs
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [GoC] 14 Gun Brigantine HMS Ymir

    First off I've enjoyed watching this ship come together in the shipwrights thread I think it really turned out well ... Youved packed alot of mostly accurate detail in this plus the rigging and sails is phenomenal. I know you mentioned some displeasure reguarding the reef lines ... I've seen them done well just by drawing them on as well! But honestly even if you had left them off It would still look great! Saying that I would like to include your vessel on the Classic Pirates page as well as a future front page post ... However your pictures are a little dark and off centered background makes them seem not framed well ... You mentioned working on better pictures ... If you can update your post with better pictures I would love to make that happen! The three I quoted are really good angles the clarity is better on the two broadsides though.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to look into this.
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    Thank you! Again if this goes well at the shows this year I would like to " finish out the scenery" and almost all would be hidden. So right now we are talking about having it be an extention off the side of the rail yard to give more movement to it. (Full layout is still in planning stages) however I built this to be a stand alone or you can rearrange the rear enterance (back half of the loop) to what ever layout we need. I can even move everything to make it a stub yard with team track (since scenery is not finalized) I've thought about signals In and Out of both ends of the yard however currently you need permission from the Yard Master before any movement is made. There are a couple remote yards near me that operate this way. Train stops at Yard Limit sign and radios for permission. I wouldnt mind adding a low led ground light ... Perhaps tied to a simple on off switch where off is red on is green. . . I will keep that in mind for sure!
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    This thread has become the WIP thread for my switching puzzle see the updates for specific posts or feel free to browse the whole thread! Comments are welcomed! Original Post: So after a trip to the local train club (scale trains n, ho, S, O) basically think a large room with about 12 different layouts running. One of the club members created a 4x2 HO switching puzzle and it was a lot of fun. I know I've seen switching puzzles at model RR shows but I haven't seen any in the Lego world. So I've been reading through decoupling and other tricks that have been posted. My question comes... Has anyone had any luck with switching puzzles in Lego at shows? Did they go over well or was it more hassle then it's worth? Updates:
  7. Yes the FTA ships escorted by Toucan are missing their DBs as well ... But for some reason the Escort ship does have DBs (Bastion - Charlatan Bay)
  8. @Ayrlego Congrats your post has been Front Paged!
  9. Roadmonkeytj


    Could you please keep me informed in your findings on this? I work on Fanuc Robots at work and would love to ask our rep about this as our last robots only generated a movable plastic replica (non lego). Do these have a set number?
  10. Recently fellow Eurobricker Ayrlego shared his latest build in the settlement of Port Woodhouse, as part of the Bretheren of the Brick Seas game in the Pirate Forums March on over to see what those Redcoats are up to post haste!  
  11. Thank you ... I will watch for this next time.
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    Update ... Controls built! So my build time was mostly consumed by construction of the controls. You'll notice there are only five controls instead of 7 ... to manually throw (via my attached cylinder) the decoupler and switch on my storage track for now and run air back to them late 'll I decided to Use a manifold to . disconnect for transport. The decoupling levers are on top the point levers are on the bottom
  13. Charlatan Bay to Quinnsville Edit ... May have been bastion ... Cant remember currently
  14. My trade fleet led by Rababs Gambit made 0 profit but there is no reason listed?
  15. Am I the only one eagerly awaiting the KPA like a dog with a biscuit on his nose patiently waits for a treat?
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    Brickworld 2019 retrospective and some of my MOCs

    Your Tony's son?
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    A new vineyard

    Is the sheep your own design or one you saw somewhere? Normally brick built animals dont play well with minifigs but these are spot on lol.
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [GOC] the new Fortress of Port Woodhouse

    looking forward to this!
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Modular Red Car Trolley Station

    This actually fits quite well as an EL train. How did you achieve the micro trolly on the building ?
  20. Thanks for sharing these are neat and his work is awesome
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] - Miradouro Turistic Train

    Breathtaking view ... Good interpretation on the train as well!
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    Update. Got the switches refined and working. Also boosted the system pressure to 20psi and added a fourth air tank. I added a connection point to disconnect the air lines between floors, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the way I did the air lines. Originally I had borrowed the design ALCO had shared, however I could not get it to switch smoothly. So I reworked it and came up with this: (click for video) Heres a lil dissasembly to give you an Idea of how I did it.
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    Switching Puzzle

    So the decoupler ran just fine at 10psi ... I bumped the system to 20 psi (kicks back on at 10) with 4 air tanks. I can get 4 switches of the track or 6 of the decoupler before the pump kicks back on. No worries please do use ... Did you see I had to add a half bushing to the catch rods? Thanks again for the help.
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    Pneumatic Switch

    So here is the set up I tried to mimic off yours. I actually added another band to the compressor and its running 20 psi with four air tanks. Click it for the video. So this is what I had to go to make it work for me. Same psi same switch. I tried all 8 switches (new never used). Click for video Would love to see your solution to this!
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Diorama - Campolide 80s Train Station

    Thank you its a clever little build.